Chronic fatigue syndrome

Thanks so much for sharing your info and helping others. I currently have
chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and was ree fly diagnosed with sibo (small
intestinal bacterial overgrowth). I've had allegy and candida diagnoses.
Did you have candida or bacteria? Just curious! I'm juicing and taking all
kinds if supolements. Hoping for the best outcome...need to see change. I
have terrible acid reflux and plan on trying cayenne. I've tried before, and
it comes back up burning me...any thought on how to offset that? Thank


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CFS usually caused by chronic malnutrition. I had that.
My daily regiment for 6 months before I noticed any difference:
—green smoothie for breakfast
—cocktail of super greens supplement, ginkgo biloba (organic powder), tyrosine, Omega 3 fish oil, iron supplement, l-dopa supplement.
—lots of fruits and vegetables.
I religiously followed the regiment and in 6 months, I was like a new person.
Best regards.

 Answer by prokopton

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