Is this prescription necessary, Doc?

An article in Newsweek magazine (April 27, 1998) stated "a new study says some medicines, even if properly prescribed, may kill as many as 100,000 Americans a year." This study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. It described the deaths as the result of "toxic reactions to medications that were administered properly with more than two million suffering serious side effects."

That places death from prescribed drugs as the number four killer, behind heart disease, cancer and stroke. This is twice the number that are killed in motor vehicle accidents -- an average of 275 per day.

No other industry kills and maims more people annually. When Dr Lucian Leape of the Harvard School of Public Health was asked about these figures, he stated, "When you realize how many drugs we use, maybe those numbers aren't so bad after all."

Another article in Business Week (May 11, 1998) was entitled, "Danger: Read the Label." It stated, "Doctors are prescribing drugs for unapproved uses and patients are at risk. Medical experts worry that far too many off-label prescriptions are written without the science to back them up. Perhaps the most glaring example is the huge amount of antibiotics, up to one-fifth of all prescriptions, according to one study, that are uselessly handed out to cold sufferers."

The problem with drugs is not new. An article in the Vancouver Sun (August 31, 1998) stated, "Napoleon may have been killed inadvertently by a British doctor who prescribed a fatal dose of a useless drug, according to the most thorough investigation yet into the emperor's death."

Will doctors follow the same advice they give their patients? An article in the Alternative Medicine Digest (September 1997) shed some light on this question. Dr Kenneth Forror was a surgeon who worked with cancer patients. He had made a career of routinely recommending chemotherapy to other cancer patients, yet on being diagnosed with cancer, he refused to follow his own advice! His wife asked him why.

"Because I'm the patient now and I don't have to follow that routine. It never did that much good. I had to keep prescribing it to keep my hospital privileges."

Dr Andrew Weil, Harvard-trained physician and author of Spontaneous Healing, states, "the body has an innate ability to fight germs and infections and heal itself. Western doctors are frozen in a disease-oriented mode, concentrating on curing disease with drugs arid surgery rather than on prevention and stimulating the body's natural healing power.

Deepak Chopra, MD, world renowned best-selling author and Harvard-trained Endocrinologist states, "Inside your body is a wonderful pharmacy. You name it, the human body can make it -- tranquilizers, sleeping pills, anti-cancer drugs; the right dose at the right time for the right organ, with no side effects."

Why has the information of natural alternatives been kept quiet? Could the fact that drug companies earn-over $300 billion a year have anything to do with this?

Dr Robert M. Kradjian, MD, in his book, Save Yourself From Breast Cancer, stated, "In 1988, the US Surgeon General released a massive report on the relationship between diet and health. It took more than 200 experts over two years and quite a few million dollars to assemble virtually all of the world's scientific data on this critical issue. This was by far the most ambitious study in medical history. They stated that 60 per cent of all cancers in American women were mostly or partially attributable to diet! This 727-page volume is a gold mine of information on the vital subject of health and nutrition. In my opinion it is the most important medical document ever produced in this country. Yet a request for the book in May 1992 to the US government printing office in Washington resulted in a terse reply: "Out of Print," rubber stamped in red ink.

This emphasizes the low regard our scientific and government communities hold for nutritional news.

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By Ron Gale

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