More veggies, healthier lungs.

Cancer Prevention

Here's news that might sweeten the taste of spinach and broccoli: Eating five or more servings of vegetables a day could slash your risk of lung cancer by up to 34 percent--even if you smoke.

What's fueling all this veggie power? Phytoestrogens, says researcher Matthew Schabath, PhD, who co-authored a recent study from the University of Texas' M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. Besides being potent antioxidants, the hormone-like nutrients appear to stop cancer cells (in the lung, breast, and prostate) from growing and spreading.

The best strategy is to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, Schabath says, because each one provides different types and amounts of phytoestrogens. They're also abundant in soy products, beans, peas, coffee, tea, and (even better) chocolate.

Eat smart: Go to for more power-packed foods and their benefits.

Did you know?
• Lung cancer kills 62 percent more women each year than breast cancer.

• Smoking is the leading cause. But up to 20 percent of women who develop lung cancer have never smoked.

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