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Hemp seed as superfood?

Awesome site! Very well done with this site people! how ever I do believe you forgot hemp
seeds in your list of superfoods! :) Check out hemp seeds they have a lot of
nutrition!! Also I appreciate your great site!


UV radiation damage from ozone hole--our time on Earth is numbered

I'd like to share this with your readers.

This comment at the bottom was just sent to me. It is from a resident of Alaska. The ozone damage mentioned is from one primary source, period. Geoengineering. Check the science on this. I am not wrong.
Our days are numbered if the spraying continues. Not only from the ozone destruction but from a long list of other geoengineering consequences.

where to find the homotoxicology 5-phase chart?

A while back, while in an office out of town, I saw an old poster-size chart
relating Dr. Reckeweg's homotoxicolgy with the 5-element Chinese system. It
was in English, but seems to have originated from Latin America, with Drs
Jorge and Alberto Duque. It's title was "Main BioEnergetic (something)". If
you have any familiarity with this poster/chart, could you possibly tell me
where I might find a copy? Now that I know a little more about it, I would
love to see this chart again and be able to study it. I have looked all

natural medicine for High Thyroid Antibodies?


I would like to know if there is any natural medicine for High Thyroid Antibodies. I dont like the idea of taking tablet at the age of 26.Please

Question about herbal formula


My name is Corine and I am a acupuncturist and herbalist and am looking for a formula to expel gallstones and couldn't find much in my books.

I found this Chinese herbal formula on your website:

The fundamental etiology of gallstones and cholecystitis is Damp-Heat. Cholecystitis is characterized by Damp Heat in the Gallbladder and gallstone is characterized by Damp Heat drying up fluid in the Gallbladder. Dissolve(*) is the herbal formula of choice for treating gallstones and cholecystitis. The ingredients are as follows:

Consultation for hypothyroidism?

I enjoyed your article on hypothyroidism and different herbal remedies.
Do you offer telephone consultations? I am in West Virginia. Thank you.


Hypothyroidism: 1. Abnormally low activity of the thyroid gland, resulting in retardation of growth and mental development in children and adults, 2. An underactive thyroid gland; a glandular disorder resulting from insufficient production of thyroid hormones

Blood analysis done to verify a diagnosis?

I was wondering if I could arrange to have a blood analysis done to verify a
I am currently working abroad, and so I am not at liberty to go into a
lengthy discussion of my current situation.
Could you please indicate if it would be possible to arrange an appointment,
and if so, how much would blood analysis
involving the somatascope cost? I live on a modest salary, but I have
learned about your wonderful work through extensive research.

Please advise if above-referenced proceedure is available and if there are

What to do about excess saliva?

i have a little problem, when i want to talk i produce too much saliva in my
mouth and which make me not to talk very well and sometimes when i want to
talk i spit out saliva. but what i firstly discovered is that at the corner
of teeth is getting black and i brush it and it started removing gradually.
so please what can i do

Question about Indirubin dosage

I have Indirubin in powder form. How many grams should I take daily?


Need help finding a doctor to help son get off prescription drugs

My son is on a drug that is affecting his mental and Physical health

We need to find a Doctor that is against these types of drugs.My son is on
Zyprexa 5mg and it's affecting his mental and physical health.My son is not
Bipolar/Psysoafective.My son fell in 2009 on kitchen floor coming out of the
bathroom from taking shower and hurt his lower back.He asked me to accompany
him to the emergency room in Holyoke.I first told him i would of rather take
him to Chiropractor because i had a bad experience at the local Hospital,but

Natural treatment for HSV-2?

I was reading about oxygen treatment (ozone, hydrogen peroxide, etc). I was
infected 2 months ago with hsv-2 and have a huge depression. Can this virus
be destroyed? I'm going to start the oral hydrogen peroxide method. Please
let me know, I appreciate your help. Thank you


Stomach and digestive problems that need answers

I have a very unusual problem. I was wondering
if you would be able to suggestchinese medicine/acupuncture
would be able to help me as western doctors dont believe me!

In May/June I spent 4 weeks in
Bangkok as I wanted to have my hemorrhoid problem
sorted out. I did try acupuncture but in the end had
a new treatment, Ultroid, which uses electricity to
cause a reaction that shrinks the hemorrhoid. This procedure
left a burn but I didnt feel anything for 11 days.

11 days after the procedure and the night after consuming

Help for my daughter's mental problems

I am exhausted in trying to help my daughter. I have lots of questions and I
would like to ask some of you. Could you please contact me. I want to help her get well, but don't know if I can do it alone.
I have a place that wants to help but its gonna cost so much. Im trying to do a fundraiser, but shes in the hospital again now, chronically psychotic. I need a professional opinion of how I should proceed. Thank you if you can
talk to me about this. Im desperately looking for an answer.

need help with bipolar II disorder

What or where is the information on supplements, and natural medicine to
treat bipolar II?

Lane P.

natural treatment for hepatits b please

I am a hypetities-b patient . Please give a medical treatment .


Natural health treatment for bipolar and schizophrenia

Can you please help me
ive been diagnosed with bipolar and schizophrenia type and they give me these
medicines and i just can not take them at all, the side effects seem worse
then what i normally go through its ridiculous one effect was actually
instant death :/
i am in need of help. to find a treatment


Natural supplement for my son's ADHD/Anxiety Angry explosive outbursts

Please tell me how I get this supplement for my son. Our lives, his life is
being ruined. We need help desperately!
Thank you!

Need Dr. Hoffer's help with schizophrenia

Where is Dr. Hoffer practicing?
Are there any Dr. practicing orthomolecular treatments for schizophrenia in
Tampa Florida or nearby?
Thank you for your help.


Natural cure for lupus?

my questions is: you say so many things in your research that I do not
understand, that I have to ask - does magnesium help with Lupus? I think you
are saying on your site that the person has to show some signs of not having
kidney challenges and some other things. Help me understand what your study
is saying, I get a little confused. I need to know!!!


Electromagnetic radiation--Where to buy CLARUS CL-100

Does this work to minimize the effects from the huge EMF, living less than
100 feet from high-tension, high-voltage power lines? I am desperate, please
answer as soon as possible.


Natural treatment for hepatitis b?

My brother is suffering from Hepatitis B from last 3 years, please suggest me
where i can cure this disease, I will be very thankfull to you if you give
me the info for it.


natural treatment for lyme disease?

Has anyone ever used IV DMSO with patients diagnosed with Late Stage Lymes.
If so, who do we contact? Desperate!!

is there a natural cure for hepatitis b?

have been diagnosed with heptitis b in 2006. I am not on any drug because i
feared it may cause more harm to my liver.I learnt some Herbal preparation
are yielding good result (phyllanthus niruri).How can i get this preparation?
Thank you.Muhammed,Nigeria.

Some thoughs on prescription medications, antidepressants and mental illness

The only disagreement is there are no barriers involving
age. It is all about the chemistry makeup of each individual. I have had
first hand experience since the mid-eighties 24/7, 365 days a year. I have
had experience with almost all the various drugs involved in chemical
imbalances from the old to the new. My battles with the doctors, hospitals,
and health system has been ongoing. In 2005, the burden of proof was made by
me at the hospital. In 10-15 minutes, I showed them what a med would do.
They were shocked. It made a difference and my son has not returned to a

Haelan for cancer

I have a family member who has lung cancer. Is there any way I could get a
professional discount on the haelan soy?
The protocols use high doses lon term. Thank you

Sabina, M.D

Please help me to find the meaning of life

i'm writing in search of some possible directions to take, directions that
will also help affect my lack of faith and motivation. when i write "faith" i
mean faith in myself, which includes a longstanding habit of self-deprecation
and addiction. i haven't been able to hold a job for very long, i've wondered
and wandered around for years, have abandoned many opportunities in life,
frequently flying away when i would have otherwise needed to commit, i'm
depressed, i've been diagnosed bi-polar, i attempted suicide in april, and i

Where to find more information about organic sulfur?

HI i am interested in the organic sulfer information.

Gregory R.

Cancer and Glycolysis

Dr. Warburg believed that this "aerobic glycolysis" was at the root of cancer
development, but his theory never caught on.

Please, do you not mean "anaerobic glycolysis?"

Dr. Halle

natural treatment for infertility?

age 40. abortion each 2 months of pregnancies. which treatments ?


vitamin C and crack cocaine addiction question

why is there no info on vitamin c helping crack addiction?