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The Lancet recently reported the use of one quart of pure apple juice for one week. After one full week of the apple juice, one cup of olive oil was used just before going to bed. The person was instructed to lay on their left side during the night. A high dose of magnesium can be used to facilitate the removal of the stones.

Lancet December 18/25, 1999 354:2171

COMMENT: Since nearly one million gallbladders are removed every year in this country it would seem reasonable to try this low cost simple alternative. If someone has already had their gallbladder removed it is important that they be placed on a bile acid supplement with every meal they take. It is very difficult to wash greasy dishes without soap. In a similar fashion it is enormously challenging for a body to absorb fat properly without a gallbladder. The bile salts tend to compensate for this. One of my readers wife was allergic to apples so she took a different path from Edgar Cayce's material and used castor oil packs on the gall bladder for 10 days which worked very well.

- Dr. Mercola is board certified in family medicine and is the medical director of the Optimal Wellness Center in Schaumburg, Illinois. He is a member of AAEM, ACAM and CMDS (Christian Medical & Dental Society). His passion is treating complex chronic illness by integrating lifestyle changes with innovative tools in nutrition and energy medicine. He uses sophisticated biochemical assessments to help him individualize treatment programs for patients. Additionally, he incorporates autonomic nervous system corrections developed by Dr. Klinghardt to resolve the emotional traumas and conflicts that are always associated with chronic illness.


By Joseph M. Mercola

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