Marijuana Cures Cancer? The Facts On THC, Cannabinoids, Cannabis


I thought I discovered quite an exciting story. There are online rumors that there is a conspiracy to prevent research on cannabis and its effect on cancer.

But in fact there is a lot of ongoing research. And after hundreds of studies and tests we now know that cannabinoids stop the growth and spread of many cancers, including brain, breast, leukemic, melanoma, liver and others. Cannabinoids also seem to kill tumor cells without affecting surrounding normal cells. If these findings hold true as research progresses, cannabinoids would show a huge advantage over chemotherapy, which often destroys normal as well as cancer cells.

However, the important thing to remember is that these studies work with lab animals and models. So far, the only test of cannabinoids against human cancer was done in Spain in 2006. It was designed to determine if treatment was safe, not whether it was effective. The study showed that the dose was safe. It also showed that the compound used decreased metastasis in at least two of nine patients studied.

I bet some of you will now think that smoking marijuana will cure cancer. Well, it's not that simple. People with caner smoke marijuana to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy and to increase their appetite.

As for the evidence whether marijuana cures cancer - it is inconclusive. We don't know if smoking marijuana achieves blood levels high enough to have anti-cancer effects. What we need in order to find that out is more human research. But such research is severely limited by government restrictions. Still, even without human research, the accumulated data from hundreds of studies speaks strongly in favor of considering marijuana as an option for most cancer patients.


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*Dr. Guy, GW Pharmaceuticals

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"RICK SIMPSON is the leading patient scientist to have explored the use of Cannabis extracts to treat Cancers. It was because of his pioneering work & anecdotal reports from patient scientists from all over the world that Cannabis Science has been working with & educating patients. .. I've seen with my own eyes basal cell carcinoma (skin cancer) CURED with the topical application of Cannabis extract. There is a foundation here called the Phoenix Tears Foundation. They are helping terminally ill patients get free high-dose therapy along the lines of Rick Simpson's formula. As they? are treating patients & start to accumulate testimonials & data."
Dr. Melamede, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs / Pres. & CEO, Cannabis Science / Program Administrator, Phoenix Tears Foundation

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