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Am I a lost soul?

not sure which healing i need....could be involving curse or lost soul
fragments. can you intuitively perceive and how soon can you help me???


Complementary treatment for mental disorders with natural medicine?

I would like to know when this article was written. Where can we get such
treatments and by which doctor? Is this type of treatment for mental problems
(which has what looks like schizophrenic symptoms) available in Australia?

Thanks for your help


Use of mistletoe tea to reduce blood pressure in pregnancy?

I read through your article on the web as to the use of mistletoe tea to reduce blood pressure. I want to know how to use it to reduce blood pressure in pregnancy. My BP has been diagnosed as not being normal and i am pregnant. I want to know if there are any side effects if i use the tea now and what quantity to use.

If it will not be too much trouble, could you please recommend how to use it for me?

Thank you in anticipation of your response.


Cell permeability and Cell inflammation

Today I am writing about 2 subjects:

Cell permeability

Cell inflammation




Cell permeability - The permitting or activating of

the passage of substances into, out of, or through


Basically your cell walls have to be able to let

nutrients in and toxins out.

Sulfur is necessary for cell membrane permeability

by regulating sodium potassium pump. This pump system

How do I join your programme?

Dear Sir or Madam

Can you please indicate how to join your programme?

Kind regards,


Chinese herbs for Gallstone?

Gallstone dissove by chinese herb

I have a 2cm of gallstone that was stuck inside the gallbladder's neck.
Could you help me with the Chinese priscription herbs so I can take to
dissove the stone. You can write the prescription in Chinese. Many Thanks
for your help and time.

Source of sulphur supplements?

Thank you for your excellent article.
Can you point me to a source for the most effective sulfur supplement?

Thank you for your cutting edge research.

Gods prospering hand upon thee,

James C.

How to purchase progestero?ne oil?

Hi Dr Peat, I have read Elaine Hollingqworth book take control of your health
and she mention to use ur oil. Please how i could purchase from u, could u
please instruct me. wating from your reply.

Kind Regards,

A question about yeast infection

Thank you for providing this hugely helpful information.
I'd be interested to know of any possible links between prostatis / bph and
yeast infection.
I have struggled with Candidiasis for the past 20 years.

Thanks in anticipation.
United Kingdom

Help for child with ADHD

my child 8 rs old is a cochlear implantee with ADHD. he keeps repeating
sentences and is always involved in irrelevant talk. is it possible to treat
him with homeopathic medicines, we live in new delhi,India. can you give us
the address of the concerned doctor.


Orthomolecular medicine to treat breast cancer?

I am 48 and have been treated for breast cancer for four yrs. I am
metastatic to bone and lymph. I am interested on more information and how i
can be seen and treated by an orthomolecular doctor affiliated with you.


Treatment of blood circulation in legs?

My father is severly suffering from the lack of blood circulation in
legs.Iegs have been rotten and doctors telling he cannot walk further.Please
suggest me if any aurvedic treatment.Please help me out.I stay in


Is electrical energy a food? A Profession Message for Dr. Klinghardt

We study organic sulfur, a food. Is electrical energy a food?

My first realization of your involvement in biology became aware to us

the Cellular Matrix Study when Weston A. Price people called to join the

Study Dr. Louisa Williams had described because you spoke these word.

No modality will work if you are sulfur deficient, a paraphrase, that was


2010 Stephanie Seneff wrote an article entitled “Could sulfur deficiency

Be a contributing factor in obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s (Autism is

Response to article bitters for detox

I read recently that bitter herbs like goldenseal can acutaully inhibit the
CYP 450 liver detox pathway, making some drugs remain in the body longer and
at higher toxicty levels.


Finding a Macrobioti?c counselor trained in Chinese Medicine

Enjoyed your article about Macro and TCM. Live in Massachusetts, wondered if
you knew of any TCM folks here that are also Macro?

Thanks for any help.

How to balance hormones and become healthy again?

I am a 28 year old woman who has been macrobiotic for more than two years and
recovered from ulcerative colitis through it. I even discovered childhood
abuse after becoming healthier. I am still mainly plagued by imbalanced
hormones, which started improving especially when adding exercises and yoga.
Then, perhaps because of stress and less healthful eating habits for a couple
of months (while on vacation) my state deteriorated again. I went from having
5 days back to 8 days of period. My goal was to have a 3 day period.

Needing advice with schizophrenia

Hello- Just viewed your video on nutrition and vitamin deficiency for those
diagnosed with schizophrenia. We are in the very critical phase right now
trying to determine what he has and how to help him. He is very resistive to
getting help. I am all about natural cures and not about medications
forever. Is there someone on the East Coast that you could recommend. We
live in RI.


preciso de ajuda--need help

Dr. sou estudante no curso de nutrição e gostaria muito ter contato com a
senhora se fosse possivel, gostaria de pesquisar mais, aprender mais,
precisamos conscientizar as pessoas que elas são o que elas comem.estou
criando um grupo que se chama amigos da nutrição ( dieta em foco ) é um
grupo voluntário que ainda está sendo criado mais já tenho varios médicos
e profissionais na area de saúde, mais quero convidala pra participar desse
grupo, temos que desenvolver projetos que leve as informações
principalmente as pessoas de baixa renda. estou fazendo minha primeira

Your heroin policy?

sorry but sometimes i get upset when i read things about heroin treatment
that simply does nothing to improve the situation of us- the people who are
addicted to heroin. your policy of court enforced treatment is laughable. it
adds nothing to the way the gov has dealt with this for decades and the
situation is only getting worse. ive been addicted to heroin now for over 25
years and the goverments lack of action has resulted in the tragedies you
have on your site. you simply cannot force anyone to get off drugs. a person

Gerson therapy quesion

Do you provide the Gerson Therapy for cancer in the Colorado Springs area?

Mike D.

dieta em foco--focus on diet

sou estudante de nutrição e gostaria muito de ter um contato com a dr.
kristine, não a conheço mais admiro muito o seu trabalho e acredito muito
no poder das propriedades que existe nas frutas e vegetais, estou fazendo uma
dieta com uvas e verduras cruas, gostaria muito de conhecer o lugar onde ela
trabalha mais é quse impossivel, não tenho condições financeiras
suficiente para fazer uma visita ou um estudo d pesquisa e trazer para meu
país, sinto muito ter que ser assim, mais um simples contato com a Dr.
kristini já mim deixaria muito féliz. aquardo resposta. bj.

How to become part of The Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Study?

What does it entail to be part of the The Live Blood and Cellular Matrix
Study? Very interested to be part of it.


More research needed for Green barley grass?

RE: green barley grass
Please share research references that validate nutrient content. Also
references validating health benefits.
I was unable to find authentic research about greenn grass.
Thank you.

Walter Sorochan Emeritus Professor: San Diego State University

What causes breast cancer?

Breast cancer is usually treated with surgery and then possibly with
chemotherapy or radiation, or both. Hormone positive cancers are treated with
long term hormone blocking therapy. Breast cancer is one of the leading cause
of cancer death among women of all races and Hispanic origin populations.
Non-complicated anti-iron methods of The Old Testament can beat any breast
cancer. What causes breast cancer?

Experts admit they know nothing about
breast cancer. Any human cell should be interpreted as a society of dia-,

How to balance my hormones?

I wrote you already and got no answer on my question about how to balance my
hormones. My periods became longer again as I went off a bit the macrobiotic
diet, but they were never short enough to begin with. I never healed that
much. I'm back on track on a busy schedule making as good macro meals as I
can. I had once colitis. Still suffer with minor ailments though. Please let
me know what you think and what other info I should provide in order to
choose the right remedy.


Where to find the Trevor Lyons manual?

To whom it may concern,
I am looking for any version of Trevor Lyons manual described here.

Introduction to protozoa and fungi in periodontal infections: a manual of
microbiological diagnosis and nonsurgical treatment

ISBN 0969395000 , 9780969395003

where can I purchase Graviola Brizilian?

Where can i purchase this medicine at?


Can I sue if I believe cell phone caused my brain cancer?

Read your article about cell phones and brain tumors. I recently had been
diognosed with a brain tumor and underwent a 16 hour surgury and six weeks of
radiation. I beleive I have permanant damage, cant work and percentage wise I
was supose to be dead or a vegtable. I have used cell phones since the
arrival of the bag phone in the late eighties or early ninties.I would like
info on this lawsuit becase I feel this was the cause.

Thanks, JIm

Help mother with cancer

my mom has cancer. want to see if you can help.


Where to meet the beautiful women in your videos?

Wow! Where can I meet women as lovely and attractive as those on your videos? I mean, healthy, intelligent, philosophical, and dedicated to preserving natural health as a vehicle for enlightenment! That's the holy grail as far as I'm concerned! :)