Don't Give Your Brain Problems and it Won't Give You Problems


GERARD KIELTY, I.R.B. (Institutional Review Board), I.D.E. (Investigational Device Exemption). Mr. Kielty is an alternative therapist specializing in Food Intolerance testing (this is not Allergy testing) has cured 10,000 people of a range of more than 50 different health problems with a simple one-hour test. No medication was required! His company Health Scan has been established for 14 years since this technology was first developed. His equipment has been licensed by the US FDA and his credentials have been personally signed by former U.S. Secretary of State Madeline K. Albright. Among his numerous clients are The Saudi Royal Family and a great many Sheikhs in the Middle East. If you wish to learn just how easy it is to become healthy without doctors and/or medication then read on.

Why Doctors Don't make you Healthy . Mr. Kielty has identified and written about the major culprits, the 'everyday' foods that generally cause most health problems. His book highlights many different health problems and explains how and why they happen, he also provides extracts from numerous testimonial letters to support his claims. His book also explains in great depth the considerable resistance that exists within the medical profession, the drug companies and many government agencies throughout the world to this advanced 'drug free' path to good health. The sale of medication makes vast fortunes each and every year for those that dispense it and for governments that trawl in vast sums in taxes on the products, so they're not about to change anything. Also, no government wants a country full of healthy pensioners...they're of little use and expensive. Remember:, “Once you stop paying taxes the government has to pay you!"

Questions and Answers

by Trung Nguyen

Can you tell us about your work in the health field and how you got involved in it?

I originally worked in radiography, I had planned to become a doctor but working with medical students put me off that idea. Why? Well, I guess that I saw a lot of what went on in the background and I didn't like it.

What do I mean? I just felt that students were being brainwashed, they were taught a certain way of working and if they questioned it they were either pushed back into line or out the door. Most of the time they were not allowed to think for themselves and if they rocked the boat they were certainly out.

So basically by the time they had struggled through Medical School they had learned to go along with the status quo and the drug companies; any inclination they might have had previously to rebel had long since been knocked out of them. So these young doctors came out into the big wide world of medicine as shining examples of our National Health Service training and went on to write thousands of questionable prescriptions for the rest of their days. Not necessarily making their patients better but definitely making the drug companies richer.

I didn't know about food intolerance in those days but I instinctively knew that medication was not always the answer, as the corridors of my hospital were full of patients who were on medication. All medical students are trained by doctors and learn from books (mostly) written by doctors. So these young students all graduate from medical school with more or less the same indoctrination and beliefs. Good and bad practices were/are passed on from generation to generation and students have to accept them if they are to pass exams and eventually practice medicine. Once they have become part of the “Establishment” it is extremely difficult for them to break away from the accepted policy, especially if they wish to progress in their career. The low pay and long hours leave little time for introspection and even if there was still a lingering desire to try and change the system it is unlikely that they would have the time or energy.

I didn't like what I saw going on around me so I decided to follow a different career. After radiography I worked for a time in cardiology before becoming a paramedic. I enjoyed paramedic work very much, believe it or not I still miss the thrill of working at the sharp end and having to make instant decisions that make the difference between life and death, but what I don’t miss is the low pay.

One day about ten years ago I made up my mind that I would try and make a more lucrative living and the only way I could do that was to work for myself. I had been working with the human body throughout my career and I probably knew it better than most doctors. So I decided to take this knowledge a stage further and studied nutrition and the effects of food and allergens on the body. I set up my own clinic but after a while I felt that the general advice available to patients was a bit of a lottery (just as it is when a doctor writes a prescription) because if you think about it health advice, medication and nutritional advice is a bit of a numbers game.

What I mean is if a doctor gives the same advice and/or medication to 100 people who are suffering from the same health problem, some would get better, some would get worse and some would stay the same. Even with all their training and their wealth of medical knowledge the doctor still has to make an “educated” guess when it comes to diagnosis and medication.

The fact is that every patient is an individual and they will all react in different ways to the same medication, advice or even food. With the system that exists at the moment the best a patient can hope for is a pill to give them some relief, it’s very rare that they are cured and more often than not the patient will end up with some very unpleasant side effects. I always felt that there had to be a solution other than pills (which only mask the symptoms) and at long last I found that solution in the amazing world of food intolerance.

The difference between treating every patient with a tailor made health plan as opposed to the same old medication is remarkable. Every Health Scan patient in the last ten years had already been to see their doctor and in many cases several hospital “specialists” also, many had waited months for an appointment and even then they didn't get to see the specialist but were fobbed off with his or her underling after hours of sitting in a draughty hospital corridor with dozens of other poor hopefuls. On top of that they were mostly treated as inferior and not encouraged to waste the doctor’s “valuable time” by asking too many questions.

One of the arguments that are used by the medical profession is that they simply cannot handle their enormous workload and that they need the government to pour in more money and resources. The problem that I have with this argument is that most of the health problems that the medical profession is overloaded with can be treated simply and without drugs as I have proved about 10,000 times. If this technology were used by the NHS it would allow doctors to concentrate on those patients with critical life threatening conditions and it would cure literally millions of people suffering from nothing more than a dietary related problem in the form of food intolerance. My work with more than 10,000 patients has proved beyond doubt that doctors and drugs are not required to treat most everyday health problems.

A doctor's time could be put to better use looking after the serious end of healthcare and the taxpayers money currently wasted on unnecessary drugs could definitely be better invested.

You have an impressive list of clients. Can you tell us about them and some of the problems they come to see you for?

In my book, Why Doctors Don’t Make You Healthy! and on my website; Health Scan I have explained how I have cured some 10,000 people of over 50 different health problems and all without the need for medication of any sort. My clients have included top names in the world of sport, stage, screen and politics as well as a great many doctors. I have treated about 50 members of The Saudi Royal Family and about 150 members of the ruling families of the United Arab Emirates including about 6 Sheikhs. The range of health problems I have cured on a regular basis are:

  • Arthritis - Asthma - Athletes Foot
  • Bloated Stomach
  • Blood Pressure problems
  • Catarrh - Colitis - Concentration
  • Constipation - Coughing - Cramp
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (M.E)
  • Depression - Dermatitis - Diarrhoea
  • Dizziness
  • Eczema - Epilepsy - Eye Sensitivity
  • Gout - Tourette Syndrome
  • Haemorrhoids - Hay fever - Headaches
  • Heartburn
  • Hot Flushes - Hyperactivity
  • Irritability - Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Lack of Libido - Leg Ulcers
  • Lethargy - Loss of Sense of Smell
  • Loss of Confidence
  • Memory Loss - Migraine - Mood Swings
  • Sleep problems
  • Mouth Ulcers - Nausea
  • Palpitations - Panic Attacks
  • Pre-menstrual Tension
  • Rhinitis - Sciatica
  • Sinusitis - Sneezing
  • Snoring - Stress - Sweating
  • Thrush - Tinnitus
  • Vomiting - Weight Gain or Loss

What is the relationship between Food Intolerance and illness and disease?

It's the BRAIN! As we all know the brain runs the body. If the brain is not running properly then how can it control our immune system (or anything else) properly? Everyone on this planet has intolerance to some foods & or other things that get into their body on a daily basis (this has nothing to do with allergies) and these items will have either a positive effect on the brain or a negative effect on the brain. Its just the same as you or I putting wrong electrical signals into our home computer, you wouldn’t expect it to run very well, would you? Well, it’s the same with that computer in our heads, bad signal IN and a bad signal OUT! And that’s what causes 80% of everyday health problems.

Briefly, what is Health Scan designed to do?

Cure people! Cure people that have been made unhealthy by conventional medicine! Cure people that have been made unhealthy by the drugs (foods) that they put into their bodies each and every day! Cure people with a simple one hour test! Cure people that have been taking useless, costly, dangerous and unnecessary medication for years!

When a person takes a Health Scan, what does it reveal about them?

It reveals what the patient's brain is intolerant to; it reveals which electrical impulses from the various foods, etc. Actually suit the brain and which do not. The scan is sending a unique electrical signal from say a tomato through the brain of the patient and measuring the electrical resistance to that signal in the brain. In this way we know which signals from which foods (and other items) suit the brain of the patient and which do not. We also get accurate feedback on the degree of resistance to the signal. So if your brain does not want a particular signal then stop eating the food and your brain will start working properly (often for the first time in a patients life) and all your health problems disappear. We are not talking here of Cancer but we are talking about most other everyday health problems, see my website for further info: Health Scan U.K.

The test takes about one hour and is totally painless, I have scanned a two year old without any problems. One test is all that is required and NO medication is involved.

Remember: It’s your brain that runs your body, so don’t give your brain a problem and it won’t give you one. It is as simple as that.

Is Health Scan similar to taking an MRI of the body? Does the scan examine individual biochemistry and recommendations are based on that?

No! This is nothing to do with MRI scanning or food allergy testing. We do not look at body chemistry, we measure electrical resistance in the brain. I have cured about 10,000 people of over 50 different health problems simply by fixing the brain. Probably 30 or 40% of the people I have cured over the years had already been for allergy tests (and some MRI scans) and they didn't work!

That’s why they came to see me.

You’ve successfully treated about 10,000 people with Health Scan. Most of these people come to see you after their doctors weren’t able to help them, even doctors themselves have used your services. Why don’t pharmaceutical drugs work?

If pharmaceutical drugs worked then the drug companies would go out of business!
Pharmaceutical drugs are –not- designed to work!

Pharmaceutical drugs are designed to make money!

What I do at Health Scan is to identify the cause of a problem and the client then removes that cause and the problem disappears. So when you don’t have a problem you don’t need medication (not that it works anyway!) It’s like an Aspirin for a headache, it will relieve the headache but it won’t cure it, so next week when your headache comes back you need another Aspirin. That’s how the pharmaceutical companies have become so big and powerful in the last 100 years.

What recommendations can be made from the scan?

Stop listening to the brain of others and start listening to your own brain. There is no human on this planet that can give you the information that you get from a scan (from YOUR brain). There is no human being on this planet that knows what suits their own brain when we talk of food intolerance, so how can they advise you?

It’s listening to the brain of others (doctors and such) that will more often than not have made you unhealthy in the first place. If they went around fixing things then the fat cats that run these gigantic companies would be looking for new jobs.

I know from personal experience that natural medicine/remedies work. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was pressured into taking medication by my family, therapist, and doctor. I refused because I was aware of the side effects, which the doctor never even told me about. I believe I have cured myself of bipolar with natural means. With the pervasive influence of the pharmaceutical industry, some people who oppose prescription drugs as a modality are labeled as Scientologists or Quacks by fronts for the pharmaceutical companies. Have you ever had your work questioned despite the documented successes?

From time to time I´m sure all of us alternative people have had our work questioned. Anything that is a threat to conventional medicine will automatically be put down by most of the establishment, that includes both doctors and politicians. My dad used to say that; "There are none so blind as those that will not see."

There’s far too much money to be made by selling drugs (and taxes on drugs) that more often than not do not work and in so many cases cause serious side effects. So why would those that are making these billions of pounds/dollars wish to change anything? I have long given up worrying about what the medical profession thinks of my work, to be quite frank about it I couldn't give a damn. It’s the people that are suffering that I am interested in; people that have suffered for a lifetime in some cases at the hands of these so-called “professionals.”

The patients are the ones that are important and what they think when they become cured is of far more relevance than the twisted mind of a jealous and dangerous doctor. I’m not saying here that all doctors are this way but most of those that I have met are. After all they have spent 5 years (or more) training to become salespeople for drug companies so why would they want to allow someone like me to come along and kill the Golden Goose?

If doctors and medication actually worked then why are GPs (General Practitioners, Doctors), surgeries, and hospitals at bursting point throughout the world? Why are people not getting better?

If a layperson were to ask you what is the science behind nutrition that it can cure about 80% of illnesses and diseases today, what would your answer be?

Just look at my website, Health Scan. All the answers are there.
We all know the brain is a computer that runs the body and everything that enters the body in any way will have either a positive effect or a negative effect on the brain. When you give any computer wrong electrical signals then it doesn't work properly. Well, it’s exactly the same with the one in your head!

I’ve interviewed other health practitioners on the site and the consensus is that doctors know very little about nutrition and how it affects a person’s health. I’ve read somewhere that medical students only receive about 5 hours of nutrition training. If that’s the case, then what do they learn in all those years of medical school?

They learn how to make vast and obscene salaries from the suffering of the sick and how to sell drugs for drug companies and how to take huge bribes from drug companies and how to close ranks to protect each other when their incompetence is questioned. It’s a very special club you know, once you’re in all you need is a very large wallet, curing people comes at the bottom of a very long list of priorities for most doctors.

Any parting words for our readers?

What Health Scan offers is the future of medicine and it will one day be in our hospitals, but this will only happen when enough people in the world know that such drug free treatment is available. And there lies the crunch!. How do we tell/show the billions of people throughout the world that it is so simple to become healthy without doctors or drugs when the pharmaceutical companies are the biggest source of advertising revenue for the media in all its forms? If/when enough people in the world come to know of this technology they will stand together and TELL the politicians that they want it in their hospitals or they won’t vote for them at the next election....then maybe we will see changes!

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