Cure of Small Cell Lung Cancer: Patient Story; William Hetzler.

Cure of Small Cell Lung Cancer: Patient Story; William Hetzler

We rarely see patients with "small cell" (or oat cell) type of lung cancer. Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment, Krupp and Chatton, 1993 says that lung cancer patients, in general, have an 8% chance of surviving 5 years. However, the small cell anaplastic (oat cell) types have the worst prognosis. "It metastasizes early and widely, and is not amenable to surgery." In his monograph Chemotherapy of Advanced Epithelial Cancer, physician and biostatistician Dr. Ulrich Abel wrote that "small cell lung cancer is the only carcinoma for which good direct evidence of a survival improvement by chemotherapy exists." But this improvement amounts to a matter of three months!

In late February of 1993, William Hetzler, then 55 years old, arrived at the CHIPSA hospital. He had been diagnosed and biopsied at the Long Beach Hospital on Long Island, (New York). He subsequently consulted a pulmonary specialist at the North Shore Hospital, also on Long Island, for a second opinion. He was advised to transfer immediately to the oncology department for chemotherapy. He was told that without chemotherapy, he might have 3-4 months survival.

A cousin of his in Oregon where he runs an organic farm told him to call the Gerson Institute for information on nutritional healing. Given some hope, he came to Mexico. He now admits that he was deeply depressed and had periods of crying while at the CHIPSA hospital. However, by the time he left, he had become hopeful.

In August of 1993, while we were at a Convention in New York, William attended, mostly in order to testify about his experience. At that time, only about 6 months after he arrived at CHIPSA in "terminal" condition, he reported that his latest chest X-ray showed his lungs to be clear of cancer. He carried on with the strict Gerson Therapy for two years. It is now over two years and he is well, planning a business trip to Europe. He says that he now "sleeps to heal," and remains on the modified Gerson Therapy. He told me that he took shark cartilage all through his therapy. He also said that he now doesn't want to go back to his original oncologist. "All the sick people there cause you to be depressed," he said.

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