Stuttering and Food Sensitivity


A letter from a parent, shared through Thomas David Kehoe:

I could not help but notice that my child's onset of symptoms coincided with the introduction of Clementine's to her diet. These were eaten in significant numbers, I must confess. That niggled at the back of my mind, and it did seem like she always struggled more after morning orange juice.

I was careful to make sure that she had some every day, because her milk allergy made it necessary to get her calcium through another channel.

Calcium fortified OJ was an easy route. Observing what seemed to be a link, I removed oranges from our diet. The stuttering improved, but did not go away altogether. I noticed seeming correlations with other foods, but eventually the list was seeming so long that I felt I must be seeing spurious connections in my desire to make this a problem we could "solve."

Like a gift from God, however, I ran across an article in which the writer discussed that fact that some people seem to be experiencing food allergies that actually result from a latex allergy. The list of allergenic foods read like a who's who of my child's trouble spots. People at risk? Those with other allergies and those with early surgeries. My child is vulnerable on both counts (she was born via Cesarean). One name for the cross-allergenicity is Oral Allergy Syndrome. I have not seen anything to do with stuttering, specifically.

We have been following a strict diet (you have no idea how difficult this is) and she seems to be fluent. Are we crazy? I'd almost like to hear that we are because I miss cantaloupe, watermelon, and the rest of the extensive list. I do not know which would be harder, the stuttering or the diet.

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