Heavy metals in vaccines: Why military veterans are committing suicide, Adam Ringham


Adam Ringham: The military's behavior modification and bioweapon program delivered via vaccines given to soldiers is taking a toll on Veterans' mental and physical health. In this video I speak out about it.

"The main reason for HPV vaccination is infertility. There is an agenda of population control, population reduction. They want to make sure we don't have children any longer, that we don't live long enough to collect social security. That's why they vaccinate all these soldiers like crazy, so when they come home from war, they are sick and not energetic anymore; so that they die young. The Gulf War Syndrome was caused by vaccines, not by anything else." —Dr. Leonard Coldwell, ND, in an interview with iHealthTube.com, 2012

The Swine Flu Vaccination Fraud of 1976
You won't see journalism like this anymore because many TV networks receive up to 70% of advertising money from the drug companies.

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