Are mask mandates enforceable?


There is a big difference between a "mandate" and a "law". A law has priority over a mandate, and forced medical procedures aren't lawful.

There is no justification for anyone to wear a mask There are three files below in Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and PDF formats. Use the PDF format if you're in Alberta, Canada. Use the Word ( .docx) and Apple Pages ( .pages) files to format to your location.

When asked why I'm not wearing a mask, I nicely say, "I'm legally/medically exempt from wearing one."
Then I hand the security guard or manager the 3 pages, "If you have any questions, please let me know." Then walk away and do my thing.

Sometimes they say, "It's store/business policy that our customers wear masks."

I reply, "Can I please see the written policy and the just cause (bona fide justification) behind the policy?"

A policy should not contravene or violate a law or right. Anyone can make a policy, but a law is made through the legislative process and voted on by elected officials. Nor should a policy violate a right in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

They typically have no reply. I refuse to wear a mask and continue. If they insist, I will pursue the matter in the courts and seek monetary damages. It's never come to that, though.

Covid-19 is a long list of scams perpetrated by the drug companies for the last 200 years. These include the smallpox scam, polio scam, measles scam, flu scams, vaccine scam, diabetes scam, cancer scam (over 100 years and still searching for the cure). It's a new medical scam every year. That's how the drug companies make money, then pay (through advertising) the TV talking heads to perpetuate the scam. TV talking heads have contractual obligations with their advertisers (mostly drug companies) to mention "pandemic year", "year of covid", etc.

Politicians? They have to raise millions of dollars when they run for office. Who gives them those millions? Drug companies and other big corporations.

Tens of billions are being made on healthy people by forcing them to wear masks, get tested, vaccinated, medicated, and quarantined. This scam ends when you say NO and refuse to comply. Do it peacefully and under the law, though.


I've never worn a mask until now, since I've changed my approach to fighting this scamdemic. It's no use trying to educate, protest, or argue with people anymore. It's been over a year. People should be asking questions. EVERY covid-19 symptom has existed for thousands of years: headache, high temperature, flu, cold, etc. There is nothing new with covid. Everything is reclassified as covid. As long as tens of billions are being made from useless masks, fake tests, poisonous vaccines, it will continue until people refuse to comply and fight it through the LEGAL SYSTEM, not the streets or social media.

Below what I've learned after numerous encounters with the mask Nazis. I've been harassed, ticketed, and handcuffed (by choice). It's all in good fun though, as part of my journey into learning laws and rights--laws and rights are what make Canada consistently one of the top desired countries in the world to live.

1) A business with public access and its patrons: The City of Edmonton's mask bylaw and the Alberta Government's mask mandate have explicit clauses that allow for mask exemptions. You simply declare you have an exemption and no proof is required.

2) Policies, guidelines, mandates, laws, and rights have different priorities. Any person or business can create a policy or guideline, but that policy should not violate established laws or rights. A Right in the Charter typically has priority over a law, and law over mandate, and mandate over policy and guideline. The order isn't final, since there are nuances depending on the circumstance.

3) A private business with public access can create its own policy that bypasses established laws and rights. However, the business should provide "bona fide justification" for that policy. For example, a business can ignore the City of Edmonton's mask exemption bylaw and the Alberta Government's mask exemption mandate; thus, the business can create their own policy that states "no mask, no entry, no service." However, since the business has ignored the city and the province's mask exemption, under the Canadian Human Rights Act, the business should provide bona fide justification of why masks are required. The exemptions were included to remove the burden of proof from businesses.


"The Canadian Human Rights Act states that it is not a discriminatory practice for an individual to be denied access to, or occupancy of, or differentiated adversely with respect to any good, service, facility, or accommodation, if there is 'bona fide justification" for that denial or differentiation. Similarly, a practice may not be discriminatory if it is based on 'bona fide occupational requirement."


What is the bona fide justification for wearing a mask or face shield?

When contacted, cloth mask and face shield manufacturers state their products are NOT designed or tested to prevent the transmission of any virus.

When contacted, the City of Edmonton, Alberta Government, and Alberta Health state that they haven't performed any studies that show cloth masks or face shields reduce or prevent the transmission of a virus, either as aerosol or via droplets


I walk into a business without a mask. If I'm approached, I ask, "Does this business allow mask exemptions?"

Typical answer is, "No. This is private property. Customers must wear a mask."

I reply, "Under the city's bylaw and the province's mask mandate, exemptions are allowed. Since the store has its own policy, can I please see its written policy and the justification for wearing a mask?"

Typical answer, "We're not obligated to provide that. It's private property, we can set our own policy."

"The store doesn't have a written policy or are you refusing to provide a copy?"

"It's just our policy that customers must wear masks."

I reply, "Okay. It's your business. You do what you want, right?" I put on a mask and go about my business.


When I get home, I request that the business provide bona fide justification of why a mask is required, since they chose to ignore the city and province's mask exemptions.

a) Show masks reduce or prevent the transmission of viruses... This will be hard to do since, when contacted, every cloth mask manufacturer will state that their masks are not designed or tested to reduce or prevent the transmission of any virus.

b) Demonstrate that those who don’t wear masks are a health threat or overall threat in general to others... This will be difficult to do, since when contacted, the City of Edmonton, Alberta Health Services, and Health Canada have stated that they have not performed any studies that show face coverings reduce or prevent the transmission of any virus. The city, Alberta Health Services, and Health Canada cannot provide bona fide justification, and that is the reason they included the exemptions—to protect businesses like yours from the burden of proof.

c) Demonstrate that those with no symptoms (asymptomatic) can transmit or transmit a virus and cause infection in another person... This will be difficult to do, since there is no study that shows people who don’t wear masks are a health threat to other people, since healthy people cannot transmit a disease they don’t have.

d) Demonstrate that a person with no symptoms can transmit a Sars-Co-2 virus that harms another person. This will be impossible to do at this time, since under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) filed by Christine Massey, Health Canada admitted it had no information that a Sars-Co-2 virus had been purified and isolated in a human symptomatic patient.

If the businesses refuse to provide the justification, then I proceed with the Alberta Human Rights Commission, Canadian Human Rights Commission, and the courts if need be.


The Prima Facie (initially presumed correct, until proven otherwise ) is that face coverings protect the wearer and others from contracting or transmitting a virus that may harm another. Therefore, face coverings are assumed to be medical devices. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms has a specific clause regarding medical rights. If masks are considered medical equipment, anyone affected may refuse to wear one under the Charter. The Charter states that medical procedures (mask, vaccination, medication, etc.) can be legally refused if they increase the risk of injury or death. Face coverings, specifically cloth masks, cause staph infection, bacterial pneumonia, decreased oxygen, and increased CO2. These are caused by rebreathing bacteria, viruses, and germs trapped by the mask. Breathing is a detoxing process that eliminates microbial waste from the body.

“Wearing masks longer than 20 minutes without changing them out dangerously increases infection rates, increases CO2 levels and significantly decreases oxygen levels causing multiple life threatening illnesses and existing illness flair ups. Cloth masks increase infection rates.” —OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration),

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