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25Feb event w Helke Ferrie & NEWS Update @ 24Feb09 on Natural Product Health Regs (C6, etc.)
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• There is a Wed Feb 25th event with Helke Ferrie in Toronto! More info is here:

• ENEWS received Tues 24Feb09 from & wpgstopbillc6@gmail - read both posts here:

• Check out the 18Feb09 Draft Discussion Paper on Bill C-6 here, prepared by Shawn Buckley, President of the NHPPA -

• Ask your MP to support Bill C-205 (mandatory food labelling):

• See updated Related Events for Feb 18th - 28th (across Canada):

• Petition update @ 13Feb09:

• News @ 12Feb09: email just received with news on C-6 (aka C-52 / C-51) and has been posted to the discussion board since it's long & don't think this enewsletter exists online - it's worth reading ... actually it's an absolute *must read* - please share far & wide with your networks as you feel is appropriate:

What can you do?

The short version is this: support the Charter of Health Freedom, sign the petition, contact your MP’s, read 'Corrupt to the Core', read 'What Part of No Must They Understand', educate others, and keep the momentum going! * Read how to get both books here:

Quote: "Our only permanent defense against the C-6 missile attack is the Charter of Health Freedom." - please visit and sign the petition today.

• The Feb 2nd/09 event with Shawn Buckley "Endangered Natural Health Products? Part II" was a success! Read a brief comment about it here (and as noted at this link, a full length article & DVD of the session will be available soon too):

• Bill C-6 was introduced 29Jan09, and is a replacement / reintroduction of Bill C-52 as well as C-51 it seems. The official link to Bill C-6 is here:

* Check it's content & progress, as it affects NHP's (natural health products).

• TAKE NOTE! The incredibly informative & relevant book "What Part of No! Don't They Understand" is available now as a FREE download courtesy of the author Helke Ferrie here:

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