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Methylglyoxal question

My adrenals are not working right due to prednisone. my ATP is low,
testosterone so low the VA wants to give me shots (I say no the preservative
is Formaldehyde and head lice insecticide. I'm on oxygen 24/7. right now I
am taking COQ-10 ,Zeolite. I know there is a fix for my problem. I slowed it
down hopefully this will do it.

My wife and I live on my award money from the
VA for my service related injury and my SSR.


I am being remote neural monitored?

My name is Stephanie I live in Northern California. I am being RNM( Remote Neural
Monitored), I am 100% sure. I have done extensive research. This has been
going on for as long as I can tell, 1 1/2 year. I am committed to finding
the Son Of Bitches that are doing this to myself and innocent people. I have
small children and I intend to stay strong and fight to make sure this
technology never victimizes them. I would like to meet people that this is
happening to so we can work together in numbers to stop the cover up and put
this to legislation.

Natural Bone Cancer Treatment Question

I just read about Dr Hans Nieper's bone cancer diet that cured Catherine
Mayer . I would appreciate you sharing this with me and any other related


Questions about MSM study

I am very interested in your study on MSM. My husband who by the way is a
Doctor here in Chicago became depressed 1 1/2 years ago. I actually believed
he was in adrenal fatigue. His doctor placed him on many medications with no

At that time I actually thought he was having severe absorption
problems. They ended up giving him 6 treatments of ECT which lifted the
depression but 5 months later it returned. For about a year we went to many
doctors of integrative medicine and no one could figure it out. January I

Fibromyalgia questions


I have just spent the last week going back and forth to the doctors and
the hospital due to chronic pain in my lower abdominal .. I have had many
years of aches pains tiredness bloating abdomen and live now on my own and
on a sickness benefit. My jaw has become sore over the past year for no
apparent reason and this can be uncomfortable to eat. I would like to
discuss with you the chance of blood tests to help me narrow down what is
ailing me as doctors seem to be carrying the same old tests out without no

How to register account to post on forums?

Hi there,

My name is Brad, I'm a fitness trainer from Arizona.

I was hoping to post on the Encognitive forums, is there a way I can register
for an account?

Thank you very much and speak soon,

- Brad

Question about "Angelica - Plant from the North" Article

Hi team,

i just read article "Angelica - Plant from the North" and in the 7-th
paragrah you mention that "Single roots can reach a weight of one half to
almost one pound and contain 0.4 to 0.8 percent oil " - does this mean that
from 1 pound root one can exctract minimum 0.4 % oil ? Do you mean 0.4 litre
of oil from 1 pound root ?In your example you say 12,000 pounds of roots -
how many litres of oil can be distilled from this amount ?

Thanks a lot in advance
Kind Regards.


Cell phone radiation and brain cancer

Cell phones are only the tip of the iceberg so they may not be responsible
for brain cancer as much as modern compact fluorescent light bulbs, modern
long fluorescent light bulbs, flat screen TVs and optical scanners. Grocery
stores and department stores are saturated with radio frequency energy from
these devices as I have shown on a video I created on the subject. People
work 8+ hours a day under these lights and get a significant amount of
radiation which could be linked to brain cancer. The entire video is on

An enquiry about one of your articles by Raymond Forbes


I am a dentist from Italy. I am desperately looking for a copy of Raymond Forbes' books. Can you help me? Here in italy nobody knows anything. I especially work with children and i hope to help most of them with this important information.

Best regards.


Where to get organic sulphur in Canada?


my name is Nancy I have read your article about organic sulphur and I want
to order some .. I live in Canada and I have no idea where to get it.. i have
been to lots of health food stores and they want to sell me msm tablets ...
thats not what I want... Your article is amazing... they say I have asthma...
I will NOT take the inhalers they have given me...

Please .. I need this...
God knows ... thank you and God Bless You!!

Seeking references concerning the neuropathology of marijuana

I am seeking references concerning the neuropathologies manifested pursuant
to chronic THC ingestion.

Specifically, EnCognitive published material
( citing the studies performed by Dr.
Robert Heath (Tulane Researcher/Nobel Prizewinner) during the 1970s on
cannabis consumption in primates. Unfortunately, I have not been able to
successfully connect with any relevant matter via PubMed; and, despite
several inquiries, have received no assistance as of yet from the Tulane

Gaston Naessens cancer treatment experiment

Dear Gaston Naessens!

Innovation can deal with, I found something - about the functioning of apoptosis. Can you help? Experiments are needed.
Thank you. Hungary Sándor Horváth 9011 Gy?rszentiván Sunshine 7 German-Hungarian write about?

Can protein shakes make me constipated?

I drink two protein shakes a day as part of my workout routine and sometimes experience constipation. Do you think this is a direct result of the protein shakes? Is there any known conflict between whole food and protein powder?


Access to cancer link broken

Hi, I am putting together a presentation on breast cancer I’ll be giving in
three months (so nervous!). As part of my research I visited recently with
87-year-old Barbara at her nursing home to interview her on her cancer
experiences and related health events.

She is a big proponent of seniors’ health awareness and works in her
facility's technology center. As I interviewed her she did some research and
found your website...

Information access is important to her and she was troubled to see that you

Cervical cancer question

Cervical cancer....what can I use to delay the progress from stage 3b?


Multiple Myeloma Cancer question

I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma Cancer (3) Month ago, the condition is
not improving, with the Pharma Chemicals,
any suggestions?


Can Enzymes Help Fight MS article

Fantastic article on enzyme therapy! Do you, by chance, know of doctors in
the US that are following/practicing Professor Wolf's or Neuhofers enzyme

Thank you so much!

Chemotherapy caused ex-husband's death?

My ex-husband has just died because he was just given chemo, when he was
already too weak to eat or sit up.

He had been diognised with an aggressive lymphomia. The family was told that
the type of cancer he had did well with chemo, but that the treatment might
kill him. It did in just a few hours. The doctors refused to put in a port
to draw of fluid and send him home to live . His choice was chemo or drown
in his own flluid. He never had a chance and the
doctors should have known. He was too weak to eat or anything. He could

DCA for terminal cancer


A dear friend of mine has terminal cancer and will most likely not
make it to February. There is a good chance he would try DCA free and with a
waiver if it stood a chance of saving his life. I could be wrong, if he's in
the "acceptance" stage he may be just too tired. I am willing to drive
thousands of miles to pick up the goods, bring him down ect.... though am low
on funds. I bet I could at least come up0 with a good chunk of money though
with local donations, friends, & family so even if any idea is expensive,
please do share.

DCA cancer treatment question

I contacted Harneet Kaur@co and was told that DCA CAN shrink my tumor as well
as manage my pain they would highly suggest that I get on the therapy as soon
as possible I have a 7 cm schwannoma tumor the size of a golf ball growing
from my left lung raping its self around my spine I have another dot tumor in
my right lung I also have diabetes high bloodpreshcer high cholesterol and my
left kidney was only working at 45per cent this was all diagnosed on 16/10/12

I have seen many surgeons but to know a Vail and still wating for answers I

Colostrum treatment question


Do you know of anyone doing targeted colostrum
therapy (like the way Herb Sanders did).

Is there anyone in or out of the U.S. that does such
a thing?

Thanks for the reply.

J. D>

neuroleptics--sleep disorder

I read your article on how neuroleptics ruin peoples lives. I was given these
for a sleep disorder and it has ruined my life somewhat. Sleep doctors have
told me that you can't stay on these pills but they didn't have experience at
getting me off. Does your organization have people or know of anyone that can
direct me to a doctor or someone that can safely work with me to get off of
these dangerous pills. They are starting to effect my health too. I live in
the Minneapolis MN Area.

Please help.


organic sulphur, Patrick McGean podcasts

I have listened to a few of your podcasts. Thank you for all your great
information. I was just wondering whether you supply any health shops in
Australia with your organic sulphur so I could contact them and know that I
am buying the safe organic sulphur that you use. If you do, then a contact
address or tele no would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You from Hilde in
Queensland Australia'

Aloe Vera Juice pasteurization question

I read your fascinating article. I bought some Aloe Vera Juice today.
Lakewood Organic Presh Pressed Pure Aloe, cold pressed, not from concentrate.
However it does say "pasteurized." Do you think, though it's pasteurized,
it's still beneficial? I would be using it to decrease my heartburn.

Thanks for any help.


How to get L.72 drops in UK?

Could you please tell me where I can obtain in the UK the homoeopathic drops L.72.


Help for son with schizophrenia, orthomolecular medicine


I am a father whose son is presently suffering from schizophrenia, and is presently undergoing treatment in a psychiatric hospital using the antipsychotic drug "Clopixol." manufactured by Lundbeck. He is also being administered with Haleperedol and respiradone. I have seen a youtube vid of Dr Abraham Hoffer,advocating the benefits of your Orthomolecular alternative. I would like to embrace your system and treatments.

Mulberries to treat diabetes

How much should you eat a day to help reverse and lower blood sugar for Type
II Diabetes?





Who wrote article?

is there a way for me to get information about who wrote this article or get in contact with the clinic or the research group? "Effective Combined Treatment of Herpes Simplex Recidivans Type I and Type II"

thank you


Help with court ordered treatment

I'm desperately trying to get out of my court order treatment and looking for
a Nutritionist in the Phoenix area that can work with me to get me on good
dosages of Vit D3 and B3 which my brain needs and the drug Risperdol Consta
which I am being injected with at 25mg every two weeks against my will is
causing my frontal lobes to atrophy. Do you know of a doctor I can work with
here?? The courts pay no attention to me since I have no degree in medicine
nor nutrition. In January I can bring my case up to the courts again.