Electromagnetic Radiation and What You Can Do To Neutralize its Harmful Effects

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) has spread all over the world - to create a new and dangerous form of environmental pollution. Of thirty-five international research studies on EMR, thirty-three made a conclusive link between brain tumors, leukemia and other forms of cancer and electromagnetic radiation exposure.

The former Soviet Union has done more studies on EMR than any other nation, and for decades have reported dire health effects from EMR - including altered blood pressure, chronic stress effects, immune system dysfunction, changes in white and red blood cell count, increased metabolism, stimulation of the thyroid and chronic fatigue and headaches.

Frank Ewing, first became involved in EMR pollution when, with his Swedish wife Brigetta, they lived in Manhattan's expensive Upper West Side. They began to feel ill when they spent time at home and felt better whenever they were out of their apartment. Headaches, malaise, leg cramps and poor sleep led them to have their apartment measured for EMR, after Frank had viewed a television program on EM fields.

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One milligauss (mG) is the proposed standard for safety by the EPA, although Russian researchers claim that 1/1000ths of a mG should be the standard. Frank and Brigetta's apartment measured from 6-22 mG. This was when they discovered that the building transformer was next door to their apartment. Brigetta phoned her ex-employer, a large hospital in Sweden, and they told her, "We've checked into this. Those fields are very high. You'd better move."

Twenty-four hours a day we are exposed to an electromagnetic bombardment from electric shavers (14-1600mG), hair dryers (3-1400mG), electric blankets, TVs, stereos, VCRs, radios, computers, toasters, ovens, heaters, domestic appliances, microwaves, lamps, fluorescent lighting, dimmer lights (very high), and electric toothbrushes; also there is EMR from military installations, dishes, industrial machines, TV transmitters, high tension power lines and transformers, broadcast frequencies from radio, TV and cellular telephones, and of course, we expose ourselves to EMR everyday in our cars.

We live in a field of electromagnetic chaos consisting of random and disordered photons. This random and chaotic energy passes through everything - including lead.

The millions of electrical impulses that balance and regulate the activity of every living cell in our bodies, are constantly interacting with these man-made electrical fields, to our detriment. Disordered photons act as electromagnetic free radicals which are easily deflected and captured by the gravitational pull of other atoms. This builds up minute electrostatic charges which seem to disrupt the normal mechanisms of our body.

If you are playing your favorite radio station and pass under high tension power lines, the static immediately drowns out the sound. We are living in this kind of electromagnetic chaos all the time - a constant background of stress and tension created by debilitating fields of electromagnetic energy we are not even aware of.

Interest groups have consistently claimed that they are within the safe proposed standards set by the EPA. But as Dr. David Carpenter, dean of the State University of New York School of Public Health in Albany, writes, "If we are to recognize a standard around a high voltage power line, it would be exceeded everywhere - on the sidewalk, at home and in the office." And as Richard Tell said, "The public perception is that anything over 3 mG is dangerous. What about a secretary sitting in a 300 mG field all day long?"

In the meantime, irrefutable reports and surveys are being recorded: 11 out of 65 workers on the 1st floor of a telephone company office developed cancer. (No one on the 2nd floor had it.) The EMR emanating from the room next door was measured and they were moved to another office.

In San Francisco's Alvarado Elementary School, there were 22 cases of cancer among the staff who worked in the front of the building. There were four pole-mounted transformers and primary distribution wires in front of the school, 10 feet away. There were no cancer cases from staff working in the back of the school.

When Phillips and Winters (Cancer Research 46 (1986)) exposed human colon and brain cancer cells to 60 Hz fields, they reported that cancer cells proliferated and became more resistant to immune system attack. Within one week, malignant growth of human cancer cells exposed to EMR were cloning six times as fast (International Journal of Radiation Biology 49, (1986).)

UCLA studied the biological effects of EM exposures on animals and noted 1) changes in firing rate of brain cells in exposed animals; 2) changes in their EEGs; 3) lowered behavior on tests they had been trained to perform previously. Salzinger reported permanent changes in learning ability and Gibson of the Pensacola Naval Laboratories, reported short term memory impairment when exposed to 60 Hz.

In a controversial study, Wertheimer and Leep studied 344 Denver children who died of cancer. Those children exposed to 2-2.6 mG were two and a half times as likely to die from leukemia. And children with cancer were 2-3 times as likely to have lived near high current power lines than the controls. A similar finding was reported from Sweden and China. Savitz discovered a 300% increase in brain tumors in children whose mothers used electric blankets during pregnancy (American Journal of Epidemiology 131 (1991)). And women exposed to computer VDT's for 20 or more hours a week during pregnancy had twice the number of miscarriages and increased birth defects in their offspring.

The October 1992 issue of Time Magazine reported on the largest study ever concluded, that involved 500,000 people in Sweden, and which conclusively linked cancer to electromagnetic exposure. Even police departments have banned the use of hand-held radar guns because of the link between long term exposure to EMR emitted by the device and cancer in police officers.

The Breakthrough

Dr. Wendell Winters, University of Texas Health Science Department wrote, "I have seen a change from belief there was no effect - couldn't possibly be - to an acknowledgement that there is an effect on biological systems."

In 1986 an independent research group began to examine the effects of both high and low frequency electrical radiation on humans. This led to the discovery that the negative effect of EMR fields was related to the degree of random, (entropic) chaotic, energy at the level of the electron and photon. The research group hypothesized that the random disordered photons that exist in the EMR fields were generating high levels of unused electrical potential (or capacitance).

When they produced a series of computer algorithms to induce highly ordered reference points around which these random and disordered photons "aligned," they became highly ordered, organized and uniform. The number of photon scattering events is greatly reduced. Magnetic vectors in the field become more coherent.

Application of this new ACD technology (Accumulated Capacitance Dispersion) resulted in the CLARUS CL-100 Environmental System, engineered to organize, or clear, random and disordered EMR fields in any environment up to 3500 square feet. It doesn't lower the mG levels: it organizes the random photons, converting them from a disordered state that causes biological stress often manifesting as fatigue, inability to cope, confusion, loss of memory and focus, and irritability in interpersonal relationships. It converts these chaotic photons to an ordered state that is biologically strengthening to the human system, so people feel more relaxed, focused, clear headed, alert, creative, with improved memory, higher energy levels, improved sleep, better health and improved workplace productivity.

The VDT CLEAR, for computers and video data terminals, plugs into the wall, and people note that eye strain disappears, they can concentrate longer, stay mentally alert, have less burnout, make fewer errors, and problem solving is just as fast after working 7-8 hours on the computer as at the beginnng of the day.

CAR-CLEAR for cars and their sound system plugs into the cigarette lighter and is an essential considering that cars produce an EMR field two to three times stronger than in the home.

Thousands of people have participated in extensive user testing since 1986. A well-known research clinic also tested Clarus products. They reported a significant increase in all brain wave activity, especially at the Theta brain wave level - associated with calm, relaxed, creative, intuitive states of mind, and many would claim, the brain wave level that relaxes stress so the body-mind can heal. However it must be stated that Clarus makes no health claims: it organizes chaotic photons associated with electromagnetic radiation and the effects speak for themselves.


By Chloe Wadsworth

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