How To Beat Heroin, Meth Addiction


Meth, Heroin Addiction

Hey, it's Cheyenne. We've had many questions about overcoming substance addiction without using methadone. To some, methadone is using a drug to treat a drug addiction, and some find it very addictive.

There are many treatment options available, such as residential treatment and group support. Many relapse after they leave the controlled environment of residential treatment. Others fail with group support because sometimes you can't talk yourself out of an addiction. There are physiological aspects that need to be addressed.

Research has concluded that the brain chemistry of an addict is different than that of a sober person. The addict's brain is rewired after prolonged abuse. Most addicts are also malnourished, lacking essential hormones and neurotransmitters required for a healthy, rational brain.

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So, are some books that will address restoring the brain chemistry of addicts.

Addiction-Free--Naturally: Liberating Yourself from Tobacco, Caffeine, Sugar, Alcohol, Prescription Drugs, by Brigeitte Mars, A.H.G. Here's a synopsis of the book: The first comprehensive guide to overcoming addictions by using natural remedies that rebuild health for both body and mind from the inside out.

• Covers a full range of natural remedies, including herbs, homeopathy, aromatherapy, flower essence remedies, color therapy, acupressure, and more.

• Addresses many different substances, such as caffeine and chocolate, and discusses how the body deals with withdrawal, detoxification, and repatterning.

• The natural remedies included in this book can be used in conjunction with conventional therapies.

• By well-known author Brigitte Mars, who has 30 years of experience with natural therapies and is the formulator for UniTea Herbs.

Addiction is one of the most serious health issues facing our twenty-first century culture. Modern lifestyles encourage us to consume excessive amounts of caffeine and sugar and to unwind from our stressful lives with tobacco or alcohol. Left untreated, some addictions can cause metabolic damage, leading to heart disease, high blood pressure, and immune disorders--as well as causing nutritional deficiencies, fatigue, and depression.

End Your Addiction Now : The Proven Nutritional Supplement Program That Can Set You Free, by Dr. Charles Grant, MD, PhD. Here's a synopsis of the book: Using this groundbreaking, comprehensive recovery program, readers can reduce or eliminate their addictions by taking over-the-counter nutritional supplements that restore the proper balance of neurotransmitters in the brain. With Dr. Gant's three-stage program, readers can reduce or eliminate drug and alcohol cravings, detoxify with an over-the-counter remedy that helps cleanse the body, and correct secondary nutritional imbalances to ensure long-term results. Questionnaires help readers identify which appropriate supplements will help them regain control of their lives.

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