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Help with healing

Survivor. I am a ritual abuse survivor and I have intrusive thoughts and feelings of
harming myself and others, but would never want to act on them. I want to
heal from my abuse and was wondering if anacardiuam would help.

Where to purchase pure barely grass?

I am looking for a number to call and to get the products...


Alexander Schauss - Heroin, Cocaine, Crack, Meth Addiction Treatment

Dear prokopton,
Thank-you again for this post. I am in the throes of supporting an
addict. It is the most demanding undertaking I have ever imagined. I am
grateful that you provided Alex Schauss' testimonial. I have begun to drill
down on some detail by purchasing Janice Kellar Phelps book - The Hidden
Addiction - and continue to learn how to best save/support my 21 y/o Son's
It appears that this particular segment may have something 'prior' to, or
perhaps 'after'. Can you please tell me if there is more?
Sean Healy

wants to know more aobut Darmatron machine

Dear Sir,
I am a Nigerian and a herbal practitioner, i have heard so much
about your Darmatron machine and i would want to know more and prize of the
machine and how to get it.
I know your machine will assist me in my practice

Possessed by alien entity need removal immediately

Please contact me immediately . I'm sick and tired of this
fucking shit. I need some real motherfucking help.
I want this got dam thing removed from my mind and body, and you better know
what your doing, if this is a bullshit scam I will personnally take out of
your fucking ass, and I don't care about going to jail.


Date FDA approved chelation?

When was the article by the attorney written? it talks about FDA approval of
chelation tx after studies but does not say when.

Help for Diabetic and HIV positive

I.m a kenyan who desperately needs help. I'm diabetic and HIV+ please help me
get the mulberry leaf


Hashimotos treatment question

hi i read your article on hashimotos and want to try the herbal program
before i go on hormones.
do you sell the combination herbs or do i just buy them myself separately and
take all together?


Your Article about Episodic Paranoid Schizophrenia & Me

I am 38 years old, and like the woman in your article, the childhood issues
and energy of being the scapegoat, outcast and rebel coming back to haunt me
just when my life had finally changed for the better. I can't get away from
it, and oh my gosh, maybe that's why I've always had nightmares of being
chased! A traumatic work experience lasting 3 years ending in 2008 threw me
into the past, and a lot of fear, self-blame and guilt. I am finally
realizing I may have been in shock for several years afterward, and that it

Where to find book on alcoholism

I am a doctoral research student of the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome. I wish to inquire how I will get a copy of the book titled "Alcoholism and matrimonial consent: an investigation of the alcoholics' capacity and incapacity" by Nira Sangal.
Thank you very much.

Rev Onyeakazi

Hydrazine sulfate cancer treatment

I am a homeopathic doctor. I am working with a cancer patient who has a
terrible cancer which started in her mouth...and has metastasized to her
lungs......I would like to give her Hydrazine sulfate as I have read some
research papers on this product.
Do you sell it? How much does it cost? My patient does not have a lot of
Anne Boyle D.H.M. R.Hom

Dermatron and /or VEGA tester

Where can I purchase these machines?


Drug rehabilitation center question

I would like to know about tis treatment center; codntions to be part of this
treatment center, how much cost and all the obligation, etc,etc

Curious about Buddhist quotes

I'm curious about your Buddhist quotes. Can you fill me in about your
organization? Are you a spiritual community? If so, can you tell me more?

I'm sorry if this email is brief and to the point. I have been seeking the
right spiritual community for so long.


Adaptogenic Herbs

I found your website and grateful.......can you recommend a few adaptogenic
herbs that cleanse the blood....
Also, can you recommend any online stores that have high quality, organic
adaptogenic herbs for orders..

Thank you for your fine work.


Info on alternative, natural bipolar products

You're already more than familiar with this subject and why, perhaps, I'm
looking elsewhere for help--> I've been on anti-depressants for going on 22
years, and bipolar meds for 19. I'm working off the anti-depressant I've been
on b/c it's caused me all sorts of memory issues and doesn't seem to be there
for me when I DO have problems. Ideally, I'd prefer to find something I can
replace my current bipolar meds--trileptal and seroquel--with... Any
suggestions or articles or even sites you recommend that you could suggest to

Herbal Immunity

My name is Emmalynn Omaits and I am a junior, studying English and Language
Arts Education at The University of Akron. I have recently entered a Feature
Writing class where we are required to write and publish 5 feature stories
throughout the semester. I am currently working on a story about herbs and
the effect that they can have on our immune systems, since this flu season
has been so rough for many people. I am interested in your opinion and would
like to be able to reference and quote your expertise for my paper.

Candida question

Hi am female aged 32 I have mnay candida related problems with my liver and
kidney and stomach.I have taken many foof suppliments but am only getting
worse.Is there anyway you could help me with my problem.


Treatment for bruises?

I bruise easly
i easily get bruise because of accidental , i take heroin before , any
treatment suggestion ? thanks


DMSO for cataract?

Isit true that undiluted dmso can be used against cataract?

Kindest regards,

ITALIAN woman is seeking for "HOLISTIC FAMILY" in UK ...thank you!!

My name is Patrizia Lucchetti Torresan, I'm Italian and I have gained
professional experiences in Publishing Holistic.

I always been certain that the Sound has extraordinary healing abilities and
that the ancients knew them perfectly, but have gradually fallen into
oblivion due to the prevalence of a systematic science and reasoning that,

although it has defeated many superstitions,

has relegated the whole intuitive learning experience into pure speculative
experimental plans.

It is therefore necessary to reconcile aspects of Yin and Yang integrating

copper deficiency

Can you please tell which copper supp is the most absorbable? I have tried
nearly all of them, including liquid ionic copper and sulfate but yet to try
copper sebacate. I have been unable to raise blood serum levels from
8.03umol/L into the ref range of 12-22umol/L the past 8 months . I do not
have Menkes but there may be an absorption issue in the gut with copper due
to the insulin receptor gene. Would cu sebacate have more chance of being
absorbed, in your opinion?

Huge thanks. I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


For Dr.Rudolf Breuss

Good afternoon dr. Rudolf Breuss,I am interested do you sell some of your
product,i need for my friend, she diagnosed with cancer on the adrenal gland,
she live in Serbia,and I live in France (Paris). Serbian doctors recommended
you to her. Does your product distributed around the world, and how can I get
your product? Can I order and how it cost?

Please give me your ansver as soon is possible.



Help for hepatitis b treatment


Live cell therapy

looking for info on where i can get live cell therapy

Hashimotos question

I have been diagnosed with Hashis. I am trying many different herbs, and
supplements. I was using Synthroid but have changed to Armour, and I am
feeling much better. I am interested in all the herbs described in the
article on low thyroid but it doesn't outline any real protocol for the use
of these herbs. Where is your office located? And do you have a Hashis
protocol that is user friendly so to speak. Cyd

Acetyl L Carnitine and DMAE

I just read a page from your website which mentions these two and you say
that most studies show little benefit so far. I know from experience and
from the experience of some of my friends, that these two are absolute
wonders when it comes to memory, fast thinking and mood. Science might not
have caught up yet but it will.


Cataracts question

Hello I read your great post on healing cataracts via auyervedic medicine..I
tried to contat the OD you spoke of but he has retired. Do you know of any
other OD using auyervic healing in the tri-valley area? I want to help my
many thanks

HyperParathyroid -benign tumor

I am an American living in Uruguay, South America. I was diagnosed with
Parathyroid disease in 2011. The doctor who diagnosed me urged me to take
high doses of vitamin D, which he said would cure the Parathyroid problem.
He was wrong. It only made it worse.
I am supposed to have surgery in the near future. However, I would much
prefer to find another way to treat/cure the
benign tumor. Is there any way I can do with successfully without resorting
to surgery? How successful has homeopathy
been in this area?

Multiple Myeloma Cancer

I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma Cancer (3) Month ago, the condition is
not improving, with the Pharma Chemicals,
any suggestions?