Issues with depression and diet

My wife found your website.. what an amazing article and really
was great to read for me. Why? Because I have fallen into a bit of a "black
Hole" 7 months ago I was "normal" healthy, top producing agent in my office.
My journey started when I was had a yeast rash on my bottom. Doc prescribed
diflucan. After about 2 pills I started to have reactions. and by the 4th

I decided to get on a candida diet. Problem is I went to extreme.
lost a lot of weight, started waking up at night with racy heart. I couldn't
figure out what was going on. this was happening every night. I was stressing
out about it as I was waking up every night and therefore my sleep was
getting disrupted. I soon realized it was probably the diet and jumped off.
but a month later my sleep was out of wack. I was having difficulty going to
sleep. Still had my candida issues which was now in my mouth. So from that
point, I tried to work on sleep and put candida in the background because
sleep was so important.

I have been to so many folks, and tried so many pills
and natural things and i'm still having major problems. My family thinks I
need therapy and anti depressant. I have also learned during this process
that i'm extremely sensitive to pills and really cant take much. I tend to
get so many of side effects that whatever positive comes is not worth it. I
feel very desperate as my sleep is just horrible and this has effected my gut
even more. I do believe I have leaky gut. this may have been root of a lot of
my problems. I also believe I may have sibo. just did a breath test and i'm
sending it in.

I to tried melatonin which seemed to help some but not much.
maybe 3-4 hours of sleep and then my body would just wake up. it was hard to
go any higher past 6mg as I would get really anxious, especially with timed
release. after 2 months, it started to really mess with my stomach so that's
when I gave it up. I'm just really struggling with sleep. I know if I could
get this back in line things would fall into place. You know I used to
exercise 7 days a week. weights 45min 6 days cardio 7 days. Love it.

I have done it since I was 15 now 46. it is everything to me. I pretty much backed
off to stopped over the last few months as one month into sleep problem, got
tension headaches. tried to work thru but if I worked out by the end of day
tension headache would come on like crazy. So that added stress and anxiety
worrying about sleep and pain. for a while I would pop advil or something
like that, It really didn't help much but soon realized the rebound effect
from my doc so stopped and just work thru it. But I have had some form of
tension headache every day and that in itself has controlled my life which
sucks.Because if it wasn't for headaches, I would have worked out everyday
and I know that would have got me eventually back to normal.

So I don't know what light you can shed towards my way or even if you would be willing to
talk to me. I'm just really desperate as I feel I have dropped out of my life
and can't seem to find a way back. Like you, not depressed but my condition
has caused me depression.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Rob

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