Organic sulfur questions

I've run into this seemingly 'underground' topic of organic sulfur and it's
clear importance for the biological functioning and homeostasis of our
bodies, but like I mention in the subject of this question, I'm VERY curious
as to why this isn't better understood by the general population? If this
really is as important as I think it is, why aren't scientists, universities,
GRASSROOTS getting hold of this yet? Are they being snuffed out by secret
services? Haha, I mean this all sounds ridiculous! I do realize there are few
countries as universally sulfur-deficient as the USA, and since sulfur is
released from our bodies within 12 hrs, maybe this might be a tough case for
people to fight for, but I mean come on, this seems too good to be true, help
me out here. On another note, thank you so very much for giving me the
information in your multiple interviews, and resources online.

As a last comment, I'm considering going back to school for a masters or PhD
in soils and biogeochemistry at the University of California Davis, and am
interested in conducting a broad demographic survey in partner to a theses
study on the topic of sulfur deficiency, lack of knowledge from 'respectable
doctors', and then specifically looking at the sulfur content in soils across
a swath of the central valley of California. Would this be counterproductive
of me to do, or better yet DANGEROUS, or am I just as crazy as the multiple
other friends of mine that are scratching our heads at this whole 'organic
sulfur' mystery?



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