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The increase in worldwide air, water, and food pollution has contributed to the rise in many notoriously complex syndromes involving toxicity which necessitates the clinical use of effective detoxification protocols in clinical practice. However, the process of detoxification in complex illness is not completely satisfactory, and many patients suffering from drug addictions or toxic multi-system syndromes deal with pain, skin disorders, and wide spectrum of physical and emotional symptoms when they attempt to initiate a detoxification program. These symptoms are often related to neurohormonal dysregulation as xenoestrogens disrupt hormone functions and wreak havoc by scrambling hormonal messages and inducing oxidative stress.

The body's internal regulation and communication system -- involving hormones, neurotransmitters, hormone-like molecules, and biophotons -- actually determines how efficiently the body rebalances and repairs itself following addictions, trauma, stress, or oxidative (toxic) insults. Bruce Lipton, PhD, cellular biologist at Stanford University reported that cell-to-cell biocommunication is regulated by the principle of resonance specificity. Cell membranes scan and convert signals into electromagnetic events. This happens as proteins within the cell's bi-layer change shape to vibrations or specific resonant frequencies.[ 1]

Novel, multi-faceted detoxification approaches that address functional organ weaknesses and stabilize the neurohormonal system allow for proper and efficient detoxification of the human body. All detoxification pathways must be supported with easy-to-assimilate co -factor/precursor nutrients and phytochemicals so that toxins are safely exited through the biliary tract rather than towards the kidneys where skin disorders and segmental pain result. Hidden organ blocks must be identified and opened to properly discharge toxins. Initiating an aggressive detoxification or cutting out an addictive substance with an aggressive nutritional or homeopathic detoxification protocol must be preceded by strengthening of weak physiology and the opening of all excretion channels of the body.

According to the 1999 Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Gunter Blobel "each protein carries in its structure the information needed to specify its proper location in the cell."[ 2] Since the lipid bilayer structure of cells is like liquid crystals--neither solid nor liquid -- it is capable of reacting to changes in resonance in the crystalline structures of the extracellular matrix. Formulations that contain transmembrane proteins or protein carrier complexes carry bioresonances necessary to boost nutrient uptake at the cellular level. Like enzymes, the energetic resonances of these transporters, solutes and their substrates into the cell can vibrate the crystalline structures of cell to gate nutrients in and wastes out of the cell.[ 3-6]

In terms of detoxification protocols, there is a tremendous advantage in using multidirectional organ/meridian targeted nourishment instead of unidirectional supplements that force the body too hard in one direction and generate crisis symptoms when detoxification measures are employed. Even though practitioners refer to these reactions as cleansing reactions or a healing crisis, the stress generated from this process may damage organs and regulation systems of the body. The use of quantum nutrition[Trademark] -- matched to meridian-organ frequencies -- has the advantage of synchronizing and improving the functional status and biocommunication of the body's energetic-physiological networks .[ 3-4] By boosting organ reserve, detoxification is more comprehensive, as healthier organs will discharge years of accumulated toxins. This methodology helps to enhance the performance of physiological systems so they function closer to levels of optimal performance. Moreover, by fine -tuning meridian energies the body seems to have an extra margin of physiological capacity. Allowing nourishment to influence the quantic world of cellular atomic and sub -atomic processes also has advantages as this is where deep repair mechanisms can be augmented.

There are three ways that food/nutrient complexes and their related phytochemicals and resonances can interact with synergism and potentiation in the human organism:

Functional Synergism: some ingredients can affect the same organ or physiologic function.
Biochemical Synergism: The interaction between two or more compounds potentiates the energetic and physiologic effects of a single compound.
Receptor Mediated Transport/Uptake Synergism: The interaction between two or more compounds increases the absorption, metabolism, and assimilation of nutrients compared to a single herb, food, or compound.
The Detoxification Secrets of Water

Physicist, Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig documented that water has a memory and can store frequencies and transfer that information to living organisms.[ 7] Most drinking water today is of poor energetic value and contains foreign electromagnetic oscillations that damage the body's delicate detoxification mechanisms and even block the release of toxins via the kidneys. Distillation causes the delicate hydrogen bonds to tear apart and many other purification methods disrupt the uniformity as evidenced by relaxed time spectrum analysis measurement techniques. The hydration envelope of water with hydrogen atoms attached to oxygen atoms via hydrogen bonds determines the ability of water to dilute itself into the molecular and sub-molecular structures of cells. According to Engler, the greater degree of dilution relates to clearer structural information carried by the water.[ 8]

Rainwater falling through the air is mixed with harmful gases and environmental pollutants. This falling water collects in brooks and rivers and in drinking wells. Homeopathic dilutions of many environmental toxins have permeated many wells and remain present in the molecular structure of our drinking water. Most water purification methods fail to erase the memory or imprint of these toxins in water. The detrimental bioresonances of illness can be amplified when patients drink water containing these unfavorable oscillations. New technologies now allow these electromagnetic frequencies imprinted in the structure of water to be erased and replaced with favorable bioresonances. This quality of water can be tested in other ways. For example, Dr. Ludwig's experiments have shown that bad water with unhealthy oscillations absorbs a lot of ultraviolet radiation and good water absorbs less.[ 7]

Bioresonant frequencies associated with a given illness can be countered with homeopathic medicines. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, called illness an alteration of bioinformation that occurs at the energetic level where the human energy system comes in contact with the physical body. The clinical success of homeopathy is based primarily on the introduction of bioinformation that helps the body to counter or erase toxic or unfavorable oscillations. With the counter-oscillation of homeopathic remedies or bioresonance therapies, it is possible to stimulate the body to release information from harmful substances even though their accumulations in the human body are diluted in hundreds of gallons of body fluid. But, to release them in the detoxification process presents a challenging dilemma to the practitioner as without the proper water source toxins merely circulate around the body and are deposited elsewhere. Release of toxins from the extra- and intracellular molecular a nd sub-molecular world requires techniques that go beyond current water clustering, ionization, or other methods of integrating the frequency component into drinking water.[ 9-10]

Glacier water sources have resulted in the Hunza culture where health and longevity is attributed to vitalized water that contains a unique spectrum of light and electromagnetic frequencies. These frequencies result from right amount of natural water movement, minerals in the ground as water travels over rocks and different terrains and is exposed to a .5 gauss magnetic wave of the earth, is permeated simultaneously with sunlight and clean air. The critical difference in this water is found at the quantum level. Subatomic, atomic, and molecular organization of an infinite array of frequencies supports life energies and meridian dynamics so that water can hydrate into cells, detoxify xenobiotics more effectively, increase systemic oxygenation, and promote and impart power to the organs and systems of the body. Our experiments with quantum-treated water versus other forms of treated and energized water demonstrates superior detoxification that is supported by a dramatic increase in urinary excreted toxins. In a preliminary clinical trial with a placebo, we noted that patients who drank the quantum -treated water had darker urine (brown, orange, green) after detoxification methods whereas patients who drank tap water or other forms of treated water had normal color urine. Clearly, the correct spectrum of frequencies changes the ability of water to hydrate the quantic domain of the body for more efficient detoxification.[ 11]

Skeptics typically argue that the body will accept the good information and reject the bad information from water. Yet when you consider how a virus with no metabolism or capability of producing anything can infect the human body, it will become clear why the homeopathic imprints of toxins must be removed from drinking water for superior detoxification to take place. The virus, through a mechanical process, simply injects genetic information into the living cell. This information can influence the cell to forget its own genetic work and cause it to start producing viral DNA or RNA. Viral replication of this nature causes a number of high profile viral disorders that we are faced with in clinical practice. Likewise, it can be demonstrated that microbes thrive in poor quality water and are obliterated when energized water is used.

The Energetic/Physical Body Interface in Detoxification

The crystalline structures of the extracellular matrix and cell membranes make up the body's ground regulation system (GRS). The GRS is a living matrix -- a place where many systems, primarily the human energy system, intersects and becomes interwoven with the physical body as it coordinates many facets of human physiology. Active substances -- going in and out of cells or the capillaries -- interact with nerve endings. Subtle electrical currents and molecular and ionic shifts in the GRS create an intricate biocommunication network that operates along side of, and in an interactive matrix with the neurohormonal and meridian acupuncture systems.

Poor quality drinking water, toxic supplements coupled with a deteriorating environment can overburden the GRS causing a multitude of biocommunication channels to become blocked or inefficient. When energy channels are obstructed, one's resilience to stress diminishes and energy levels drop. Rather than correct the cause of these energy drops, people spike their energy levels with addictive drugs, foods and beverages. While these addictive patterns may elevate energy levels, they cause tumors and hardness of the lymph nodes, sluggish lymphatic circulation, and faulty liver detoxification functions. The GRS-lymphatic interface becomes stagnant as pools of waste buildup and promote the rapid spread of infection throughout the body. Foci develop in these "dump sites" and organs and structures in the vicinity of these foci become strained and weakened. In turn, functional deficits in organ performance result as the reservoir of undesirable microbial growth disrupts one's organizational in tegrity and ability to coordinate, cleanse, and repair damaged physiology.

Typically dental foci start after an extraction or root canal, which, in turn, block these organs even further. When such foci remain untreated, they become a major drain on the immune system as it struggles unsuccessfully to overcome infection that penetrates deep within the jawbone. Silent and chronic infections of old wisdom teeth extraction sites or root canals can slowly seep endotoxins into the lymphatic system, stomach and duodenum putting the immune system under greater stress. It's important to note that these addictive cycles must be broken so that the immune system can be activated to its full operational complexity to expose focal toxicosis. In many patients who fail to respond to treatment or find it difficult to break addictions, the following sequence of events is important for clinical success:

Stabilization and maintenance of the neurohormonal system.
Stabilization and maintenance of acid base metabolism along with maintenance of the full operational complexity of liver detoxification functions.
Activation of the immune system and the lymphatic system to cleanse away stagnant pools of waste and reestablish immune repair mechanisms.
Stabilization of tooth-organ and organ-tooth energetic connections with bioresonance and frequency filtering techniques.
Elimination or appropriate treatment of dental foci with soft or surgical laser and LED.
Restabilization of tooth-organ and organ-tooth energetic connections.
When the lymphatic system is congested, misdirected meridian energy -- energy spun off in tangential, incoherent ways -- may be dissipated and lost. While an acupuncturist's needle can redirect the flow of energy in a specific channel or meridian, the overall pattern of energy flow may not improve or become stabilized until the GRS-lymphatic interface is cleansed, hydrated, and energized or a respective correlative dental foci is corrected or removed.

Light is the source of life and the quantum of light energy is the biophoton. Low Energy -Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is documented by 100 positive double blind studies and over 2000 clinical studies (see textbook Lasers in Medicine and Dentistry for more information). LLLT and LED therapies are biostimulative-regenerative, anti-inflammatory and analgesic.[ 12] The clinical use of these therapies helps to unblock organ-meridian connections and is currently being used in almost every field of medicine and is necessary in helping patients get through drug detoxification or addictions.

Electromagnetic photon generator therapies have become available to effectively detoxify lymph-congested electrophiles and protein clusters that trigger pain, inflammatory disorders, and many complex, multi-system illnesses.[ 13] These lymphatic therapies involve the use of photons and specific resonant frequencies that can help the body integrate, master, and move past a particular energetic pattern of disorganization. From this point of view, lymphatic therapy that breaks up polarized or segmented energy patterns, when combined with appropriate organ/meridian specific remedies can provide the keys to:

reprogram the disordered energy pattern in need of correction, and
reprogram physiological functions to higher levels of functional activity.
Since conventional medications and toxins can clutter the delicate ecology of the GRS -lymphatic interface, they should be cleared out of the body for optimal healing to occur. Focal infections must be uncoupled before many addictive cycles can be broken. All this requires time, patience, and aggressive lymphatic detoxification therapies that are followed by the consumption of at least 6 glasses of energized water daily. Otherwise these congested toxins will continue to pile layer upon layer as they continue to block and derange meridian-organ biocommunication.

In summary, with the quantum medicine assessment protocol, bioresonance, LLLT and LED therapies, and proper lympathic therapies, the body is able to quickly reprogram a troubled or blocked area, leaving the patient feeling better and having a greater range of self-healing and self-regulation capabilities. Thus, it is important to remember that bioregulation of the GRS-lymphatic system interface is part of every inflammation and immune defense process and all basic vital functions of the body. Since the lymphatic system is intermeshed throughout the entire organism, superior regulatory centers can be influenced by lymph-related therapeutics, immune-modulating supplements, and proper energized and sequenced drinking water.

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