The Character of Disease: Terrain Theory vs. Germ Theory


T.C Fry on the Nature and Purpose of Disease:

Even physicians will tell you that drugs have no effect on viruses. Of course they don't have any effect on what they call viruses because that is dead cell debris that can't be made any deader.


In order to understand disease, we must understand health. Health is the enjoyment of full faculties and func­tioning power. Disease is not the opposite of health but an expression of healthy vitality while under the burden of toxicosis. Disease is a body-instituted and conducted crisis for the purpose of purifying and repairing itself.

Disease is caused by indulging in practices or being subjected to materials and influences not normal to the human organism: that to which we are not adapted will cause disease.

It is a misconception that we have to fight disease. It will not occur unless it is caused. A huge catalog of materials and influences which are abnormal to the body could be given, but it's not that complicated. We need only to maintain the simple needs of life which build and sustain health. We should consume only pure water as thirst demands and wholesome raw ripe fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds as genuine hunger dictates. We are frugivores, and it is to a diet of fruits as nature delivers them that we are biologically adapted.

Further, we are adapted to pure air, sunshine, rest and sleep, pleasant environment, emotionally balanced com­panions - in short we are adapted to a harmonious world. We are so constituted that health results when all our physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, and aesthetic needs are met. Thus diseases other than degenerative ones may be said to be body crises for the purpose of restoring health.

The cause, purpose, and nature of disease have now been delineated. Certain questions will be explained below.


STUDENT: Is it true that diseases are not contagious in any sense?

INSTRUCTOR: That is correct. Diseases are not conta­gious in any sense simply because they are body insti­tuted. We cannot transfer our toxic load to someone else. That should be self-evident. A Hygienist can go into a sickroom and not suffer a bit for it. Obviously most physi­cians and nurses and other people go to the sickrooms, even those housing the most so-called contagious diseases. They never contract the disease or suffer even though on occasion medics claim they do. You cannot transfer your toxic materials to another person unless you have it drawn out of you and injected into the person. The medics do, indeed, do that in transfusions. But the contagion here is medically induced rather than occurring within the realm of natural possibilities.

It is said that colds, flu, leprosy, and a number of other things are contagious. As we learn more, diseases become less and less contagious. Asthma, cancer, psoriasis, meningitis, poliomyelitis and a long list of other diseases have come off the contagious list. Measles, chicken pox, and other affections are still on the list of diseases said to be contagious. The only thing contagious about these diseases is medical ignorance. That is the most contagious of all.


The reason that there seems to be "epidemics" is that the true contagion is an epidemic of similar bad habits. We all eat pretty much the same junk, are subjected to the same seasons, the same type of housing and, in many other ways, indulge the same health-sapping practices. It's no wonder that many of us suffer the same diseases. Like causes beget like effects. Of course this is modified in the human situation by the diathesis of each individual.

Thus we see that, within the context of a given family or group, people have more or less the same bad habits and suffer the same diseases.

This business about incubation periods of germs and viruses is strictly medical mythology. We'll get into the depths of that and study it methodically in later lessons.

To what are plagues and epidemics attributed? Today's epidemics are for the most part invented and publicized in America by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia. It is a federal service that does yeoman service for the medical profession. When the drug companies want to sell lots of flu vaccine, measles vaccine, etc. they get CDC to release the scare propaganda that stampedes the public into the physicians' offices for shots. To entertain the thought that vaccines injected into people makes them immune is an absurdity not worthy of serious consideration—it is a species of voodooism.

Epidemics today result, I reassure you, from mass indulgence of the same bad habits and subjection to the same pathogenic living conditions. It's no accident that almost 90% of the affections labeled generally as colds and influenza occur within a seven-month period of the year.

The reason epidemics occur in winter and not in summer should be obvious. If anything, microbial life is more active in summer just as we are and their functions are depressed in winter. But lo and behold, microbial forms of life are said to be more active and to cause epidemics. That's nonsense of course. In the winter we eat less wholesome food—we eat more junk. We do not exercise as much. We stay indoors and breathe foul air. In the summer we get more sunshine, more exercise, more fresh air, fresh ripe fruits—in short we live more health­fully in summer and less healthfully in winter.

Conditions cause us to so live as to generate our diseases. General conditions cause general ill health. It is not contagion of germs but contagion of pathogenic conditions that create what are termed plagues or epidemics.


Hygienists or Life Scientists deplore the medical practice of feeding the ailing and drugging them too. When ill, the continuance of feeding alone is enough to thwart the healing forces within. But the addition of drugs so destroys vital powers that the body must often redirect its purification efforts to freeing itself from the more virulent poisons administered. Thus it is seen that medical professionals are death-dealing rather than being life-enhancing.

Yes, drugs kill bacteria. But they're just as deadly to all forms of metabolic life. That which deranges and destroys the metabolic functions of bacteria usually does likewise to the cells of all forms of life. Even physicians will tell you that drugs have no effect on viruses. Of course they don't have any effect on what they call viruses because that is dead cell debris that can't be made any deader.

In conclusion I assure you that disease is not something to fear. That's like being scared of your own body. If you fear anything fear your disposition to indulge in unwhole­some foods and unwholesome living conditions.

Excerpt from:

Life Science Course LESSON 2 – The Nature and Purpose of Disease

Germ Theory is Killing Us: It's the Terrain, Not the Virus

By Kyle Young – The Secular Heretic – January 11, 2021

As mentioned in the previous article, the argument that took place in the latter half of the 1800’s between Luis Pasteur and his followers and Antoine Bechamp and his followers, is taking on new meaning today. Thanks to his influential friends, Pasteur’s position, that germs are causative of disease, won out over Bechamp’s position that terrain (our immune system) is the determining factor. Consequently ‘germ theory’ came to be dragged into the mainstream by Luis Pasteur and his influential friends and followers in the latter half of the 1800’s - and later, even more so here in the US. In that article I also pointed out that, due to new research on the human microbiome and the critical role it plays in supporting our immune system, a number of cutting edge doctors are once again embracing Bechamps position that terrain rules over all.

Dr. Kary Mullis - who won the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1993 for inventing the PCR test - seems to take no hard and fast position on this topic, preferring to let his research speak for itself. His research supports Bechamps position. He has, however, stated that the PCR test should not be used to determine illness by virus and that if one looks hard enough, “we all contain everything”, meaning that we all have SARS CoV-2 and every other virus. Of course this means that if we all carry SARS CoV-2, prevention in those of us who have not, or will not get sick from it is… our immune system, our terrain. This is a critical factor that few undersatnd… its not the presence of the virus, its our immune system that determins whether or not we get sick.

Dr. Mullis also said that the PCR test is “open to interpretation” and that “things can be inferred”, things that aren’t necessarily true (see citations in the previous article). There seems to be lot of that happening with all of the hoopla surrounding COVID-19 (C-19). Dr. Mullis died in August of 2019, just before EVENT 201, which was followed a few weeks later by the appearance of SARS CoV-2. A bit more on that later.

In that previous article I also referred to Dr. Tom Cowan, who gleaned the latest research on the origins of viruses to write his latest book, with Sally Fallon, The Contagion Myth(1). In it he cites studies where attempts were made to infect healthy volunteers with mucus from sick volunteers. Those attempts failed, which casts a shadow over the idea that viruses are contagious, and again, moves forward the idea that our immune system (our terrain) is the more critical factor. Viruses are ineffective in someone with a robust immune system.

In that same article I listed seven doctors I follow, Dr. Zack Bush being one of them. Dr. Bush is another doctor who questions the modern idea of germ theory and tends to side with Antoine Bechamp. In a recent interview with Robert F Kennedy Jr, Dr. Bush points to the 150 year old debate between Pasteur and Bechamp and details why he feels that Bechamp was right(2).

(Note - During the time it took me to write this post the video linked in the last citation has been removed by Google (owns YouTube) - no explanation given. I have to assume that it has to do with the ever-increasing censorship by Big Tech {in partnership with Big Pharma} of anyone who speaks in terms that run counter to the official narrative regarding germ theory. This provides another fine example of how this scamdemic is being used by technofascists to destroy our constitutional right to free speech, all in the name of profits for Big Pharma and Big Tech - the latter being heavily invested in the former.)

Scientific theory’s come and go. Most people once thought the earth was flat. Scientists were also once adamant that the sun rotated around the earth. To this day, many still believe the earth is only 10,000 years old. Of course, we now know that all of those theories have been proven wrong. In the late 1950’s Ansel Keys found that cholesterol was present at the site of plaque and arterial sclerosis. He began promoting the idea that cholesterol was responsible for heart attacks, strokes and other circulatory diseases(3). Initially, much of the medical establishment correctly poo-pooed Keys’ theory, but like Luis Pasteur, Keys had influential friends and was eventually successful at turning much of the medical establishment around to his way of seeing things. Again, we now know that, like an innocent bystander at the scene of a car accident, cholesterol present at the scene of arterial sclerosis doesn’t mean it’s the causative agent(4).

Keys was making what’s known as an epidemiological observation. As I’ve pointed out in the past and will likely continue to do so in the future, epidemiological observation does not translate to causation. It’s far too easy to infer a falsehood in doing so. Today many of those who embraced Keys’ theory are now retreating from it because we now know that cholesterol is not causative. In fact, the latest research is showing the cholesterol is there trying to heal damage caused by other more problematic lipids, lipids that are often derived from excessive consumption of carbohydrates(5).

More Repercussions of Antiquated Germ Theory

Having said all of that, for the sake of simplicity, let’s approach the rest of this as if we all still believe in germ theory. I’m willing to do this because even from this approach the argument for wearing masks, social distancing and lockdown all look pretty weak. And now, the numbers are beginning to show that the number of deaths from the brutal measures taken to slow the spread of C-19 is rising.

One of the ways in which the C-19 death rate numbers are being overblown is by the CDC’s highly questionable guidance to doctors and others who are tasked with filling out death certificates to list anyone who dies with symptoms doctors suspect could possibly be C-19, as having died from C-1(6). If you go to that link, please note that caveat terms used by the CDC’s guidance to doctors.

However, a doctor’s opinion is just that. It’s not a scientific, etched in stone, hard and fast fact. What the doctor is doing in these instances is the same as what Ancel Keys was doing, epidemiological observation. Until epidemiological observation theories are verified by double blind studies with repeatable results, they remain theory and cannot be said without any shadow of doubt to be causative. Results of trying to do this with the cholesterol theory were always questionable, and many did question the theory during its reign. They are now vindicated. Meanwhile, the long-term result of embracing this theory has been the deaths of hundreds of thousands - nay… millions, due to misguided medical practice and prescriptions of highly problematic statins, all due to bad dietary advice stemming from Ancel Keys incorrect analysis of cholesterol. Fast forward to today and the supposed ‘causation connections’ between SARS CoV-2, C-19, masks, social distancing, lockdown and all the rest- all of which remains nothing more than epidemiological observations. SARS CoV-2 just happens to be present at the scene.

Ironically, in another section of its website the CDC says the actual number of deaths directly caused by C-19 is only 6% of the overall death count(7). Either the CDC is trying to make up for its original sin of putting forth a set woefully lacking guidelines for C-19 death determination, or the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing or… there is some sort of agenda afoot.

All of this means that in the months prior to widely available testing for C-19, tens of thousands of people who doctors suspected might have had C-19 when they died, have death certificates saying the cause of death was C-19, even though death by C-19 was never verified. In reality, those doctors didn’t know. By itself this is an outrageously sloppy way to conduct a scientific investigation of any disease. But the most egregious aspect of this is the fact that Anthony Fauci and his pharmaceutical cronies call this “fact based science” and are basing their guidelines for mass vaccination, social distancing, mask wearing and lockdown on this unfounded information. I don’t know about you, but the science I studied only dealt in provable, verifiable facts, not the dark art of voodoo medicine. And yet, Anthony Fauci and his colleagues at the NIH, the CDC and the WHO are telling us we must lockdown the entire planet based on this voodoo science. Why are they doing this? What do they have to gain? The short answer is - it has to do with massive profits from vaccines. The longer answer is coming up.

Perhaps the most destructive aspect of this crazy policy has been the fear, paranoia and depression that trumpeting these overblown germ theory numbers by the media has instilled throughout the land. Of course, if ones goal is to get a lot of folks to line up for highly profitable vaccines, then instilling fear among the masses is an excellent strategy by those who stand to reap billions, possibly trillions of dollars in profit. Instilling fear of the ‘other’ was the same tactic used by Hitler to make the German people follow his ruthless dictatorship. Only, in his case the ‘other’ was not a virus, it was the Social Democrats, the Communists, the Jews and anyone who wasn’t Aryan, fascist or a nazi. Now we know the rest of the story. I predict the same for the current tyranny by 2030, maybe sooner.

We know that Anthony Fauci has a big financial stake in the vaccine industry, as do some of the other players working behind the scenes to fan the flames of fear and paranoia over C-19(8). Another questionable entity is John Hopkins University, which has been one of the go-to sources of information for the mainstream media and others who have been duped into believing that John Hopkins is a reputable source of information for C-19 numbers. The reason why John Hopkins is not a reputable source is because John Hopkins is a player in what I call the “Big Pharma get paid to play scam”.

With corporate funding from the pharmaceutical industry and large grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - perhaps the biggest player in the worldwide pharmaceutical industry - John Hopkins cannot be considered a neutral source of information. When I searched for ties between John Hopkins and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, the entire first page of results from duckduckgo contained links to articles about the numerous multimillion dollar grants given to John Hopkins by the B and M Gates Foundation. For those who missed it, the B and M Gates Foundation, John Hopkins University and the World Economic Forum sponsored Event 201, a shady table top war game designed to determine moves the elite should make during a “pandemic”(9). This took place shortly after the death of Dr. Kary Mullis - who would have opposed it - and shortly before the advent of COVID-19. Coincidence? Unfortunately, corporate media, which receives the lions share of its ad revenue from Big Pharma, is afraid to bite the hand that feeds it and hence, turns a blind eye to this type of news.

In spite of the overblown numbers we are being spoon fed on deaths from C-19, it becomes apparent that when we compare the true death rate - the 6% pointed out by the CDC in my previous reference - from C-19 to other viruses that have circulated in recent decades, C-19 amounts to a slightly elevated flu season. The ultimate conclusion from this is that there is no pandemic. A true pandemic would cause the worlds population to take a noticeable dip in population. This occurred in 1918 during the Spanish flu outbreak - which was indeed a true pandemic - when the world’s population took a noticeable dip. That has not occurred with this “pandemic”. In fact, in recent months the population has gone up, not down.

Yes, death from any disease is terrible thing. But when compared to all the people who die in wars, from famine, from cancer, in car crashes, from heart attacks, strokes or numerous other diseases, the number of people dying from C-19 is relatively insignificant. Yet, the world is not gripped in fear of any of those other, much larger death rates, but is instead - thanks to fear instilled by Big Pharma and it’s corporate media puppets - terrified of C-19.

Let’s take a brief look at another “viral” disease, tuberculosis (TB). In 2018 TB killed 1.5 million people worldwide(10). That’s far more than the CDC’s corrected C-19 death count mentioned previously. Furthermore, unlike COVID-19, tuberculosis has been killing at least a million people every year for decades and will likely continue to do so for decades to come. Meanwhile, as with every other flu “virus” that has traversed the human population over the past 300,000 years, COVID-19 will soon pass into obscurity, and, as has also happened since time immemorial, it will do so without a vaccine. So, where’s the hysteria over TB? Why does 1.5 million deaths from TB warrant no hysteria but fewer deaths from a one-time season of C-19 warrant the hysteria we are currently seeing? Why is there no call for masks, social distancing and all the rest for TB? It would seem an agenda has been put in place to make C-19 the boogeymen, to instill fear and paranoia so that people line up for the highly profitable vaccine. I’m staggered by how many people are buying into this con game.

Now that testing has become widely available, the situation has not improved. Many that are dying due to having preexisting conditions may also happen to test positive for SARS CoV-2. Again, correlation does not mean causation - this doesn’t mean the cause of death was SARS CoV-2. Like millions of others who have tested positive for SARS CoV-2 but never came down with symptoms of C-19, this likely means they have some form of inherent immunity to SARS CoV-2. In the presence of a healthy immune system the virus is rendered impotent.

Continuing down the germ theory vein… If someone tests positive for SARS CoV-2 but never comes down with any symptoms, their body either already had a built-in immunity, or developed one quickly upon exposure. Some research shows that exposure to other forms of corona virus - including forms that cause the common cold - can instill immunity to SARS CoV-2.(11)

Many people are now getting tested - some hospitals routinely test everyone that comes in. If someone dies in a hospital and they tested positive for the SARS CoV-2 when they came in, the cause of death is listed as C-19 on the death certificate, even if they had no symptoms of C-19. I’m not saying this happens in every case, but the financial aid that the US government has put in place for hospitals dealing with the “pandemic”, is a powerful incentive for hospitals to fudge on a declaration of COVID-19(12). Again, these bloated, false numbers inflame the hysteria which has led to the loss our constitutional right to breath and move about freely and run a small business. This voodoo “science” should not allow Anthony Fauci and his cronies in the medical cartels to force the current economic meltdown. In the name of massive profits for a handful of elite medical cartel investors, fear is being wielded like a weapon to justify an economic meltdown and to make people line up for the highly profitable vaccines.

What we are witnessing is a coup d’etat by the medical cartels and the technofascist elite. It’s time for germ theory to go the way of the dinosaurs. It has caused far too much pain and suffering.

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(6) - Second page 5th paragraph. This page was recently updated and although it is no longer as vague as it was, it’s still highly questionable.

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