Centro de Investigaciones del Ozono

Havana, June 24th 2005
Dear Mr. Caplan:

The National Center for Scientific Research (CNIC), specifically the Ozone Research Center would like to recognize your contribution to our research in applying medical
ozone/oxygen for the treatment of sickle cell anemia disease, and subsequently, to the use of ozone/oxygen for the prophylactic treatment of this disease.

In December of 1989. you shared your hypothesis with the Ozone Laboratory o f C N I C . You hypothesized that the introduction of 10 mg of ozone in a mixture of ozone/oxygen by means of either rectal insuflation o r by means of transfusion in a solution of 250 cc of the patient's own blood would be sufficient to significantly raise the patient's p02, reoxynenate newly sickled cells. allow those newly sickled cells to pass normally through the vasculature. and greatly reduce the duration of the crisis.

At that time, medical ozone/oxygen was known in the literature for the treatment of circulatory disease and for wound healing. In fact, you had learned of our work from a Cuban "poster" posted at a New York Ozone World Conference earlier in 1989.

You were not successful in your efforts to find a medical research center in North America to test your hypothesis. After many disappointments, you offered your hypothesis and your related argument to the Ozone Laboratory at CNIC.

You desired to share your work for the humanitarian benefits for those who suffer from Sickle Cell Disease . You desired no roy alties o r oth e r financial gain only that ozone/oxygen became a treatment for sickle cell patients in Cuba.

Subsequent clinical research in Cuba established the validity of your hypothesis. It was
established that the application of ozone/oxygen during sickle cell crisis solved the crisis in half the time normally associated with such crisis.

Additionally. it was determined that bi-monthly application of ozone/oxygen acted as a
prophylactic, assuring that patients so treated did not go into crisis while under treatment.


Dr. Tomás Moreira Hernández
Head of Ozone Research Center

Application of Medicinal Ozone/Oxygen in Patients with Sickle Cell Anemia

James Caplan
Phone: 610-416-2118

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