The Spleen Epidemic and Non-Disease Treatment of Disease


In the June issue of this periodical, I attempted to highlight the utmost importance for physicians to focus their diagnostic and therapeutic efforts not so much on the named disease entities, but far more importantly, to the underlying bio-energetic terrains as the very soil which sustains them.[ 1]

In the same issue of this journal another article drew my attention and propelled me to continue on the same subject -- terrain.[ 2] The article was written by a very knowledgeable practitioner of Oriental medicine and touched upon a very important subject that concerned a certain bio-energetic dysregulation pertaining to one of the key organs which malfunctions and remains commonly overlooked by the health practitioners.

This organ is the spleen. I intend to expand in this review upon some very important points brought up by the Oriental medicine practitioner and share some of the very practical diagnostic and therapeutic concepts that I have found to be of tremendous benefit in my practice. These concepts are aimed at dismantling pathological terrains that sustain bio-energetic and physiologic dysregulations of this as well as any other organ. I have found this principle far superior to the prevailing one in which medicines attach specific "disease" labels, and then lead automatically to channeling of all of the clinical efforts through the narrow frameworks that a given "disease" entity dictates. I wish first to present to the reader not only some essential clinical signs of spleen dysregulation described in the classics of Chinese medicine some five thousand years back, but as importantly, to underscore the very principle for their depiction- one of the Bio-energetic versus Bio-chemical medical model. In this respect, I would also like to contend that since the onset of these multitudes of impressive medical scientific discoveries and facts concerning "diseases" have been added to the Bio-chemical model and incorporated into the advanced training of western doctors, these facts per se added paradoxically, only meager gains to the overall clinical outcomes in harnessing the ravages of chronic diseases.[ 3] This paradox is not meant to cast doubt on the importance of acquiring prudent scientific knowledge, but to underscore the fact that this knowledge is being applied within the narrow minded medical doctrine which is void of the missing elements that are necessary for reaching true solutions.

Functions of the Spleen

What are the main functions of the spleen from the Bio-energetic Chinese medicine and the western science points of view? In Traditional Chinese Medicine there are two main functions that the spleen governs. One of them is to transform food into energy (Qi) and to also assure that food will make healthy blood which in addition to the Meridians is also a major carrier of Qi. The latter is supported by modem physics stating that moving fluids generate kinetic energy while medically, the oxygen delivery by blood is essential for cellular energy production. The former is also in compliance with Western medicine since bio-energetically, the spleen is bound with the stomach.

In Chinese medicine the notion of organs does not limit them to their corresponding anatomical borders, but more so to their energetic functional domains. From this perspective the stomach's close neighbor also carries out a similar function -- the pancreas. Both stomach and pancreas are the key digestive organs.

Another major role of the spleen is to regulate blood predominantly in keeping it in the vessels and preventing its depletion via excessive extravasation. It is important to underscore that Chinese medicine perceives blood as a function of liquid contained in the vessels. From this perspective "blood" encompasses arterial, venous and lymphatic fluid by the western definitions, and as we know, besides the multitude of its vital ingredients, it also carries special forces of the immune system represented by the numerous families of the white cells. When blood is deficient expect weakness on both localized organ-tissue and systemic levels, as well as frequent infections supervening in these depleted states. Medical physiology confirms that the spleen is able to store a fairly substantial volume of blood that also contains its clotting elements -- platelets. The spleen is capable of releasing these stored volumes promptly into circulation in the event of blood loss. Western medicine also acknowledges that the spleen is a producer of antibodies and special lymphocytes and is overall, a major partner of the bodily Pentagon -- a powerful-reticuloendothelial system that represents a chief defense against infections, potential allergens and malignancies. This is the main reason why people who lose their spleens to the splenectomies are given periodic injections of gamma globulin by the western doctors in order to boost their immunity.

Another point worth mentioning for a better understanding of the diverse manifestations of the disordered spleen, is to underscore its role within the Five Element theory that concerns the normal patterns of energy flow between the organs. Spleen is charged thereby with energetic nurturing of Metal element (lung-large intestine) and also with keeping in check Water element (kidney--urinary bladder). When the Earth element (spleen-stomach) is substantially disordered expect clinical pathology for the Metal and Water elements related organs and others will join in with time too.

Signs of Spleen Dysregulations

Without going into specifics of the numerous spleen syndromes detailed in Chinese medicine, I will present instead only their main manifestations that plague in one way or another, just about any patient that enters our offices. They are: pale skin, excessive bleeding of any kind, low energy which becomes debilitating during blood loss, i.e., periods in women, sensation of heaviness in the head, dizziness, fogged brain, increased skin heat, pernicious discharges from the ears, sinuses, lungs, stomach, bowels, trapped heat in the kidneys, urinary bladder, liver or gall bladder. Tendency to retain fluid, with swollen face and body; sensitivity to external factors -- wind, cold, drafts, allergens and particularly dampness. Other signs: coated tongue with thick moss, excess of phlegm and mucus in the sinuses and lungs, difficulty breathing, convulsions, lack of appetite with stagnation of food in the gastrointestinal tract with a toxic feeling, constipation, loose or frequent bowels, blood in stool, prolonged menses, spotting in between periods, vaginal discharges, sagging of internal organs and tissues.

"Modern" western terminology offers the following: anemia, autoimmune diseases: Idiopathic Thrombocytic Pupura, Lupus and others; hemophilia, chronic fatigue, menorrhagia, metrorrhagia, Meniere's, immune deficiency syndromes, otitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonitis, allergic respiratory syndrome, broncho-pulmonary aspergilosis, asthma, epilepsy, anorexia, nausea, gastritis, gastro-enteritis, colitis, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, nephritis, hepatitis, cholecystitis, cystitis, urethritis, allergic edema, lymph edema, molds allergy, leukcorrhea, prolapsed uterus, vagina or bladder, hernias and the list goes on.

The majority of enlightened "holistic doctors" using same western or somewhat different terminology but in essence same fragmented allopathic mentality, will add their own tokens to this big soup of verbiage: candidiasis, parasitosis, chronic Epstein-Barr or cytomegalovirus, zinc deficiency, amino-acid deficiency, fatty acid deficiency, you name it "nutrient deficiency," abnormal blood immune profiles, food allergies, brain allergies, environmental allergies, chemical sensitivities, mercury toxicity, pleomorphic infections, weak adrenals, sluggish thyroid, toxic liver, leaky gut, toxic colon, open ileo-cecal valves, hidden scars, dysregulated autonomic nervous system and the good list continues.

Causes and Genesis

Only a month ago I happened to be exposed to a lecture presented at a local university hospital by a prominent immune system specialist. The specialist, in a nutshell, admonished the gathered docs to be on the lookout for the various immune deficiencies for they are far more prevalent, according to recent immunological research, than the specialists ever thought. This goes far beyond the classical AIDS and includes just average folks. The most important single issue of this alarming situation concerning the very roots of this epidemic remains nevertheless obscure and is unknown to the specialists. The few theories that were offered, covered in my opinion only another row of symptoms, but not their true etiologies. As has been the case with the overwhelming majority of this kind of "scientific discoveries," they are severely crippled by the current amputated research models and in essence boil down to the proverbial hearing of the bell without knowing its whereabouts. The special effects nevertheless get invariably achieved as both the doctors and public can't help being impressed. As a rule expect a new synthetic pharmaceutical or a natural fad to get attached to these discoveries as a "scientific" solution to a "just discovered problem."

What Are the Causes?

In addition to well described pernicious factors presented in the aforementioned article such as antibiotics, emotional stresses and the cold raw foods injuring spleen, I wish to add a few more that are not only ubiquitous in modern societies but the most deadly ones. They are metals, vaccinations, ionizing and non-ionizing radiations. By metals I imply not only dental mercury or simply other heavy metals, lead, aluminum and etc., but just about any metal. Certainly all the components of dental silver amalgams, but also precious metals, rare metals and elements as well. One may be surprised to know that some of them not only pollute our air, water reservoirs, and are contained in pesticides- herbicides but also are being generously used by the food industry in food processing. From my years of experience with the Bio-energetic testing, I have observed dramatic clinical results after elimination of any metal(s) through the use of homeopathic nosodes administered in strictly individualized potencies as deemed by the testing. This is not surprising considering the fact that metals are known to paralyze key physiologic cellular components and inactivate their corresponding hormonal and enzymatic receptors and functions.[ 4]

The ravages of vaccinations have been well presented in many books and the various review articles as well.[ 5, 6] Without going into a detailed description of this true childhood epidemic, I wish to highlight only a few major factors accounting for their detrimental effects. They include the multitudes of foreign proteins introduced in a certainly bizarre fashion for one's accustomed immune barriers -- via injections (exception -- oral polio vaccine). Often deadly mercury is being injected along as a "good preservative." This is also not withstanding the fact that these procedures are performed during a vulnerable period before the immune system of a child has reached maturity, but as importantly the dosages, the frequency of vaccinations, do not take into account either that child's individual constitutional weaknesses, not even that child's state of health at the time of inoculations. Short of a child being in a state of septic shock a pediatrician will adhere to "that day" vaccination schedule and as a rule will ignore even overt symptoms of compromised health such as skin rashes, runny nose, allergic symptoms, unexplained capriciousness or just a child being "under the weather." The children with these and other symptoms, most of which remain meaningless to western pediatricians, deprived of the invaluable homeopathic or Chinese medical training, will end up in a particularly high risk group. As a rule testing these children afterwards bio-energetically, one will invariably confirm severe vaccination side effects as it is often evidenced by their post-immunization illnesses, be it allergies, infections, seizures or LD and ADD. Some of the most severe ones included a child with up to 300-400 seizures daily for years after a DPT shot. This was while being on all of the anticonvulsant drugs. Another child was literally turned into an animal and lost all of his cognitive functions including speech after a "check up" skin test for TB. Needless to say, these and the millions of other cases went unreported as the pediatricians (besides the fear of malpractice) are totally unequipped diagnostically to ascertain the cause --relationship effects either in short or long terms.

Discussing my findings afterwards with the parents would invariably elicit symptoms of compromised health that a child had prior to a vaccination. Even when some parents humbly question a good doctor if a vaccination should be at least postponed for another day, they would meet an indifferent reluctance of a pediatrician who is often unwilling to cancel a booked procedure.

To make matters much worse most of the children even before being vaccinated, are already immune compromised by the metals passed on to them in utero, through nursing or genetically. These I have also established with my system of Bio-Resonance testing and the success of therapy that followed confirmed it. For these children's immune and neurological systems, vaccinations present an insurmountable challenge and they simply "drown" while being unable to meet this strenuous challenge. Regardless of what the initial response is, the entire immunity and particularly spleen, will remain compromised for life unless proper homeopathic therapy is instituted, the earlier the better. Such an immune compromised child will undoubtedly acquire the myriads of initially acute, bacterial and viral infections with the notorious strep throats and is subjected as a result, to the loads of antibiotics that will overload his reticulo-endothelial system further as his bowel ecology will become destroyed and the spleen and lymphatics will end up being even more over-burdened with fungel overgrowth. This inevitably will be followed by more infections propelling more and "better" antibiotics as further ecological damage will supervene and a more deadly "jungle world" will begin to form within the gastrointestinal tract with the parasitic, helminthic and various bacterial overgrowth amongst them. All of these will tie up any residual vitality and immunity of the spleen, and the rest of the body. What will be next? Epstein-Barr or Cytomegalovirus, Herpes or Lyme, dental root canals or periodontal disease, sexually transmitted diseases or outright AIDS and cancer-leukemias. Any infection or chronic disease is bound to set in, depending on the inherited individual weaknesses and luck; there will be no defense. These children already in their early childhood are fully prepared for the life of chronic invalids at any time in the course of their subsequent years. Indeed many adults except for th e elderly, I am seeing daily in my office still have not recovered from the vaccination damage they sustained as children and/or prior to traveling to exotic countries.

The last category is certainly worth mentioning if only briefly -- radiation toxins. They too bear high affinity for the reticuloendothelial system and spleen as well. As far as the medical X-rays are concerned it is the case with the vaccinations -- without the proper diagnostic tools both patients and physicians are held hostage to the ignorance of health officials establishing "safety norms." At the end one is left with a cheerful reassurance -- "one X-ray won't hurt." Even putting aside one's state of individual susceptibility, a question arises how many of these "one X-rays" are one too many.[ 7] In our society every woman is admonished to mammogram her breasts annually, the dentists do the same to our heads during their annual checkups, the complete physicals also include a chest X-ray series. Then in between a few more by a doctor just to make sure we are not missing pneumonia, then chiropractors to make sure the disc is not herniated, orthopedists -- that something is not fractured, ENT specialists that sinuses are clear and our local ER facility, no matter what the problem is -- "Hey, we've got the machine, let's use it." No one, of course, bothers accounting for the cumulative effects of these "one more X-rays."

Nevertheless, the only clinical study that was done on the subject in Canada showed that the mammogramed women developed more breast cancers that their "sisters" who somehow ignored this "preventative" program. The main source of non-ionizing radiation these days are undoubtedly nuclear power plants, putting aside an issue concerning "safety levels" of their emissions and the assurances that they are leak proof. I base this statement on numerous cases where I diagnosed through my Bio-Resonance Testing radiation illnesses, while these people suffered from some flus and colds often accompanied with lymphadenopathy, burning sensations and fatigue. Upon further questioning they all confirmed that they had lived or visited the areas in the vicinity of nuclear power plants. This information was not known to me prior to the testing. In addition all their colds and symptoms cleared out after I treated them with a homeopathic remedy exclusively for radiation. How many children and adults receiving antibiotics, decongestants and other treatments in these cases had these noxious agents driven deeper into their bodies?

As far as the issue of the plant's leakage is concerned, I can only state that strictly speaking, they all leak. These leaks perhaps may not stem in the majority from construction flaws, but take place due to their inherited need to be periodically cooled off and vented out. That is when the exposure occurs. This may take place only within a few miles or tens of miles radius zone. How far and in what direction, is totally out of the hands of our public safety officials since it is entirely in the hands of a very unscientific and spooky element called Wind. It is indeed after one such case of radiation illness that drew my clinical attention to the spleen after a patient complained of a pain in the leg along the spleen meridian and made me give this organ subsequently, a particularly high importance in my system of testing.


Needless to say, the choice of a given diagnostic modality amounts to being an exact mirror image of how a physician views a disease. Indeed a paradoxical phenomena as a rule plays a role here as the more tests being ordered, the less likely it is that such a "thorough" practitioner understands what are the true key elements of a state that sustains this "disease." These tests may include the most sophisticated biochemical nutritional assessment or immune system profiles, a detailed ecological allergy or chemical sensitivity testing, free radicals or endocrine hormonal profiles, detailed stool analysis or heavy metal challenge tests, super sophisticated computerized thermography or EAV (Electroacupunctue According to Voll), VEGA electronics, an impressive neurotransmitters' panel or a Darkfield-live cell evaluation. They may also include relatively simple hair analysis, autonomic dysregulation or Applied Kinesiology testing.

Conventional medicine does not suffer from a shortage of its own lab or imaging panels either. In the final analysis the human body contains billions of cells, biochemical and other parameters and in addition is able to acquire hundreds of pernicious factors inclusive of destructive emotional elements too, and as a consequence, our search to find out what else went awry with a given decaying human system, can be endless. The inability to sort out what are the primary dysregulating agents of the key physiological subsystems within the organism and what are merely their secondary consequences representing the notorious domino effect, is the main reason that the physicians get misled by these tests and in addition, the medical industry continually generates "more and better" sophisticated tests. This on the whole is indicative of not so much true progress in medical science but an utter inability to ask the right questions.

The main diagnostic test I use exclusively in my practice is one of a Bio-Resonance Diagnosis - a modified version of Applied Kinesiology. This test is extremely precise, reliable and deep? The accessories are simple and inexpensive and extra help of assistants is not necessary for its performance. In addition a practitioner can easily administer this method to oneself and the reason for this emphasis is that in bio-energetic testing, the state of health of a practitioner is essential since he/she constitutes a part of the energetic circuit along with a patient.

In spite of the unparalleled sensitivity and depth of penetration of this testing down to genetic level (author's opinion), many limitations are fully applicable to Bio-Energetic category of medical diagnosis as to others. This I have to conclude from my own failures and successes as well as from observing the same on the part of other practitioners. Even though Bio-Energetic Testing represents undoubtedly a future of medical diagnosis, this great diagnostic modality should be thought of as nothing more than a mere microphone or a telephone system of a tool. Regardless whether one is utilizing a $5 microphone or $30,000 advanced electronic phone system the quality of questions asked via these devices will be the main decisive factors from the clinical standpoint. Practitioners who lack the ability to ask the right question are often the ones who tend to "empower" themselves with sophisticated diagnostic equipment and "powerful" therapeutic products too.

Another common fault often involves practitioners and their instructors getting intrigued by some of the "sexy" pickups that these tests are very capable of establishing such as the presence, of let us say, sexually transmitted microbe in a brain or other exotic findings. Even if correct, these findings matter as much or as little clinically as the overall assessment of the entire Bio-energetic terrain --otherwise they represent split and essentially meaningless entities.


It follows that all of the corresponding virtues and "viruses" underwriting the diagnostic decision making process, will be automatically reimplanted into therapeutic undertakings. Needless to say, after these patients have completed their fruitless rounds with the conventional medical specialists, by virtue of their diverse symptomatic states, they run the same risk of being "split apart," according to a given alternative medical specialty or just by the jacks of all trades.

There will undoubtedly be plenty of symptoms to be found by either a nutritionist or an herbalist, clinical ecology allergist or a chiropractor, neural therapist or a candida specialist, orthomolecular psychiatrist or body energy reader. Far more encompassing and deep therapeutic systems such as Classical Homeopathy and Chinese Medicine in more severe cases will fail also, because of the multitudes of blocks to be overcome as the human system is bound to run out of space and energy necessary to heal and compensate. The paradox of this is that some of these interventions can prove to be far more effective if applied according to the requirements of the individual's underlying bio-energetic states and in the proper time sequence. These are impossible to carry out intelligently without the two key elements.

One is information, the other is a clear understanding of the benefits and just as importantly, limitations of a given therapeutic specialty or approach. The former rests entirely with a skillful use of a Bio-Resonance testing, the latter is taught only partially as the tendency to downplay limitations of a particular specialty still prevail in their corresponding training process. On the whole, in the majority, only the end products of the domino effect will be addressed as the human system will undergo a popular pharmaceutical bombardment with the myriads of "nutrients, detoxers, balancers, immune stimulators and rejuvenators" that in essence are incapable of rendering true healing. In addition, they create pharmaceutical dependency, side effects and worse, lead to the mere suppression of symptoms, shutting off fire alarms.[ 9] The latter can also be achieved with other means but particularly with allergy desensitizations that are dangerously on the rise as the toxic population with allergies is skyrocketing. The innate safety valve mechanism of the body aimed at excretion of intracellular intoxications via excretion of mucus, inflammations, or other discharges, get buried by the "skillful" allergy specialist, let it be conventional or alternative. Sadly enough this is also being accomplished with the aid of homeopathic drops in phenolic or other compounds as well as "progressive" techniques of energetic "body reprogramming."


There is a popular belief amongst the alternative physicians that the intravenous EDTA chelation therapy eliminates metals out of the body. As an ardent supporter and myself a current dispenser of this great therapy for cardiovascular arteriosclerosis, I must state that it does not accomplish this function, but only reduces a total load of heavy metals. The same holds true for other oral or parenteral pharmaceutical mercury chelators. They reduce, but fail to accomplish the most important function -- to eliminate. There is a new line of "natural" mercury chelators which range in price up to hundreds of dollars, perhaps to state more impressively their therapeutic prowess. In my experience these claims are outrageously inflated. Some even "threaten" to convince with their supporting research data. As far as their chelating abilities are concerned they are at the very best, weak and marginal. In addition, bio-energetically they test poorly - that is a red light to hidden side effects and poorly tested safety aspects. I also did not hesitate to familiarize myself with their "research" data that as expected, belonged more to the entertaining Disney World productions than having anything to do with true science.

On the whole, until practitioners learn how to screen out properly reported research findings they will continue being misled by this merchant-oriented research, either conventional or "natural" alike. I can not emphasize it strongly enough that only the mastery of a skillful Bio-energetic testing, is an ultimate research proof to a practitioner regarding a true value of a given product for a given patient.

Another word of caution in utilizing any chelators including homeopathics without a strictly individualized guidance of the Bio-Resonance Testing. The main problem that concerns all the chelators, with some exception of intravenous EDTA chelation therapy, is that they often lead to a dangerous redistribution of metals from physiologically less vital compartments such as fat, muscles, skin to more vitally important organs: brain, spleen, liver, prostate, ovaries and others. An administering physician has no control over this general "chelating" process as an overall state of health of his patients may actually deteriorate with the passage of time.

Clinical example: A 70 year-old totally disabled and wheelchair-bound, former dentist with far advanced Parkinson's on multiple drugs. Severe neurological symptoms with constant drooling, incessant tremors, almost lost speech. In addition chronic fatigue, chronic cystitis with urinary bladder retention, chronic constipation and literally dozens of other symptoms. For the last 10 years he has been undergoing incessant chelating therapies since the removal of all silver amalgam. Numerous intravenous EDTA chelations and vitamin C, glutathione, hydrogen and peroxide infusions, countless injectable and oral mercury chelators, including the newest fads too, multiple therapies: neural, homeopathic, nutritional, therapeutic touch, chiropractic, electro-magnetic stimulation -- all of these to no avail.

Since his first visit only a few weeks ago, after the Bio-resonance testing revealed severe mercury intoxication in several key organs, he was given one drop of homeopathic mercury in a low potency 6X along with other homeopathic and organ support as deemed by the testing. Within 24 hours he began making, according to his wife, "a stunning recovery," partial or complete in all of his chronic symptoms. A placebo effect was unlikely since his cognitive function at the time of his initial visit was cloudy, it improved too along with other problems. The second visit uncovered a further load of metals. Homeopathic nosodes and support were prescribed and he is expected to make further progress. Had he started on this approach years back a complete cure would have been possible.

Vaccinations: Several documented cures of epilepsy with normalized EEG and complete discontinuation of anti-convulsant medications followed after residual side effects of vaccines were addressed. This was done homeopathically and guided by the Bio-Resonance Testing. Numerous cases of chronic infections including the most stubborn candidiasis, parasitosis, viral syndromes or severe allergic diathesis and many other problems could not be cured unless the blocking factors of the untoward effects of vaccinations were resolved. Many of these cases had undergone long years of diverse alternative therapies with considerable expense and no success.

Clinical example: A 16-year old thin-boned, slightly scoliotic, girl with red hair and long eyelashes fell ill with recurrent sinus infections five years ago. After extensive work-up and bouts of antibiotics she was assured by her ENT specialist to be rid of her sinus problem "once and for all," and given a very strong antibiotic to take for several weeks. She ended up in the emergency room instead due to severe allergic reaction to the antibiotic. Over the next five years she developed in addition to worsened sinusitis chronic fatigue, debilitating migraine headaches, joint problems, depression, insomnia and severe allergies. Treated by the migraine and infectious disease specialists with multiple drugs and biofeedback. All problems nevertheless had continued to progress over the years. At the time of her first visit she was already a chronic invalid who was spending most of her days in bed due to migraines and fatigue, and unable to attend school for the last two years while receiving several drugs.

Her physical appearance pointed to the Tuberculinic miasm known for a particular vulnerability of the lymphatics and spleen systems among others. These children are open doors for side effects of vaccinations and a multitude of infections and allergies. Bio-resonance testing: residual side effects of vaccinations, dental and other metals, with secondary dysbiosis, parasitosis, multibacterial and viral infections; also total endocrine exhaustion. In addition, it identified distorted dental occlusion along with her dysregulated thymus that were causing severe neck dyslexations which were contributing to her migraines. She was treated primarily with the homeopathic nosodes and intercurrent tubercular Homeopathic prescribing with Phosphorus and Silica. A few dental and chiropractic treatments were recommended. Over a few months' period, she has made a dramatic improvement, as she discontinued all her drugs while returning back to school in September.

Before completing this discussion on vaccinations I wish to remark that at the present time we are not medically prepared even if we could, to ban them completely. We simply do not have sufficient numbers of skillful homeopaths and Bio-energetic testing practitioners to be able to carry out a far more sensible national vaccination policy. This whole topic, however, calls for another and much broader discussion. As only one example, a woman in her fifties suffered all her life from severe hormonal imbalance from the very onset of her menses. Over the years she suffered from endometriosis, ovarian and uterine tumors, and underwent extensive gynecological surgery. Later on debilitating hormonal migraines joined in. Among other problems Bio-Resonance testing revealed mumps virus in her ovaries and she admitted to having had mumps infection as a child. She had never received an MMR vaccine. After the virus was removed homeopathically, her migraine headaches yielded very well to the subsequent treatment. As far as the practical aspects of the vaccinations are concerned, one should aim first to bring a child prior to the vaccination to the most optimum state of health possible and followup after. With the aid of skillful use of the Bio-Resonance Testing and homeopathic remedies one can easily assure that the residual side effects are addressed accordingly while still benefiting from immunizations.

Radiation Toxins Clinical Cases

A 14-year old, Jeremy, a resident of a lucrative boarding school in Connecticut was brought to my office a few years ago by his mother who was in tears. The boy suddenly developed severe lymphadenopathy all over his neck. His holistically oriented father blamed his son's dental mercury as the problem while his room was certain he was afflicted with lymphoma or leukemia. One of the many advantages of the Bio-Resonance Testing, however, is that it sorts out theories and establishes facts. The fact was that he suffered from radiation illness as it was confirmed by his dramatic therapeutic response to one drop of a corresponding homeopathic nosode. All of his lymphadenopathy was resolved promptly. His more canceled an appointment with an oncologist-hematologist, and an inevitable biopsy along with the myriads of other expected tests which were avoided too. One month later his sister from the same school followed the same pattern. About a year later two nuclear power stations were shut down as unsafe in that state. After four years none of these children sustained any recurrence of lymphadenopathy.

Several years ago in the middle of summer many Long Island residents began to experience strange epidemics of a "new flu," pneumonias and various infections. In addition many of the chronic well-contained conditions until then all of a sudden started getting out of hand. I got the "flu" too. The Bio-Resonance Testing revealed the truth swiftly- Radiation Illness.

Only the radiation homeopathic remedies were administered in order to further clarify correctness of the diagnosis. The clinical responses were instant and not only with the infections but chronic degenerative states (angina pectoris, hypertension, arthritis, etc) stabilized quickly too. Indeed to other physicians the "new virus" looked plausible since radiation illness will erode one's immunity and will undoubtedly lead to secondary infections of any kind which are also harbored below chronic diseases. The price, however, for treating these microbes allopathically as a rule, will be paid later. More than half a year went by before the officials of Brookhaven National Lab did admit to safety violations, but on a very localized level - "confined to the Lab's grounds." Yet later on a brief mention of the radioactive pollution of the air was reported in the New York Times. The lab was subsequently shut down for good.


It is the hope of this author that at least some of the observations shared in this article will be found to be sensible by many clinicians. In spite of the fact however that the number of the functionally splenectomized population in the US alone has reached epidemic proportions, it would defeat a larger purpose of this presentation if we perceive this entity as an isolated phenomena, to the exclusion of others within a complex and diverse living system.

Correspondence: Savely Yurkovsky, MD 309 Madison Street Westbury, New York 11590 USA 516-333-2929 Fax 516-334-5926 Email: Website:


Savely Yurkovsky, MD is a cardiologist by training who practices alternative medicine in the New York area with emphasis on Bio-energetic regulation and diagnosis. He is the founder of "SYY Integrated Health Systems, LTD." dedicated to the dissemination of scientifically prudent knowledge concerning various alternative and conventional modalities and the creation of their integrated therapeutic system under the concept and model of Field Control Therapy. This system is based on the thorough analysis and understanding of the various physiologic regulating domains within this model, with the primary emphasis on the fundamental role of energetic cellular fields. This leads to precise understanding of the benefits and limitations of given therapeutic and diagnostic modalities. At the present time, he teaches this curriculum to licensed health professionals.

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By S. Yurkovsky

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