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Bio-oxidative therapy near me?

How would I find a practitioner in my area.. Co Boulder Nina

Schizophrenia natural therapy?

Please tell me what you recommend for Schizophrenia.
Niacin...dosage?? Ant other vitamins or therapies??


Please help with sister's schizophrenia

Dear Sir
My name is Sohail and i am from Karachi Pakistan. I need your help
please My younger sister is schizophrenia patient and she has been suffering
from this since last 15 years due to her illness we all family member
suffering I need to get appointment for treatment of my sister in any
Canadian Doctor/expert of schizophrenia. This is my Plea please kindly let
me know how can we meet up with doctor in Canada and get appointment for her
PLEASE help me out regarding this.
I am looking forward to hear from you soon

Yours Faithfully
Sohail I.

doctors who use Page's work nearby?

I went to Dr. Page and needed hormones to balance. I was wondering if there
is a doctor in my area, IL, Indiana, WI or someplace that I could go to see
for an appointment.


Referenes for sulftur treatment for breast cancer ?

In your document The Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Study you mention a study
where 28000 breast cancer patients took MSN with our relapse of their
condition between 1975 and 2000. Could you tell me where I can find out more
about this study.
best regards

Treatment for cerebellum tumour?

Res,sir my brother suffering from cerebellum brain tumer since last 3months.
We don't want to operat. We want ur help n medicine. Pl help n guide us.
Thanking u


cure for hypothyroidism?

Respect sir,
My self got hypothyroidism problem after pregnancy, suffering from
hypothyroidism since 2005 near about 7 year.Suggest any permanent cure
.Presently staying at Hyderabad(India)
with regards

Success with Gerson Therapy for HSV?

Please see below the following statement, taken off your website. Do you know
someone that had success with the Gerson Therapy for HSV? Ii am asking this
because I've contacted the disease and try to get rid of it hopefully.

I really appreciate your answer.
Thank you,
PS: Please see the text below in regards to my question....
"Herpes, or fever sores, have been around for a long time. Genital herpes,
on the other hand, is a relatively new sexually transmitted disease (STD).
Before the advent of AIDS, it was one of the more serious genitally

cura para la leucemia CML

Please can you help to look for the cure of the CML lekumia
thank you so much. Carmen

Augusto Degwitz--clear cell sarcoma cancer question

I have a 23 yr old cousin. He has been diagnosed with clear cell sarcoma with
metastasis to the liver. Please let me know where I can email information on
his case. Afterwards please let me know if this is a case one of your
specialists would take. The family is desperately looking for the best option
available to Augusto.
Thanks in advance,
Raul S.

Permission to use bladder cancer image

I am writing to follow up on my email on 16th August requesting permission to
use the following bladder cancer image
to use in The Royal Australian College of General Practioners publication of
Check (published in print and online form).

I wonder if you have had a chance to consider my request.

Kind regards,
Beverley Gutierrez
Production Coordinator
M&M, Publications Unit

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
100 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne VIC 3002
T 03 8699 0587 | F 03 8699 0400

Innovation in Advanced Nursing Research


I am a contributing author to an online nursing education portal that is
focused on providing authoritative information for those interested in the
profession. I came across your site and it really got me thinking; I would
love to contribute an article to your blog. Specifically, I am interested in
expanding on the importance of informatics-based research in the nursing

Too often do people think of nursing as a patient-oriented field. While this
is certainly an element to the niche, many individuals seem to discredit or

Natural treatment for Candida?

Hi I have candid for the last 28 yrs it's a battle to get well my fatigue is
bad my weight is 6st 10 it's up down my weight I have miss periods hit
flushes am 48yrs old it's effecting my life so having Chinese
Accupunture and taking 999 herble granules and herbs for hot flushes nothing
yet to heal the candida she dosnt think I need any thing for the candida says
Accupunture will get me stronger to fight it ,am getting so desperate pleas
can u advice me am so sensitive to many herbs and antifungals thank you


Help for Autistic child with eating issues

Dear Dr Hoffer,

I was very much inspired by your youtube video. My 5.5 year old autistic
child has eating issues and I am aware that he is not getting the right
amount of vitamins and minerals. He has been on a casein free diet for more
than 3 years now, we excluded gluten about 1 year ago and excluded starches
for about 6 months. While we have definitely seen improvements in his
condition, we are still very much concerned about his food intake (he only
eats bananas and gluten free snacks) and how it affects his condition. We

Natural treatment for bipolar and adhd?


I have been suffering from bipolar and adhd for years! I went to a
psychristrist and they put me on medicine and now I stopped and I doing bad!
My father is this way and his other son and a few others on his side of the
family. This is definately genetic! Do you think it is best I continue with
my doctor and the treatment, because I do benefit from the medicine. The
medicine is mild with on side effect, which is trileptal! I plan on going
back to school and I am very intelligent with a high IQ, I can't just seem to

Need additional info on antidepressant video

In your undated article titled:
"Antidepressants Cause Suicide and Violence"
You state that Antidepressants were found in Wayne Morrison's jeep (Platte
Canyon High School Shooting)

Sorry about that - the link is

According to the FBI report there were "traces" of opiates in his urine but nothing in the blood. As I am sure you are aware; when people stop taking some of these drugs is when they fall off the cliff.

Wild oat to treat nicotine addiction?

I have read about wild oat help to nicotine adiction . I want to know where
can i find the extract.


How to contact Hoxsey cancer clinic?

hi, how are you?

i am looking for a contact to the hoxey clinic. i have a few cases that i
need to discuss with doctors there to see what help is available. please
send me contact info as soon as possible. i need contact via email as well.
thank you for your help


Aliens living in me?

Hi I was just recently been told that I have an alien entity living in me. I
am not sure where you are located , but I live in southern New Jersey. Can
you recommend someone to talk to that do not think I am nuts?


Natural treatment for genital herpes?

Hi my name is Aarti im 30 years old and im suffring from genital
herpes hsv 2 im having outbreaks every month i need help
thank you .


Dialysis question

Hi! Ramon from the Philippines told me to send you a message this is
concerning my Dialysis, I would like to know if you have alternative drugs in
order for me to stop going to my dialysis. Please contact me on my early
convenience and I from Chicago.Thank you very
much and I hope to hear from you soon.

How to get off Abilify?

I just read the interesting article on your website in which a woman with
schizophrenia was treated homeopathically. I
Myself was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 2004 and have been on
abilify 15 mg ever since. This stabilized me however I gained 70 lbs on this
medication! I recently discovered rhodiola rosea and 5htp and have been able
to reduce my Abilify by half! I am very curious as to whether it is possible
to receive treatment from Steven I. Subotnick who wrote the article? I will
soon have insurance which I'm not sure if you take or not or I can pay.

Details on how to obtain the Somatoscope.

I'm a student in Hong Kong , China.
I've just read the webpage about "Dr. Gaston Nasessens",
and I'm interested in his great work!
So may I have more information about the somatosope?

Mr. Leung

Bipolar: the silence within

I feel so much more "normal" after reading this one Web page! I was
diagnosed bipolar 1 with ptsd a few Weeks ago after walking out on my 15th
job. I have had many manic, depressed and mixed episodes in my lifetime,
usually resulting in very poor decisions that caused irreversible damage,
hence the ptsd. I never knew I had an illness. I just thought I was always at
the Wong/right place, at the wrong/right time, with the wrong/right people.
Im also an Aries, and even better my Chinese zodiac is the lucky rabbit, both

Bipolar--looking for answers after years of sickness

I live in Canada, and am wondering how one can attend your clinic and
possibly find answers to bipolar symptoms i have had for many years, then
worsened after my thyroidectomy. Psych drugs don't seem to help and no seems
to care to see if i take enough thyroid supplement or the right one. please
contact me if i could get some dire assistance . thank you.


Jin Qian Cao to elminate gallstones

In the past I have successfully eliminated gallstones with the use of Jin
Qian Cao and Gallus, and was able to avoid surgery and kept my gall bladder
intact. I am suffering once again with gallstones, and would like to use this
combination again, but this time I'm taking atenolol, a high blood pressure
medicine. I don't know if you can advise me, but I am concerned about using
the herbs with the atenolol. I am unable to stop my high blood pressure
medicine in order to take the herbs. Do you know of any interaction? Thank
you for your time.


Glaucoma-Part one Is treatment worse than disease?

I gave this article to my doctor treating me for glaucoma. He said that it
has a lot of misinformation. How do you respond to this general statement? I
would appreciate receiving a reply that I can give to him. He did not dismiss
the article. He said it made some valid points but that there is strong
research that shows high eye pressure damages the optic nerve in most people
and it can not be ignored. The pressure in one of my eyes is 78 and he said
that the drops may not stop blindness but if I do not use them the risk is

Need help getting off Zoloft

I really need help getting off Zoloft (20 years) desparate. Tried so hard and the SEVERE. VERY VERY SEVERE discontinuation syndrome stopped me cold.


Effervescent Inositol

I'd like to start taking a quality Effervescent Inositrol, as recommended in
Christianne Northrup's book "The Wisdom of Menopause". Do you know where I
can get it?


Tribulus Terrestrial - Maca - Hot Flashes

I have been dealing with hot flashes for almost 20 years now. My
chiropractor has suggested the combination of Maca with Tribulus Terrestrial
as a remedy. I also had breast cancer last year. From what I've read
about the Tribulus Terrestrial herbal option, it seems that it deals mostly
with men and/or women in increasing testosterone.
I'm willing to try it, but do not want to increase any estrogen in my body.
I'm not taking any anti-cancer meds; and do not take any other RX for hot
flashes. Would it be safe to try this combination based on my history, do
you think?