Advanced Lupus: An incredible story of recovery


Since the title of Dr. Gerson's book is A Cancer Therapy, most people assume that it is a treatment for cancer only. That is not correct. Right at the start of his book, Dr. Gerson states that the treatment and healing is not specific, meaning that it is not a treatment for one special disease. The Gerson Therapy restores, as Dr. Gerson put it, "the body's own healing mechanism." As a result, the body heals itself, no matter what the name of the disease.

Because of the specific title of the book, we are painfully aware that many people who could be helped to recover from all types of degenerative problems walk away, thinking that A Cancer Therapy is not for them, since they don't have cancer. For that reason, we are now in the process of preparing a new book, called The Gerson Therapy, which will cover not just cancer but the adjustment of the treatment for other chronic diseases as well. The new book is scheduled to appear sometime in late May to June of 2000. The publisher is very excited about it and has prepared a beautiful cover. We will, of course, notify our members and friends of its "debut."

One more illustration of the Gerson Therapy's effectiveness in other chronic diseases, arrived just the other day. While we have seen recoveries from Lupus in a number of patients, Avrill was more seriously ill than any Lupus patient we have ever seen. I received an email from her husband containing the following story of her dramatic recovery.

"Avrill was born in 1951. According to her mother she missed out on good nourishment when she was a baby which may have weakened her immune system.

"I first met Avrill in December, 1970 and we were married on 30 October 1971.

"We moved several thousand kilometers away from her family in Queensland to a farm in South Australia. It was early in 1972 [when] Avrill developed symptoms involving sore and swollen joints, especially in her knees and hands. I believe that it was a combination of stress and the contraceptive pill that caused her illness. During the time she was pregnant with her second child, all of her symptoms disappeared. This was 1973-74 (our second daughter was born on 05 April 1974).

"The symptoms came back but the doctors could not tell us what the illness was or what was causing it. It was not until late 1976, that a specialist in Melbourne at the Institute of Medical Science named her illness as lupus. He actually took tests to the USA with him to have his diagnosis confirmed. At the time, most doctors had not even heard of lupus, let alone know how to treat it!

"By 1978, the illness had advanced to the point where Avrill would become completely incapacitated for long periods of time. She was always much worse around the time of her period. This has always been the case and convinces me that her hormones play a part. She was hospitalised in 1979 for about a week and this was the time she started taking steroidal drugs and had cortisone injections in the joints. (Her knees would swell up like footballs, so the doctor would drain them and inject cortisone). Avrill had developed an incredible tolerance to pain. However, the pain had become so intense and relentless that she often spent the night sobbing and hitting her arms on the side of the bed. The overwhelming feeling of helplessness caused me a great amount of grief. To have to watch the person that you love suffer this incredible pain and misery drove me to the point of despair. I can assure you that if you had an animal that you loved suffering this pain, you would have it put to sleep.

"Avrill continued to take Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS) and prednisone right throughout the eighties. In 1988-89, Avrill was in and out of hospital about 5 times and on high doses of prednisone. Her health was definitely on the decline at this time. There were many occasions when I thought she would just give up, but she never has. The pain was so great and the drugs were destroying her body.

"In 1989, we sold up everything we had and bought a 30 acre property at a place called Cawarral in Central Queensland, near Rockhampton. I "retired" to look after her and not because I had to, but because I wanted to, because I love her. Her health was so bad that at times she could not get out of bed, shower, go to the toilet, do her hair, etc without assistance. I can remember many occasions when she could not lift a dinner plate off the table and carry it to the sink.

"In 1992, a specialist in Brisbane told us that the only drug left in the cupboard that they could try was Immuran, but it would have devastating side-affects. Avrill was only 41 years old at the time. She refused to take it.

"Also in 1992, the doctors started to inject Avrill with morphine for pain control. We were constantly told that there was nothing more they could do. The prognosis was not good. We both agreed that there had to be a better way. It was in late 1992, that a friend of ours, Chi Chi Murray, gave us a book on The Gerson Therapy. After I had read it I felt hopeful that it may help. The idea that nourishment and detoxification of the body could rebuild the immune system made more sense than anything that we had ever tried.

"The next hurdle for Avrill to overcome was the thought of coffee enemas. Avrill's comment was 'no-one is going to stick tubes or coffee up my bum.' A fair enough comment, so that was the end of that for the time being.

"The pain and misery continued to escalate. Avrill was now a regular user of morphine. During 1992, Avrill had 7 courses of morphine injections. In March 1993, she was so ill with pain, that she was on 2 morphine injections per day for 6 days straight. I now knew what it was like to live with a serious drug addict. On top of the morphine, she was taking 75mg of prednisone and NSAIDS by the handful as well as Rohypnol sleeping pills.

"One day near the end of March 93 she said she had had enough. Avrill had decided to try the Gerson Therapy. We got all that we thought we needed including the Gerson Primer. In the beginning, Avrill was having up to 5 coffee enemas each day, including in the middle of the night if necessary for pain control. One thing that amazed me was the bad odour that her body gave off during the first few days of detoxification. She smelt like a dead animal. I know that sounds terrible, but we were so amazed that coffee enemas and carrot and apple juice could initiate such powerful reactions within her body. Within a day, Avrill had lost her morphine side-affects and was able to urinate properly for the first time in many months. Over the next few months, Avrill continued to improve a little at a time. Probably the hardest thing for us to get used to were the healing reactions. We would think that the therapy was not working because Avrill would get sick with weird symptoms like panic attacks, brain darts (Avrill's description), tendons pulling tight, tightness in the throat, small sore spots in all joints, numbness of the skin, sensitivity of the skin (could not stand anything touching her skin), wonkiness and hot flushes. She found that by increasing the number of coffee enemas when the symptoms appeared, gave her considerable relief. We followed the therapy very closely at this time. I made the special soups and 13 or more juices a day to keep her going.

"Overall, the constant pain was subsiding, but a 'new' type of pain had appeared. Avrill best describes it as usually starting in one joint in a finger as a special kind of ache. She can recognize it as soon as it appears and it slowly spreads to every bone in her body. She tells me that the pain is the most unbearable that she has ever suffered. It always leads to a morphine injection. I suspect it is related to healing reactions.

"By the end of 1993, Avrill's health had improved, but she was still pretty ill. We continued with the Gerson Therapy in the knowledge that we were on the right track. This always became evident if she strayed from the diet of fresh, live food. The wrong food or serious stress would bring the pain back within hours.

"Avrill's health fluctuated from good to very bad throughout the mid 90s. One thing that we were thankful for was that when she required a morphine injection for pain, the drug had no effect on her apart from eliminating the pain. The coffee enemas eliminated any side-effects. What we had noticed by this time was that overall, Avrill's health had improved dramatically in comparison to the way she was in the late 80s and early 90s. She now had longer and longer periods without any pain. These were the first occasions in more than 20 years that she had pain free days. She weaned herself off of prednisone in late 1998, early 1999 and remains drug free as of 03 April 2000.

"In 1995, Avrill started to take shark cartilage. I believe that it improved her health within days. For many years she had suffered with mouth ulcers and had many warts on her hands. She had tried everything to rid herself of these two problems but to no avail. Within days of starting on the shark cartilage, the mouth ulcers were gone and the warts which had been on her hands for years were disappearing. Avrill took approx 60gms of shark cartilage per day as an enema for several years and I believe that it has helped greatly in keeping her joints and bones in good condition. Avrill no longer takes shark cartilage regularly, but it certainly played a major role in improving her immune system. We have found shark cartilage useful for many different ailments.

"Avrill's health continued to improve and by 1998, she was starting to wean herself off the prednisone. Her normal daily dose over the previous 6 years had been 15mg per day. It took her about two years to completely wean off the prednisone.

"Now that Avrill is completely off prednisone, her health continues to improve. I have been working away from home for over 12 months now and she has been able to run our property unassisted. She has painted the inside of the house without any help. She has been repairing machinery, mowing all of the lawns (about 7 acres) on a ride-on mower, looking after large areas of landscaped gardens and has continued with the landscaping which involves moving rocks and logs. This is pretty incredible when you consider that a few years ago she could not lift a plate from the table or shower or put on her make-up.

"In the past twelve months, she has had two operations on her hands to repair damaged tendons in her fingers. (Her fingers were bending backwards). I was talking to her tonight and she was commenting on how quickly her surgery incisions on her hands had completely healed without so much as a scar. Her last operation was on Jan. 18th this year. In the old days, a cut or scratch would take weeks or months to heal, and usually after several infections. [Note: Reader, please note that Lupus is supposed to be an "auto-immune disease" with the immune system working overtime!]

"Avrill has recently started taking colostrum. [While it may be too early to tell what impact it is having on her system], she is sure that it is helping with her sleep patterns. We are hoping that colostrum will add a little extra insurance to her building strength. I will keep you informed.

"I believe that if we had not been given the book on the Gerson Therapy, ten or so years ago, Avrill would not be with us today. The drugs and pain would have killed her. Thanks to the Gerson Therapy and what we have learned from your books and Healing Newsletter, Avrill has for the first time in her life a working immune system." She continues to improve and her immune system is now very strong.

"The first part of Avrill's life has been a living hell. Apart from the pain and disfigurement, she must have lived every day wondering whether she would ever be well. I can assure you that she wonders no more! She told me on the phone last night that she had been spending an hour and a half each day using the brushcutter to slash the grass around the fences and in the creekbed. This is a heavy petrol powered piece of machinery. I am truly amazed at how well she is. I am extremely proud of her, and love her dearly as I always have. I know that she will continue to enjoy her life and good health. She certainly deserves it.

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"Avrill's courage in her fight for life has been extraordinary."

- Trevor Bishop April 2, 1999


By Charlotte Gerson

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