How to overcome Chronic Emotional Fatigue?

I was very glad to find information this subject the way you have posted it.
I have been in depression and anxiety for 15 years now and can´t seem to
overcome it, although I have found so many of the causes.

It seems as if I had found the causes of it years ago, I could have
recovered, but now it seems they are so rooted in me that I have to stregth
to let them go.

I do feel completely emotionally drained after 15 years of frustrations and
worrying everyday on how to take care of me and my family in this situation.
Would you say this fatigue could be the cause I just can´t seem to let go of
the causes of my depression, as if my brain isn´t able to do its job in the

I would really like to believe I have found an explanation why therapy isn´t

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