Dandelions for Diabetes

Think of them as medicine, not lawn wreckers

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinails) could enter our arsenal against diabetes, according to Korean researchers. The ubiquitous weed was shown to lower elevated blood sugar levels in diabetic dogs.

Even better, researchers found that dandelion reduced free radical damage, which may contribute to diabetesrelated complications. This new study advances earlier work that established dandelion's power to normalize blood sugar levels.
A Dandy Way to Detox

Modern life is toxin-rich. Some we can avoid (think cigarettes and artificial preservatives) and others we cannot (think pollution). Regardless of how the toxins enter the body, the liver is responsible for getting them out before they do any damage. Long used to purify the blood, dandelion root has been shown to stimulate the liver to more efficiently eliminate the baddies you don't want hanging around circulating through your system.

Chinese folk healers treat a host of cancers with dandelion. Wisely, perhaps, because animal research shows that dandelion inhibits the conversion of normal cells to cancerous cells when cancer-causing chemicals are present. Secondly, it's been shown to stop tumor formation and growth. Finally, dandelion has been shown to stimulate cancerfighting immune cells.
Make Dandelion Your Daily Brew

Sipping a healthy beverage such as dandelion tea helps increase your well-being one gulp at a time. Brew a pot (3 teaspoons of dried dandelion root boiled in 3 cups of water for 10 minutes, strained) every morning, and drink throughout the day.

PHOTO (COLOR): Think before you yank this liver-loving herb


By Sara Altshd, Prevention's alternative medicine editor

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