Fighting Big Pharma in Canada


Please read my letters below. I am up against very powerful organizations
that have been testing my resolve at every turn. Kevin Smith CEO of St
Joesph's Foundation has been in touch with me PERSONALLY regarding these
matters. I am prepared to meet with him at any time,, however I could always
use insider advice.


Dear TVO and Steve Paikin

The letter I have written to Paul Miller MPP and Deb Matthews Minister of
Health and Long Term Care has been forwarded to the CBC, my local newspaper
The Spectator, and I think it may be of interest to you and especially your
Mental Health Matters segment. The Agenda is one of my favourite programs.
I have been inspired to write this letter specifically to address my personal
issues with St. Joesph's hospital but I have many concerns with the Health
Care System, the Pharmaceutical Corporations infiltrating Canadian medical
schools, and specifically the Mental Health and Wellness of my friends and
family living in Hamilton and relying on the service of a hospital that
doesn't practise its own policies.

Dear CBC

I have sent the following letter to Paul Miller MPP Hamilton-East Stoney
Creek and Deb Matthews Minister of Health and Long Term Care. Along with my
personal experiences, your Fifth Estate investigative reports have inspired
me to take action on my own behalf in light of the death of Ashley Smith and
the declining quality of health care in our province The abuses and neglect
that I was subjected to seemingly as a matter of institutional policy are
practises that if I had not experienced first hand I would have difficulty
believing that they could occur in this day and age.

If you have any follow up stories planned, I would be pleased to share my
experiences in the hopes that we may improve conditions for everyone.


Michelle Fabris

Dear Paul (Deb)

I am writing to you after a long conversation with Jason in your offices. He
encouraged me to put my concerns in writing to formalize my complaints. I
have been a patient at St. Joesph's Hospital in Hamilton for the better part
of 6 years with a diagnoses of Bi-Polar disorder. Over that time I have
received many types of treatment from ECT (electro-shock treatment) to
conventional pharmaceuticals and counselling.

My illness actually began 10 years ago when I was 32, however it took a long
time for me to receive professional care as I was fearful of the heath care
system and the associated stigma. It has been a long road to stability and
struggle for myself and my family and it has just recently been possible to
reflect back on my experiences with a calm and objective point of view.

During my hospitalizations I have been prescribed "seclusion" therapy on many
different occasions with differing durations and circumstances. St. Joe's
has a long and extensive "policy and procedures" document on their website
and I have, since my experiences in hospital discovered that I was not
afforded the considerations promised there in. I was sent to a room with no
bathroom facilities, except for 3 or 4 styrofom cups. No toilet paper and no
place to wash my hands before I was feed, in the same room. The policy that
St. Joe's specifically states is that anyone in seclusion is to be taken to
the washroom facilities every 2 hours. There is also a promise of advocacy,
which I never received. Also a debriefing by the physician upon release from
seclusion to determine the efficacy of the treatment for the patient
personally was never included in any of my counselling sessions. I could go
on to tell you that there is no means of alerting staff of an emergency, no
call button and most of the time the one window is covered by a curtain drawn
closed on the other side.

Now even after I have endured this treatment I am not objecting to the
treatment of seclusion itself, but the lack of procedure followed in the
practise of it. This has led to a confusing search in the assignment of
blame. I have since discovered that doctors are not hospital employees, they
bill their services to the Ministry of Health. So who are they accountable
to? Why are the policy's so carefully made by hospitals so easily
disregarded? It has disturbed me to discover that St. Joe's is a non for
profit "corporation". I am concerned that hospitals are more focused on
behaving like a businesses than dispensing compassionate, comprehensive care
with dignity and respect, which I believe our health care system is obligated
to display on the world stage as a leader and best example of the standard of
living that can be achieved with universal health care. I have many concerns
that have come up from my experiences and I would welcome the opportunity to
discuss them with you (Paul) and you (Deb) as a voter, health care consumer
and political person in general.

Please feel free to contact me with any of the included methods of


Michelle Fabris

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