Periodical Research Study - Super Blue Green Algae


The Center for Family Wellness, in Harvard, MA., has just completed a nationwide research study to investigate the effects of eating Super Blue Green(TM) Algae on children's academic performance, social interactions, and behavioral problems. "The Children and Algae Report" an in-depth examination of the methodology and statistical analysis for this study was published by the Center in December, 1996.

The study sample consisted of 142 children from across the United States, ranging in age from 3 to 17 years. The group included biological and adopted children. Most of the youngsters in the study were identified as struggling with attentional, learning or language difficulties; underdeveloped social skills; and/or inappropriate emotional reactivity.

Baseline data was collected from parents and teachers using a standardized, computer scored diagnostic checklist. Children ate the Algae according to protocol established by the Center. At the conclusion of the ten week study, the survey instruments were administered.

Statistical analysis of parent reports showed highly significant improvement in 10 of the 11 areas measured. These areas included an increase in the ability to focus and a decrease in aggressive and acting-out behaviors. The eleventh measure, somatic concerns, fell in the significant range. Parents also indicated that over half of the children appeared happier, tolerated frustration better, and exhibited more compliance with parental requests. Changes which suggested improved family interactions were also noted.

Statistical analysis of teacher reports showed significant improvement in seven of the 10 areas measured. Teachers reported a gain in students' ability to focus and concentrate as well as a decline in the tendency to withdraw and to be aggressive. Parents an teachers also reported improved social interactions, increased creativity and inventive play.

The Center for Family Wellness is directed by Claudia Jewett Jarratt, an internationally recognized author and Child and Family Therapist.

American Association of Alternative Healers.

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