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"Magic sprouts" beat antibiotics hands down!

It sounds like a no-brainer. Bacteria called H. pylori cause most stomach ulcers, so why not kill the bacteria with antibiotics and cure the ulcers? Turns out H. pylori is one tough little bug, surviving antibiotc treatment in one person out of five.

So when scientists at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore heard that several people eating broccoli sprouts noticed their ulcer symptoms improving, they investigated.

And they found that a broccoli ulcers, killing H. pylori may protect you from stomach cancer, since carrying the bacteria puts you at three to six times higher risk of this disease. Plus, earlier studies show that sulforaphane has exciting promise against breast and colon cancers.

"We don't know yet exactly how much sulforaphane it would take to wipe out H. pylori," says Fahey, but he suggests cup of broccoli sprouts a day. Sulforaphane also comes in broccoli, but broccoli sprouts can contain megalevels. (See "Little Package, Huge Benefit" at left.) There's no reason to think that eating sprouts might interfere with your current antibiotic or acidblocker. Don't stop ulcer meals without your doctor's okay.

Easy, Yummy Rx

For maximum sulforaphane, your best bet is BroccoSprouts, a brand Fahey helped develop, the only sprouts with sulforaphane guaranteed to be at least 20 times higher than levels in mature broccoli. Taste? Peppery, not sprouty. Also key: BroccoSprouts are grown so hygienically that you can eat them raw. Here are some zero-work ideas.

Use instead of lettuce in sandwiches
Add to salads for zest Stir into soup
Garnish chicken, pasta, or fish
PHOTO (COLOR): This salad fixing conquers some bad bugs.


By Holly McCord, RD

with Gloria McVeigh

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