Health benefits of vitamin C


Health benefits of vitamin C
Just a few headlines of many on the health benefits of vitamin C. There are hundreds more in the periodicals and research database at your local library.

--Vitamin C strengthens brain function
---Retina Works Best When Bathed in Vitamin C
--New Research Shows Vitamin C is Important for Eye Health
--Low Vitamin C Linked to Cataract
--Revitalize Aging Skin with Topical Vitamin C
--Enhancing Chemotherapy Effectiveness with Simple Vitamin C? My Clinical Experiences
--Vitamin C deficiency in cancer patients
--The Gift of Vitamin C
--Vitamin C Improves Hospitalized Patients' Mood
--Beautiful Skin as easy as aBc (as in vitamins A, B, and C)

--Vitamin C Protects Against Tumors in Rodent Model of Breast Cancer
--Vitamin C earns an `A' for health benefits; do you get enough?
--Higher Vitamin C Intake May Prevent Bone Loss among Elderly Men
--Orange Juice and Vitamin C Reduce Inflammatory Markers
--High Vitamin C Levels Indicate Lower Stroke Danger

These are just headlines. You might want to do your own research into them.

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