I'm being remote neural monitored--how to block RNM?

Who has authority of RNM in india?? I am tortured since 1 year. I AM INNOCENT IN TERMS OF crime,social and political issue.can a radio signal blocker help??


RNM - Remote Neural Monitoring

The mind control technology is known as Remote Neural Monitoring.

The technology employs Satellite-delivered (ELF) Extra Low Frequencies to communicate voice-to-skull transmissions. This produces schizophrenic symptoms.

ELF radio signals are used to communicate with Naval Submarines deep below the oceans' surfaces. These frequencies can pinpoint a target anywhere on Earth and can penetrate water, rock, concrete and other dense matter.

Consider this, the brain is composed of neurons (wires) and is powered by low electrical currents. Much like insects communicate with non-contact antenna, humans can communicate with radio transceivers.

Just like each of us has a unique genetic code (DNA) each of has our own distinct radio frequencies. Find the frequencies and a terror technician can communicate directly to the brain.

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