Why people have a compulsive need for sex


If you need sexual stimulation all the time--particularly with multiple partners who may be strangers--you are suffering from a condition very much like an addiction to drugs or alcohol. The desperate need for repetitive sexual activity has been linked to childhood sexual abuse or other early unsolved traumatic events.

What happens when you have a compulsive need for sex

There are distinct patterns that outline this behavior:

--you have a trance like preoccupation with sex that fills nearly every moment.

--you search compulsively for sexual outlets, regardless of risk or cost.

--you have special rituals that precede the sexual behavior and intensify the arousal--for example, you will put on undergarments or shoes that trigger your excitement; or you may sit in a hotel lobby watching people as you read a newspaper.

--You have a feeling of hopelessness when you think about stopping this behavior--you believe you re unable to control yourself.

Most people who practice this behavior are terribly lonely and suffer from low self-esteem. They may also use drugs and alcohol to forget or dull the ache inside as they commit acts that are devoid of love or intimacy

Sexual addicts aren't always single people desperately seeking Mr. or Ms. Right. They may be married or partnered with people who are either unaware of their extracurricular activities or who tolerate the behavior because they themselves come from families with similar patterns.

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