Reiki and Lupus


Reiki and Lupus

I would like to share this story of a healing through the assistance of Reiki. On October 20,1996, a 20-year-old girl (Julie) was brought to me by her parents. She had Lupus (the fast acting kind). She had had the disease for almost two years and the doctors said she was dying and her parents should go ahead and prepare for her funeral. They heard of me and asked if I would treat her. When she came for treatment her body had all but shut down. Her kidneys had been compromised, she could only breath with the upper of her lungs, she had lost all her hair, could not eat, all her joints were swollen and immovable, her heart rate was so fast it was almost impossible to count. I began treatment as follows: three days in a row, then three times a week for one week, then two times a week for two weeks. I also counseled her on her anger(as anger is what manifested the decease), and recommended some herbs to help bolster the immune system. This young lady went back to college the following semester. She is now a beautiful, healthy girl attending college with no symptoms of the Lupus disease at all.

She and her parents were so grateful to Reiki and so convinced of its healing power that they all came and took the class I offered.

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By Jean Stanfield

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