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smallflower hairy willow herb question

i live in chicago il USA
can yuou look on and find me how to buy this so I can make tea?

a freind had went to 17 skin doctors... diagnosed with ringwomr and other things... finally they said scabies or parasite... her Entire face was RED... she owes about 100,000 dollars... anyways... my mom seems to be going through the smae issue... said ringwomr... ahtletes foot...but it just keeps spreading... growing....

Would like to connect with you on LinkedIn

I've sent you an invitation to connect via Linked-In and see that you live
and work in CT, as do I. I would very much like to meet you, perhaps
somewhere between our offices. Hope to hear from you. My website is:


Breast cancer--Sauna & Illness ( SPECIFICALLY: CANCER, FROM WHICH I SUFFER )

Hi. Please subscribe me to your AWESOME SITE: NEWSLETTERS, UPDATES, ETC...I
HER-2 POSITIVE BREAST CANCER.Thank you very much, & please keep up your

Heel Injeel Vitamin C question

I was wondering if you know where I may find Heel ampoules Injeel Vitamin C?
Many Thanks


help with chronic hepatitis B

How to get natural medication for hep b?

Address for bioelectromagnetics institute?

hi from canada

can you please provide me with the current website and/or mailing address of
the bio electro magnetics institute, reno, nevada?



How to use herbs?

I often read about using herbs my question is how do I use them and how many
or how much do I use when I cook. Same with spices I know there better for
me. I need a guide so I can use them in the right amounts and with the right


Nutritional approaches to mental illness for son

I have a a son who has been a problem for most of his life. I live just outside Chicago Il in Northbrook .

After watching some videos on nutritional approaches to mental illnesses I
feel this may be the answer I am looking for.

Do you have any professionals in my area who I could go to with my son for an
evaluation and to see if he can be helped ?

Any help would be much appreciated !
Thank You.

Essiac tea recipe

Hello, Could you please send me the Essiac Tea recipe?.......this website
shows an incomplete ingredient amounts.

Thank you,
Mrs Coon

How to sign up for user account with encognitive?

I am a Holistic Health Practitioner and studying for my Dr. of
Natural Medicine degree. I stumbled across your website during a search for
some thyroid information and am very interested in reading more of the
research on your site. How does one sign up for an account or receive
information from I see an area for account login but I
did not see anywhere to sign up.


What brand of sulfur?

hi, i am about to begin a seven month stint outside the states and have just
now found this great info about sulfur. i'd like to take some with me but i
usually do several weeks or months of studying something before i make an
investment into it. i'm wondering if you make recommendations to which
brands of sulfur are free of binders and/or fillers? if not, i can do the
research while gone and begin a supplement program when i return.

Natural cure for lupus

Hi my name is Chantiqua and my mom was diagnosed with lupus and I am
worried that I may have it the doctors say I don't show signs of it but I
would like to know how to keep from getting lupus and how can I help my mom
find a natural cure for this disease.

Urea/Creatine treatment for Liver cancer?

Hi, I am interested in the above treatment as I have liver cancer. There does
not appear to be anythimg current that I can find on the net. What type of
urea powder and creatine and where would you buy it? Do you know any doctors
currently using this treatment? Any asdistance or direction woulf be greatly
appreciated. in Australia by the way.



Cataract treatment?

I am 23 years old. Have cataract for the past five years. Is it possible to
cure in Ayurveda?
if it is curable one i m ready to take treatment.

Kindly reply..

Dinesh N

Sickle Cell Anemia Resource

My name is Alex Martin and I am reaching out to you because I noticed you
have a lot of helpful information listed here for people who are living with sickle
cell anemia. I am wondering if you would be interested in adding ViaCord
( to that list? They’re spearheading research for sickle
cell anemia with the umbilical cord blood cells they collect and have a
wealth of information on their site, including their research details, that I
encourage you to check out.

I am hepatitis b positive. need help

have been tested positive to hepatitis b chronic, so how do i cure it
Is it possible to cure it permanently if yes contact and lets get started.


SLE treatment

My brother age 30 having severe joint pains, doctors advised for hip
replacement & guessed as SLE.
Very seriously in search of any alternative treatment for the said disease.


Where Can I Buy Empowerplus??

Any information you provide would be appreciated


Rye grass pollen

hi i was wondering if your company carried rye grass pollen powder,


Bipolar or waking up. Born again.

would like to talk about what the bible does to someone's life after asking
the holy spirit to enter your life. Everything changes and its not any
easier. Like you would think but it becomes a test after test. ( trails and
tribulation is words they use).
I have no true family support and I am living in a state I would say is
beyond anxiety, depression still gets a bit much at times.I have found that
niacin b3 helps me think through it. Dr. Abram hoffers advice. Orthomonecular
vitamins on you tube, google and other places. I do need to finish be

Benefits of chelation?

My wife and I are very interested in learning about the benefits of chelation

Autism cure?

I am in AZ, U.S. So you work with children with autism or know of anyone
here who does? any suggestions would be appreciated., thankyou!


Dissolve gallstone formula

I can't find the Dissolve gallstone formula that you recommend. Do you know
where I can find it or one similar to it? Thanks.


Gerson therapy in Santa Cruz?

Do you know anyone in Santa Cruz who teaches the Gerson therapy?


MSG education for young people

Dear Friends, Thank you for your education efforts. Do you have any more
practical advise for keeping my family safe from this 'unsafe' ingredient. I
prepare most of our meals at home for both thrift and better nutrition. I do
not make a habit of using pre-packaged foods, however, I realize hydrolyzed
vegetable/soy proteins are invasive and in many products that may not be
caught. My long term health is very, very important to me. I have a daughter
in college and a daughter in kindergarten and take the appropriate measures
to keep myself healthy. Have a great week!

Best wishes.

Alternative cancer treatment question

My mother in law has been battling pancreatic cancer. We would like to get
more info on alternative therapy


Thorazine legal action question

I took thorazine for 3 yearsand I gt jerks bad and I drop things out of my
hands atstore embarrassing and I cant hardly talk at nite been off thorazine
for 3 months I hope u can help me my phone number xxxxxx my dad is a
witness he wood like to talk to u bout what it has done to me


Serious insomnia

I have serious insomnia 2 months which my brain chemical imbalance.
My brain chemical imbalance with out mind control and get depression ( I get
out stress but insomnia still continue)

Do you have any neutral drug or suggest any technology to get out of this
My lift brain still feel like have some chemical stimulate
Thank you so much


Cold Ovaries cause infetility? from swimming in the Black Sea?

Can swimming in the cold waters of the Black Sea cause cold ovaries and
infection or infertility?


Awesome site

Very well done with this site people! how ever I do believe you forgot hemp
seeds in your list of superfoods! :) Check out hemp seeds they have a lot of
nutrition!! Also I appreciate your great site!

Jeffrey Beitel