Tahitian Noni Juice


Over three years ago a discovery was made that put in motion an incredible chain of events. A simple plant from French Polynesia was introduced to two food scientists, Stephen Story and John Wadsworth. This plant, known to the inhabitants of the islands of the South Pacific as "noni", was destined to become one of the most important natural health discoveries in decades.

The fruit of the noni plant yielded a very strong tasting juice that the people of Polynesia have used for over 2000 years. The Polynesians colonised the islands throughout the South Pacific, bringing with them the sacred plants from their home islands, one of the most important being noni as it was highly valued for its health-giving properties.

When Story and Wadsworth began to share this unique fruit with friends, the results in terms of improved health were outstanding. Appreciating the importance of their discovery, they began to develop a means of harvesting, processing and flavouring the noni juice to enable them to bring it to the market. This took over two years to complete.

Scientists have studied the noni plant for many years hoping to unlock the secrets of its health-giving secrets.

The main researcher in this field was Dr Ralph Heinicke who pioneered the study of the alkaloid, xeronine, which is the key to understanding why the noni fruit is so effective.

Xeronine is found to a certain extent in every cell of the body. It works by stimulating the functioning of the glands, starting with the pineal gland located at the base of the brain then, in turn, controlling all the other glands below it from the thymus and thyroid all the way down to the reproductive glands.

The reason why the juice of the noni fruit is so effective is that it is rich in proxeronine and proxeronase, the basic building blocks of xeronine. Proxeronase is the enzyme necessary to complete the chemical reaction which produces xeronine in the body, while proxeronine works its way into the intestinal lining where it is converted to xeronine.

If a gland is not used, its power is diminished. The noni juice actually rejuvenates the glands over a period of time, allowing them to function to their best capacity. Regular consumers of noni juice report improvement in many areas of ill health as diverse as arthritis, menstrual cramp, blood pressure and depression. Because it is a totally natural fruit, its effect is beneficial with few, if any, side-effects. It is now even being prescribed by medical doctors to aid patients with chronic conditions.

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