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You may have, noticed some new, odd-sounding natural products popping up lately -- names like "Una de gato" (Cat's Claw) and "Kava Kava." The truth is, these products are only new to us here in North America. With the renewed interest in herbal medicine, many researchers are looking to the traditional medicines of other cultures and finding some amazing natural healers!

One of the latest in this line of "new" remedies is Noni, a powerful immune-enhancer and pain-reliever with a broad range of therapeutic uses. Noni (Morinda citrifolia) is a flowering evergreen shrub that bears small, strong-smelling fruit year round. As early Polynesians voyaged to new Pacific islands, they always brought along this sacred medicinal plant. The Noni plant now grows abundantly throughout Polynesia, including Hawaii and Tahiti. Tahitian Noni is often the most prized because of the area's ideal climate and pristine soil conditions.

Muscle and Joint Pain Relief

Noni is valued in many cultures for many different ailments, including diabetes, urinary disorders, mouth and gum diseases, and intestinal parasites. But its most common traditional use is as a pain-reliever or analgesic, especially for joints and muscles. Maybe that's why people of the Caribbean know Noni as "the Pain Killer Tree!"

Recent scientific research confirms Noni's age-old reputation as a strong general pain-reliever. In 1990, French scientist Chafique Younos tested Noni's analgesic properties. He found that there was a consistent, dose-related pain relief given from the Noni plant extract in test subjects. Younos also reported that the Noni extract appeared to be non-toxic.

Cancer Research

According to Hawaiian researcher Dr Ralph Heinicke, the active ingredient in Noni is "pro-xeronine," a precursor to the alkaloid xeronine. He believes that xeronine, a protein regulator, works at a molecular level to repair damaged cells. Dr Heinicke's theory agrees with the findings of recent Noni studies that focus on its cancer-fighting potential. In 1994, a team of researchers at the University of Hawaii found that Noni greatly increased the life span of laboratory mice exposed to cancer cells. Their conclusion was that Noni seemed to suppress tumor growth indirectly by stimulating the immune system.

Research on Noni continues around the world as more and more people hear about its amazing healing potential. I use and recommend the Noni manufactured here in Canada by Organika Health Products and sold exclusively through health food stores. Organika uses top-quality Tahitian Noni fruit for its powder capsules and liquid extract.

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By Betty Norton

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