The ABCs of Healing: Restoring Well-being

The ABCs of Healing: Restoring Well-being

Disease is not an accident. It's the result of a body deprived of the essentials to well-being, a body full of toxins and wastes and lifestyle, emotional, structural, mechanical, biochemical and/or hormonal imbalances. Each disease is as personal and individual as your fingerprints. It is these specifics of your particular condition that have to be normalized and/or eliminated.


Accept that you will not be well until you do something about your life. Accept the responsibility for your own healing and provide your body and life with everything that is required to restore your well-being. Accept and appreciate that you need help. You can't cure yourself without a clear understanding of the full nature of your disease or without guidance, support and the right remedies.


Believe that all disease is curable. You have to believe that to be cured! But first you have to learn what curing is, not what your doctor is doing for you. It is not taking out organs as if they were spare parts of little value. Nor is it taking drugs. Drugs are only intended to make you feel better - not be better.

Curing, then, is restoring the wholeness and perfection of your body. It is the detoxification of toxins, the replenishment of all nutrients and bodily needs and the accepting of help.

Caring means getting to the core and nature of the cause of disease. That means finding out everything about what makes you tick and then doing whatever is needed to keep the mind alert, positive, strong and at peace. It means learning to love the wonderful person you are. Caring means caring for your whole being -- right down to your cell needs.


Cleansing is the first step you take on this steep road to health. Body toxicity is a major part of all serious illness. Every single drug that is prescribed for you by a doctor is a poison. There is no such thing as a man-made tablet or pill that does not have some harmful effect on the body. Every processed, man-made chemical is toxic. And these toxins are part of every chronic degenerative disease.

With all this poison going into our bodies very few of us take any measures to ever get it out. We use almost no detoxifying herbs, remedies, laxatives or enemas. Most of us don't have frequent enough bowel movements to get rid of our ordinary daily body and food wastes and debris of dying cells, much less our pollutants. Just like we need to change the oil in our cars we need to clean ourselves out at least once, and better yet, several times a year if we expect to cure ourselves of disease.

Changing means foregoing stresses and excesses. It means changing habits, lifestyle, diet, attitude and likes and dislikes. Even the best cleansing is useless unless we stop putting back toxins into our bodies

Changing means getting away from everything that weakens health and immunity -- everything that has denaturalized our body chemicals and damaged our cells and organs - and putting a stop to all the junk and pollutants we casually allow into our lives and bodies.

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Start looking for good in all the processes the body uses for curing you. Take a second look at your symptoms and your body experiences and distresses. They are not evils. They are red flags. They are not something to be suppressed and done away with. You need those indicators to guide you into knowing what is not right or is not functioning in your body, and what to do to correct the wrongs. Cells are where your disease attacks and gains a first foothold. We need to change our thinking from focusing on symptoms and body distresses to what is going on inside our bodies.

Curing means consistently changing. Change slowly. Change whatever needs to be changed as your body evolves and your body balance improves. This requires that you change the balance of everything you are doing and taking.

We need to listen to and be aware of changes in our bodies when treating them. We need to stop guessing -- to change from guessing to accurate tuning. During a good therapy changes occur. They may be experienced as improved well-being. Sometimes periods of discomfort precede this wellness. But every discomfort does not mean something is wrong. An unpleasant feeling or reaction that comes to you when you are doing everything right means that a wrong is coming out of your body. The fight between your body and the exit of the wrong is experienced as unpleasantness.

Guesswork, by yourself or by your physician, is like playing Russian roulette with your life. You want your life and your health to change? You change. You change whatever it takes. Without change all curing can be hampered or blocked.

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By Leo Roy

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