How To Detox / Cleanse Your Body Of Toxins And Chemicals


The Physiological Causes of Illness and Disease

Causes. Causes. That's what we want to know. ..If we want to cure a disease, we need to remove the causes. Managing symptoms, which drugs are designed to do, do not cure any illness or disease. For example, you hit yourself on the hand with a hammer. You take a pain reliever, which prevents the pain signals from reaching your brain. The pain is still there, but you don't feel it.

Before we do this demonstration, let's do a quick physiology review of the human body. The human body is divided into organ systems; organ systems contain organs; organs are composed of tissues; tissues are made of cells; cells are made of molecules; and molecules are made of atoms. As an example, the respiratory system has the heart as one of its organs. The heart is an organ made of heart tissues and those heart tissues are made of heart cells.

When we get into atoms and molecules, we're getting into physics, so in this example, we'll stick to cells. The cell is the basic unit of all living organisms. Humans can trace their existence, as a single-cell organism with no nucleus, back to about 4.3 billion years ago. Then those single cells eventually got together and formed multi-cellular organisms. Biologically, we're considered multi-cellular organisms.

It is estimated that the human body has about 100 trillion cells—this number varies depending on the weight of the person. Each cell has a special function. For example, we have brain cells, muscle cells, skin cells, and so on.

Now back to the 4.3 billion years of our cells' evolution. For hundreds of millions of years, our cells survived and thrived with oxygen, water, and nutrients, substances that occur naturally in nature. So when we refer to "natural" health, it's implying anything that is biochemically compatible with the evolution of our cells, or substances and food that our cells evolved with and are familiar with.

We've heard of adages such as:

--You are what you eat.
--Disease enters though the mouth.
--Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.
--The belly rules the mind.

The purpose of eating is to supply our cells with energy so they can do their jobs. Everything we eat is absorbed, digested and distributed, via the bloodstream, throughout our body to the cells so they can perform their functions to keep us alive. So, how do our cells get sick? Hopefully, this demonstration will provide a glimpse of the disease process.

A healthy person. Petri dish 1:

We'll pretend it's an organic egg, so it doesn't contain growth hormones, antibiotics or steroids passed from the hen. Eggs are a complete protein because they contain all the essential amino acids.

Most plants are incomplete protein because most plants don't contain all the essential amino acids. So you might be wondering how vegans get their protein. Vegans eat a variety of plants that contain a spectrum of amino acids, and those amino acids form complete proteins. Kinda like reverse engineering.

A sick person. Petri dish 2: cigarettes, chocolate, chips [show ingredients]

Research has shown that when cells are removed from our body, they can survive indefinitely when bathed in a culture of nutrients in petri dish.

[adding ingredients slowly to dish]. So our body takes in this much junk, our cells can't use it for energy, so the body detoxes the foreign substances. [scoop up a bit] but we keep eating the same junk, and it accumulates. When there's too much junk in our body, we get sick.

Do you think that the record number of diseases and explained symptoms we're seeing have anything with what we're seeing here? [camera shows two dishes].
As you can see, anything that comes into contact with our cells that is not a nutrient, through the cumulative effect, will result in the disease of those cells. When our cells are diseased, we are diseased.

This only demonstrates substances making physical contact with our cells. What about non-physical contacts with our cells such as those from electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and wireless networks? It has been shown that EMRs can penetrate the BBB (blood-brain-barrier). But that's another video!

This demonstration only looked at the physiological cause of disease, so I'll leave you with this thought from Dr. Fred Loffler, a naturopathic doctor. "To be a physician in the truest sense, one must consider the patient's troubles from all these basic standpoints -- is it mechanical, nutritional, or psychological, or is it a varied combination of all three... The human body is not composed of separate entities, but is a working unit in its entirety and so must be treated as such."

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