Beating the Diagnosis: The Case for Unlocking Brain Disease; Alzheimer's to Schizophrenia and Other Chronic Diseases


Beating the Diagnosis: The Case for Unlocking Brain Disease; Alzheimer's to Schizophrenia and Other Chronic Diseases

Sometimes glare from the sun blinds us from seeing through a window. Often we can step sideways and look through the glass at an oblique angle. Preconceptions are like that. They limit our view and cause us to close our mind to ideas that, if we looked closely, would become self-evident. This article talks about taking responsibility for our own health and erasing the glare of medical myth.

In my years of personal search for wellness, I found most doctors stuck within the boundaries of outdated medical paradigms and wasted nearly $100,000 going to physicians that did not have the slightest idea of how to reverse Alzheimer's (AD), schizophrenia or any other chronic disease. I think it is time for conventional medicine to step sideways and look at the view through a larger picture window.

The primary cause of Alzheimer's is "iatrogenic" disease caused by chronic low level mercurial poisoning from mercury-silver amalgam dental fillings. In short, dentists have poisoned their patients with mercury for 160 years. Seventeen years ago, our family dentist told me when mercury is combined with other metals to form amalgam, mercury does not leach. When scientists proved that it did (all metals leach), the American Dental Association (ADA) changed their tune to: not enough mercury leaches from mercury-silver amalgam to hurt anyone. Some dentists and clinicians began to suspect that chronic low level mercury poisoning from amalgam might be linked to many diseases, because as people began to exchange mercury-silver amalgam fillings for biocompatible composites, their health improved. In many cases, their health improved dramatically. Then the ADA said that they had hundreds of research papers proving mercury was safe. Scientists asked the ADA for copies of their research. T here wasn't any; not one research paper.

Silver fillings are called silver because they look like silver, not because they really are. The correct scientific name for amalgam is denoted by its highest metal content. In the United States the most common mixture of mercury-silver amalgam in a dental filling is 52% mercury, 30% copper, 13% tin, 4% silver and less than 1% zinc.

It does little good for me to spend over ten year's time and more than $250,000 teaching Alzheimer's sufferers what they need to do to recover, while dentists continue to place 500,000 mercury-silver amalgam fillings every day. Mercury, the most toxic nonradioactive element in the periodic table, has an affinity for brain tissue. It poisons the brain, the central nervous system, weakens the immune system and opens the door for many other chronic diseases.

This paper is clear warning to amalgam manufacturers, the ADA, State Dental Boards and dentists, that their time in the sun is coming to an end. It is not in the nature of the insurance industry to insure a known risk. As underwriters begin to recognize their potential unlimited liability, malpractice and product liability coverage will become prohibitively expensive. I think the most likely scenario will be to decline malpractice coverage for dentists who continue to place mercury silver amalgam dental fillings.

In a legal brief filed with the Superior Court of The State of California at Santa Clara, case #718228, October 22, 1992, William H. Tolhurst, Plaintiff, vs. Johnson and Johnson Consumer Products, Inc.; Engelhard Corp.; ABE Dental Inc.; The American Dental Association, et al., Defendants. Attorneys for the ADA said, "The ADA (as a trade association) owes no legal duty of care to protect the public from allegedly dangerous products used by dentists. The ADA did not manufacture, design, supply or install the mercury containing amalgams. The ADA does not control those who do." The court agreed and dismissed the ADA from the case, leaving the defendant dentist, Thomas Fitzgerald DDS, the amalgam manufacturers, and distributor, holding the bag.

It is time for ADA members to rethink their own position. How do you feel about the ADA's posture in the above scenario? Doesn't it make you proud to be a member of such an ethical professional association? Fifteen years ago dentists said that there was not sufficient evidence to justify discontinuing the use of mercury-silver amalgam fillings. Today there is too much solid research about the amalgam connection to chronic disease available, so the old argument is becoming as full of holes as a whiffle ball. And, it is the dentist who will be impacted by the consequences.

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Worldwide, there are over 4,000 research papers indicating mercury is a highly toxic substance. How can dentists be so thoughtless as to place one of the deadliest toxins in existence "two" inches from our brain? In the United States there are 25 research projects in process of connecting mercury-silver amalgam to chronic disease. Researchers tell me, when they are finished -- so is amalgam. Germany and Sweden have banned mercury-silver amalgam. Canada soon follows. I think that dentists need to step back and take a look at the view from the patient's perspective. We ask, whose interest are you trying to protect -- amalgam manufacturers, the ADA, yourself, or your patients? Is there any dentist so ignorant and arrogant as to believe that when this all comes down, those dentists who place amalgam fillings, the ADA and amalgam manufacturers, will walk away with their integrity and wallets intact? Dentists who continue to support the ADA amalgam position are running out of time to walk away unscathed and will have to accept the repercussions. It is probably too late to walk away. Those of us who have been injured -- will not let you.

Paradigms and the Status Quo

Joel Barker, author of Future Edge says: "A paradigm is a model, a pattern, a set of rules, which establishes boundaries. The rules tell us how to be successful within the boundaries of previous experience. Paradigm shifters, (people who challenge a paradigm) are usually outsiders, in that they do not understand the subtleties of the prevailing paradigm and/or have no investment in them.

"An unusual kind of commentary occurred in the writings of scientists who changed their paradigms. Frequently they used phrases that had a nonscientific flavor, a kind of exaggerated description: phrases like, "The scales have fallen from my eyes." Why would thoughtful and conscientious scientists use such language? It is not the language of precision or objectivity. The logical explanation is that the new paradigm forced them to look in a different direction. And, since they were looking in a different direction, they had no choice but to see things they had never seen before.

"In a sense that I am unable to explicate further, the proponents of competing paradigms practice their trades in different worlds....Practicing in different worlds, two groups of scientists (including conventional doctors, alternative practice physicians and their patients) see different things when they look at the same point in the same direction. Again that is not to say they can see anything they please. They all are looking at the world, and what they see has not changed. But, in some areas they see different things, and see them in different relations to each other. That is why a law that cannot even be demonstrated to one group of scientists may seem (intuitively) obvious to another.

"Paradigms blind us from the future because we cannot see beyond the boundaries or rules of our own paradigms. Incoming information is filtered out or distorted, causing an inability to perceive data that is right in front of us. Insight for a need to change seldom comes from within the establishment."

Changing Our Own Paradigms

Twenty years ago, I would not have believed most of the things I tell people today. I was too focused and busy to read in-depth research outside my profession. I accepted information from other professionals at face value. Fifteen years ago the cover-up by the ADA and the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Dental Division was still in place. In the Summer of 1988, a physician told her audience of 500 doctors that dental amalgam was loaded with mercury, one of the deadliest poisons in existence. They were incredulous. Several physicians replied they were "glad they did not have mercury in their fillings." What they were unaware of was that their mercury-silver amalgam fillings contained very little silver, and lots of mercury. These past and present paradigms continue to haunt us as we search for ways to become healthy, and simultaneously, alter the paradigms of our medical and dental caretakers.

The above subtitle of this paper was also the subtitle of Beating Alzheimer's first edition before Avery Publishing Group adapted it for publication. It means precisely what it says. The wording "to" rather than "and" in "Alzheimer's to Schizophrenia" is intentionally chosen. The treatment process that causes AD to fade into the background is not mutually exclusive. These same treatment protocols reverse many other mental, neurological and chronic diseases.

One question often asked is, "How many have recovered?" Knowing that answer is impossible. By the time I finished writing Beating Alzheimer's three other persons in our hometown regained their short-term memory following the identical program that reversed my AD. A daughter of a 93-year old woman wrote that her mother recovered from AD. The daughter used my book as a guide. I am aware of physicians who use my book to help patients regain their short-term memory. Several years ago, a physician reversed his own AD and has returned to full-time practice. Two nurses reversed schizophrenia. One nurse told me that he felt like he had recovered from general anesthesia. Occasionally someone tells me that I saved his or her life. They also say years, sometimes ten years, are missing from their lives.

Not Everyone Gets Well

From a medical viewpoint, the major obstacles are disinformation from neurologists, psychiatrists and dentists. From the patient's view, make no mistake, reversing AD requires real effort from the patient and willingness of the family to make serious changes in their living environment. The patient must be willing to pay the price: to work at getting well. The patient's family must be mentally and financially prepared to cover the medical expenses( 1) and make whatever changes are necessary in the patient's living environment, or recovery is impossible. Total expenses can run from $5,000 to $30,000. In addition, due to cerebral allergic reactions from addictive food allergies there is an inclination for the patient to bend the rules, and to their detriment, discover that they can get by with cheating occasionally. Breaking the rules, even inadvertent exposure to foods, chemicals, pollens, and other cerebral allergy-producing substances causes the patient to become depressed, conf used and irritable. Obnoxious speech or behavior then erodes support from their families, spouses, neighbors and friends. The patient finds him or herself in an untenable position as their life begins to disintegrate around them.

Physicians who treat chronic disease know that if the patient sits back and says, "cure me," recovery is unlikely. Healing is an active process and a favorable outcome is dependent upon expectation of recovery. Every patient that I met who has reversed chronic disease took charge of his or her own health and recovery program. Somewhere along the line they learned how to reach goals and refused to accept their prognosis.

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Medical Politics

When I wrote Beating Alzheimer's, I realized that, at the time, there was not enough evidence nor did I have the credentials, specifically to write the medical procedures that reversed my downward spiral of short term memory loss, exhaustion, cantankerous disposition, depression and the early signs of dementia. My lack of sophistication about medical politics and processes led me to assume physicians would rapidly put an end to AD, not try to put the very physicians who know the most about reversing AD and chronic disease out of business. But that's what happened. Anyone who challenges a mind set (paradigm) of the medical establishment is asking for trouble, especially if the primary cause of AD is "iatrogenic" disease.

Physicians who earn the highest grades in medical school have the best memories. They are taught to recall highly structured information, not necessarily to think creatively. Above all, the conventional medical community demands compliance. The political and social protocols, the economic power of specialists, the pharmaceutical industry, the standardization of managed care by insurance companies and hospital associations and many other factors, all creates a paradigm where change, creative thinking and less expensive alternative healing methodologies are discouraged, disavowed and actively suppressed.

It appears that the Washington State Dental Quality Assurance Commission (DQAC) behaves like corrupt union officials protecting business. Their tactics are more sophisticated and they act under the guise of public protection and safety, but they are ruthless enforcers of the status-quo. For example, several years ago, the DQAC and ADA did their damnedest to put our mercury-free dentists out of business. It was only the intervention of hundreds of citizens and media exposure that thwarted their ambitions.

Confirming the economic undertones of this form of establishment control, there exists what is known as the "Patient Financial Profile." Every disease generates a certain averaged income to the medical establishment before the patient expires. Nutrition, vitamin and mineral supplementation and alternative treatments dilute the coffers.


Worldwide, conservatively, more than 20 million people have iatrogenic diseases caused by one medical specialty: dentists. The ADA is fighting a rearguard action to keep the public from learning that dentists, by use of mercury-silver amalgam fillings, for decades, have poisoned more than 85% of our population. The ADA has covered up its culpability in the same way breast implant and cigarette manufacturers deny disease connection to those products.

The ADA and pharmaceutical companies who produce mercury-silver amalgam have enormous economic political power. The ADA uses advertising to manufacture an image of concerned professionalism. By stonewalling the mercury-amalgam issue, the public cannot view the opposite face of a one-eyed Jack. Understand, the media is dependent on advertising income, not its viewers or readership. Typically over 60% of newspaper space is advertising and managing editors are inclined to protect the newspaper's revenue source. That is why it is so difficult to get our message to the public.

A local television talk-show host jerked the microphone from my hand the instant I broached the word "dentist" in connection with Alzheimer's disease. Only one major television exposé about mercury-silver amalgam aired on prime time television in the United States. The CBS 60 Minutes program entitled "Is There Poison In Your Mouth?" was televised December 16, 1990. It was the most heavily viewed program 60 Minutes ever presented. There was another biting exposé about mercury-silver amalgam on English television entitled "The Poison In Your Mouth," July 11, 1994, by the BBC Panorama investigative team. The dentists in England must have been ashamed to go to work the day after that program was broadcast. For such an important issue to be contained by the ADA in the United States is definite evidence of a cover-up.

Three thousand doctors of the Toxicology Society came together at a medical conference in Seattle, Washington, several years ago to condemn mercury-silver amalgam fillings. Their revelations should have made banner front page headlines all around the world. Just three short stories appeared in the Press. A past-president of the Toxicology Society told me that they have known about the toxicity of mercury for years. They teach it to their students. He said, "The use of mercury is an economic/political decision. Don't blame the doctors." Nevertheless, through our support groups (DAMS), by word of mouth, and stories in health publications, the public is beginning to learn the truth. Eight percent of the public is aware of the toxicity of mercury-silver amalgam fillings. If 10% of our citizens become informed, reversing the trend away from mercury-silver amalgam will be unstoppable.

Potential economic liability to amalgam manufacturers, their distributors, members of state dental boards and the ADA is incalculable. I think from a legal standpoint, the most logical way for the ADA to avoid the largest class action lawsuit ever brought before the courts and its consequences, is to stop using amalgam now. The National Institute for Standards and Technology near Washington, DC, is testing a new dental filling material it will tell the public is an "improvement" over mercury-silver amalgam. There is no reason to search for a replacement for mercury-silver amalgam unless the ADA knows mercury-silver amalgam is as toxic as we have said it is. There is no scientific participation (no physician or toxicologist) in the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) dental division. The whole group is composed of ADA dentists and trade representatives so ADA receives a rubber stamp approval for whatever it wants.

The new metal filling material will not be much good either, since electrolysis in the oral environment of the mouth can produce galvanic electrical current in the brain 10(3) times greater than the miliamperage of the brain's own circuitry. Galvanic current can interrupt and distort signals to the brain and other biological structures, causing premature ventricular contractions (PVCs), tachycardia, epilepsy and other imbalances throughout the body.

A beehive of electrical energy surges from the teeth and through the jawbone to every major organ in the body. When we stick metal into the electrical circuit within the teeth and jawbone, it is the same as throwing a penny into a computer terminal. The best replacement material for mercury-silver amalgam should produce little, or no galvanic action.

The Role of Mercury in Alzheimer's Disease

The most common cause of Alzheimer's disease (AD) is due to toxic metal that leaches from mercury-silver amalgam dental fillings and (in combination with chemical and petrochemical poisoning(4)) causes many other medical complications. Dr. Murray Vimy, a dental researcher from the University of Calgary, Canada, and member of the World Health Organization (WHO) states:

"In a human autopsy study,(5) brain tissues from people with AD at death were compared with an age-matched group of control brains from subjects without AD. The only significant difference in metal content between the two groups was mercury, being considerably higher in the AD group. Mercury concentration was prominent in the hippocampus, the amygdala and particularly in the nucleus basalis, all brain structures involved in memory function.

"Most recently, our laboratory has demonstrated that ionic mercury and elemental mercury vapor markedly diminished the binding of tubulin polymerization, which is essential for the formation of microtubule in the central nervous system. These studies are direct quantitative evidence for a connection between mercury exposure and neurodegeneration."

The word Alzheimer's is a catchall like the word schizophrenia. Both names imply multiple etiologies.(3) That is the reason, if short term memory is beginning to fail, seeing a really good neurologist for a thorough examination before taking any other action, is important. Dr. Abram Hoffer, irrefutably the most informed orthomolecular psychiatrist in North America told me, "If a person who has been exhibiting AD symptomatology can carry on a halfway reasonable conversation for five minutes, short term memory loss is reversible." Your doctor undoubtedly projects a professional image. But the bottom line is, he or she does not know enough to save your life.

Addy Defur had lost most of her short-term memory. She was depressed. She had back pain and chronic fatigue. Luckily Addy was still able to read Beating Alzheimer's and sought out a dental detoxicologist.(6) Back pain ceased when her first root canal was extracted. She replaced all of her mercury-silver amalgam fillings, recovered from depression and regained most of her short-term memory. She is full of energy. Though her short-term memory is not perfect yet, I think it will be after she replaces a gas furnace.(7)

Doctors are Unable to Recognize Mercury Poisoning

After the mercury-silver amalgam (and other metals used in dentistry) have been inserted into the patient's oral cavity, subtle changes in blood chemistry have been observed that point to specific chronic disease, e.g., cancer, multiple sclerosis (MS), etc. The difficulty in recognizing the amalgam connection to chronic disease is that clinical symptoms are not present until the patient's immune system collapses. Clinical symptoms might not be apparent for three days, three weeks, three months or 30 years. In addition, physicians are not trained to recognize the subclinical signs of chronic low level mercurial poisoning. I plan to do a video(8) on Alzheimer's. One area we will cover is to clearly identify the subclinical signs of chronic low-level mercurial poisoning. Goodman and Gillman's 1990 eighth edition of the Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics says, "With very few exceptions, mercury poisoning is most often not diagnosed in patients because of the insidious onset of th e affliction, vagueness of early clinical signs, and the medical profession's unfamiliarity with the disease."

To confuse the issue, other medical conditions cause short-term memory loss. To name a few, these include diabetes, an electrolyte imbalance,(9) malabsorption due to celiac disease, Pyroluria, low stomach acid, and in particular, cerebral allergic reactions to foods, food colorings, food additives (particularly MSG and NutraSweet), pharmaceutical medications and chemical contamination. I have found that neurologists talk a lot about laboratory tests necessary to uncover the cause of the patient's memory loss. So far, I have not found one geriatric Alzheimer's sufferer who was given more than a cursory examination. It appears that many older patients exhibiting signs of short-term memory loss are diagnosed with Alzheimer's, sent to a psychiatrist, and administered psychotropic medications to control their behavior.

Mercury does not normally exist in the human body. It enters through ingestion from dental fillings, seafood and is absorbed as a by-product of chemical processes and drug products. Patrick Stortebecker MD, PhD, the world renowned neurologist and author from Stockholm, Sweden, writes in his book Mercury Poisoning from Dental Amalgam -- a Hazard to Human Brain, "Dental amalgam is a highly unstable metal that easily gives off mercury vapor. The most dangerous route for transport of mercury vapor being released from dental amalgams, is from the mucous membranes of the upper nasal cavity and directly upwards to the brain, where mercury vapor easily penetrates the dura mater.(10) Mercury (vapor) can act in a much stronger concentration straight on the brain cells."(11)

Dr. Dan Kangan and Dr. P.L. Fan of the ADA found blood samples of people who have one amalgam filling average .07 nanogram (one billionth of a gram) of mercury in each gram of blood. This is the equivalent of 21 trillion atoms of mercury circulating in each gram of blood and is enough mercury to destroy 21 trillion molecules of the amino-acid cysteine. The destruction of each molecule of cysteine destroys one nerve cell of the brain. The destruction of 21 trillion nerve cells in the brain would be capable of producing some evidence of psychotic behavior.

Dr. Boyd Hayley, professor of medical biochemistry at the University of Kentucky, says:

"While I would not want to make the statement that mercury causes Alzheimer's, there is no doubt in my mind that low levels of mercury present in the brain causes neuro cell death and could lead to dementia similar to AD. To the best that we can determine, mercury is a time bomb in the brain, waiting to have an effect. If it is not bothering someone when they are young, when they age, it can turn into something quite bad."

The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, Industrial Safety and Health Division (WISHA), will close down any dental office in the state when mercury vapor contamination exceeds 50 micrograms (mcgs) per liter of air. I had 28 mercury-silver amalgam fillings. A conservative estimate is that each amalgam tilling outgasses two to 10 mcgs (estimate six mcgs) of mercury vapor in 24 hours. The mercury vapor levels in my mouth exceeded WISHA regulations by three times, for more than 35 years (six mcgs times 28 fillings = 168 mcgs). In other words, the levels of mercury vapor in my mouth, two inches from my brain, would have closed any dental office or manufacturing plant in Washington State.

Common Complaints

Mercury poisoning and toxic chemicals cause Alzheimer's sufferers many common medical and mental problems. Following is a list of conditions routinely seen in these patients:

Endogenous depression: The leading side effect of chronic low level mercurial poisoning is endogenous depression
Low stomach acid
Candida overgrowth
Helicobacter pylori(12)
Excessive belching and flatulence
Putrefaction, parasites, flukes,(13) fungus, etc.
Chronic fatigue
Leaky gut syndrome
Food allergies and chemical sensitivities
Poisoning of the liver
Dry flakey skin
Abnormal white cell blood count ranging from 10,000 to 22,000 mm(3)
Discoloration of the genital organs. Sometimes men report gray discoloration of the penis, testicles and gray armpits. Women may notice the insides of the lips of the vulva are gray. All of the above areas should be light pink. In people with white complexions gray discoloration is definite confirmation of mercury toxicity. During mercury detoxification all of the above areas eventually become light pink.
The subclinical signs of mercury poisoning are as follows:

White spots on the fingernails (zinc deficiency). In pregnant women white spots on the fingernails most often signify calcium deficiency.(14)
Hangnails (Folic Acid deficiency)
Inability to remember dreams (B-6 deficiency)
Cracks or holes on the tongue dentists call Geographic tongue. (B-3 and B-Complex deficiency)
White growth on the tongue (Candida overgrowth)
Frequent urination suggests mercury toxicity. It is also a marker for diabetes
A tendency to be exhausted, depressed, irritable, exhibit short-term memory problems, explosive outbursts of unexplained anger and impaired decision making capability and sometimes, incessant unfocused chatter (due to low level chronic mercury poisoning, Candida overgrowth, electrolyte imbalances, food allergies, leaky gut syndrome and chemical sensitivities)
There are many other subclinical signs of mercury poisoning, but these are the complaints that I most often hear from persons seeking information about short-term memory loss.

The Park-Davis Continuing Pharmacy Education Course lists the early warning signs of Alzheimer's Disease in the following manner:


Memory loss affecting job or household skills

Time/Place disorientation

Language problems

Difficulty with abstract thinking

Poor judgment

Misplacing things



Suspiciousness, paranoia

Increased appetite

Loss of initiative

Lethargy, listlessness


Personality changes

Lability of mood

Compare Park-Davis symptoms with the above symptoms of chronic low level mercurial poisoning.


I would like to add a few words of prudence about the rapid and random removal of mercury fillings. There is a report from "Amalgam og Skydom" (Dental Amalgam and Disease) Oslo, Norway, 1993, by Dr. Harald J. Hamre that states:

"If the patient is seriously ill, they are strongly advised against removing more than one or two small fillings at a time, with an interval of four to six weeks (multiple sclerosis, eight weeks) between amalgam removal sessions. Removing all amalgam in a very short time is well-tolerated by most healthy people, but has repeatedly led to devastating long-lasting or even permanent disease in sensitive individuals."

The reason for the above statement stems from sudden alterations in the body chemistry from replacement of mercury-silver fillings, and changes in the electrogalvanic balance in the mouth that could affect brain and immunologic functions (which is another reason biocompatibility testing is so important). A significant amount of mercury vapor is released when mercury-silver tillings are removed. The absorption of this vapor can result in a medical crisis for the neurologically impaired person.

Finding the Right Dentist

The most logical approach to dental treatment is no tooth is worth saving if it damages your immune system. If I were looking for a dentist, the first thing I would do is call Huggins' Diagnostic Center 800-331-2303 or DAMS 505-332-3252 for a reference.

If the patient is seriously ill, there is a very narrow margin for error in removing and replacing mercury-silver amalgam fillings. Dental Detoxicologists and many mercury-free dentists have specialized training to reduce the chances of permanent disability. It is the patient's pocketbook that pays the bill and is the patient who will suffer the consequences of iatrogenic disease. If there was ever a time for the patient to take charge of his or her own recovery program, this is it!

For a preview of the quality of dental work you can expect, have your teeth cleaned before spending a dime on x-rays, or allowing the dentist do any other work. It is unusual to find a skillful hygienist working for a incompetent dentist. If the hygienist takes the time to carefully clean the patient's teeth, he or she is working for a dentist who demands high standards and will do excellent work himself.

Ask the dentist

The Correct


Should Be

1. Does he place


mercury fillings?

2. Does he do root



3. Does he remove


amalgam fragments

and tattoos?(15)

4. Does he treat



5. Does he do materials




If the patient is seriously ill, and the dental office cannot answer these questions correctly, find another dentist. Some dentists claim they can safely place root canals. (See footnote 22.) Researchers report the bacteria on an extracted root canal tooth is so toxic, that if a dentist were to scrape the surface of enough root canals (in the area that would normally be below the gum line) to collect one cupful of toxin it would be enough poison to kill every person on the earth. I do not know how to be more explicit than that, but this issue is too important not to make "the second effort." If I had any chronic disease that my physicians could not determine the underlying cause for, especially mental problems, I would get rid of every root canal and cavitation in my mouth as well as every mercury-silver amalgam filling, down to the smallest tattoo and amalgam fragment within the gums and in the jawbone. I would insist on a biocompatibility blood test before allowing any "dental materials" to be inserted into my mouth.

Dentists who ignore materials biocompatibility testing do not seem to understand that, after a person's immune system has been compromised, especially Alzheimer's sufferers, they are treating a patient who can be allergic to almost anything. Cerebral allergic brain-fog and brain-fag reactions are involved in the Alzheimer's disease process and 70% of all the materials that dentists use can cause allergic response in sensitive people. Don't jump from the frying pan into the fire. Do it right, or don't do it at all.

Disease Induced from Root-Filled Teeth

In the early 1900s Dr. Frank Billings(16) introduced the focal infection theory(17) that 95% of all focal infections in the body came from decayed teeth and infected tonsils. The National Dental Association(18) appointed Dr. Weston Price, a dental researcher, and a team of 60 scientists and physicians to do a study that proved bacteria and toxins within dentin tubules(19) of teeth and cavitations(20) (areas of bone necrosis(21)) of the jawbone, spread throughout the body. The method by which the bacteria and toxins migrated was not determined and the theory was eventually discounted. With the discovery of penicillin,(22) further interest in the project waned. This paper presents the first reproducible evidence of how these bacteria and toxic debris migrate.

As an anecdotal aside to my comments about Dr. Price's work, I have been told about a woman who had a breast tumor. Oncologists (cancer specialists) do not like to operate if there are signs of other infection. Her physician asked the woman to have an abscessed tooth taken care of before surgery. Immediately after the dental appointment, while lidocaine was present in her system, the woman had a Thermography X-ray that revealed a thin white line extending from her tooth, down her neck, through the tumor in her breast and on down into her stomach. In light of the discovery, her physicians decided not to operate. Four months later the tumor disappeared. That was the first time direct connection to disease following an acupuncture meridian, was clinically observed and was an immeasurably important observation for western medicine. Every tooth has a separate acupuncture meridian running though major organs in the body.(23)

There is now evidence(24) proving the anatomical existence of the acupuncture meridian system. In the book Vibrational Medicine, Dr. Richard Gerber reported on the following research: "Radioactive technetium 99m was injected into the acupoints of patients, and the isotope's uptake was followed by gamma-camera imaging. De Vernejoul found that the radioactive technetium 99m migrated along classical Chinese acupuncture meridian pathways for a distance of 30 cm (11.81 inches) in four to six minutes. Injections of the isotope into random points on the skin, and deliberate venous and lymphatic channel injections, were unable to demonstrate similar results, suggesting that the meridians are unique and separate morphological pathways."

Research(25) into the nature of the classical acupuncture meridian system was carried out in the 1960s in Korea by a team of researchers led by Professor Kim Bong Han.(26) Kim injected radioactive P32 (an isotope of phosphorus) into a rabbit acupoint and, through microautoradiography, discovered that the P32 was taken up along a fine duct-like system of tubes (approximately 0.5 to 1.5 microns, in diameter) which followed the path of the classical acupuncture meridians. Tissue adjacent to these ducts or near the acupoints injected showed negligible uptake. When P32 was injected into a nearby vein, little to none was found in the meridian system, which demonstrated independence of the vascular and meridian networks.

Kim's histologic studies of the ductile system in rabbits showed it to be divided into a superficial and a deep system. The deep system was further divided into four subsystems. The first of these systems, the internal duct system, was free-floating within the vascular (blood) and lymphatic vessels and penetrated the vessel walls at specific entry and exit points. A second set of ducts, the Intra-External System, was found along the surface of the internal organs and a third series ran along the outside of the blood and lymphatic vessel walls -- the external duct system. These ducts also appear in layers of the skin, called the superficial duct system, and are familiar to acupuncturists. The fourth series of tubules, the neural duct systems, were found in the central and peripheral nervous systems. Continuity of these systems occurs due to the interlinking of their terminal ductiles. The terminal ductiles also interconnect directly with all cell nuclei of the tissues. Spaced alo ng the ducts are special small corpuscles, which, in the superficial duct system, also correspond with the acupoints and meridians.

Kim severed the meridian going to the liver in a frog and noted subsequent microscopic changes in the liver tissue. The hepatocytes (liver cells) enlarged and their cytoplasms became very turbid. Results were confirmed by repeat experimentation. Within thirty minutes of severing ducts serving the peripheral nervous system, reflex time was prolonged by more than 500% for more than 48 hours.

Fluid extracted from these tubules showed high concentrations of DNA, RNA, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, 16 types of free nucleotides, adrenaline, corticosteroids, estrogen, and other hormones at levels far different from ordinary blood levels. Compared to blood, there was twice as much adrenaline in the meridians and ten times as much in the acupoints.

As well as providing a flow of hormones and nucleotides to the cell nuclei, the meridians also are a type of electrolytic, highly structured fluid system. Electrical skin resistance drops twenty-fold at the acupoints.(28) Dumitrescu, using electronographic body scans, found that the changes in the brightness of the body scans at the acupoints preceded illness. Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom of Stockholm feels that the bioelectric circuits in the body are part of an undiscovered circulatory system.(29) Dr. Robert Becker discovered(30) that the glial cells in the brain and Schwann cells that surround the nerves in the rest of the body are semiconductors and have a direct correspondence with the acupuncture meridians.

The most structured water(31) in the body found by scientists, is in the brain and nervous system. Dr. Fritz Albert Popp(32) of Germany found that the DNA transmits information to other cells via encoded bursts of coherent ultraviolet laser light. He showed the means of transmission to be highly structured water molecules. Low energy laser beams are being used by Russian researchers to stimulate acupoints in the treatment of epilepsy and paralysis and were more effective than classical needling or electrical stimulation. The result of signal transduction from DC current changes at acupoints, effects at the cellular level may be due to signals across the electromagnetic spectrum(33) as well as chemical means.

Another topic related to the discovery and proof of existence of the acupuncture meridians is that of "Cavitations." During my treatment for Alzheimer's, I had 20 cavitations removed from my upper and lower jawbones. These areas of chronic inflammation, infection, cellular disruption and electrical alteration, exist in bony cavities in the upper or lower jawbone. Often these are seen where teeth have been extracted, and most likely originate from remaining infected tissue left over after tooth extraction.

After tooth extraction, the socket frequently covers over with a thin layer of bone that appears normal to most dentists. However, inside is a cavernous area lined with dead bone cells, dead fat cells, fibrin slugging, delaminated bone, polymorphonuclear leucocytes (PMNs), dead blood cells and bacteria colonies.

Most root-filled teeth, when extracted, have a small sac of infected tissue attached. The bone around the cavity must be thoroughly cleaned out to allow healing with normal bone tissue. There can be dramatic effects when root canals and cavitations are removed. In one unusual case, a physician recovered from AD in two hours by removing 13 root canals. Dental Detoxicologists, the dentists who specialize in the proper removal and replacement of mercury-silver amalgam fillings, say mercury-silver amalgam fillings, cavitations and root canal infections, are connected to more than 200 specific diseases.(34)

The relationships between mercury-silver fillings, acupuncture meridians, oral electrical galvanism, root canals, cavitations, heavy metal toxicity and chemical sensitivities are complex and not totally understood by the dental community. What is apparent is that dental students need more in-depth training about the oral cavities' connection to chronic disease, than our universities have been providing.

Begin the Recovery Process

Don't jump from the frying pan into the fire. Read. Learn. Knowing what to do will save tens of thousands of dollars in wasted medical expenses and put the patient in charge of his or her recovery program. First, fan open the pages of new books and dry them outside in the air for a week or ten days before anyone with cerebral allergies attempts to read them. New books have formaldehyde in the glue. Hydrocarbons are in the ink and paper is bleached white with chlorine. Any form of chlorine product uses mercury in the manufacturing process. In addition, while old books have out gassed most of their chemicals, they are often moldy. Mold also can cause cerebral allergic reactions. All of the above items cause brain-fog(35) in sensitive individuals. If necessary, read outside with the wind at your back. Again, outgassing fumes from books or newspapers can cause brain-fog and brain-fag(36) in a chemically sensitive person in two seconds. Some chemically sensitive people are so reacti ve to outgassing chemical odors they must live like hermits in the mountains. They stow "printed" mail in garbage cans outside the house. All of those people are low on trace minerals. I had to take trace minerals every day for more than four months before there was any noticeable improvement in cerebral brain-fog reactions from auto exhaust. Within 12 months most of the side effects from noxious smells abated.

Vitamins, Minerals and Nutraceuticals(37)

For the first six months the patient will probably need to take intramuscular vitamin shots. I suggest older people take liquid vitamins sublingually (under the tongue). I think that approach might be almost as effective as taking shots. It will certainly be less troublesome and painless. Dr. Lendon Smith writes that one cc B12, 1 cc B complex and 1/2 cc of folic acid every three days is the correct dose. The patient can determine the correct time schedule as their brain-fog begins to clear. They will ask their care giver for additional vitamins and minerals when their thinking starts to deteriorate again. (For additional information read endnote 37.)

There are many other vitamins, minerals and food supplements including digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid (HCI) that I take regularly. (See Beating Alzheimer's.) It is important to read "Clean Room" in Beating Alzheimer's. Start there. People with brain-fog symptoms cannot recover without an "oasis." They need an uncontaminated area to regain their strength and thought processes when they crash. Reread Beating Alzheimer's until the pages fall apart.

The second book to study as if your life depends en knowing everything within its cover is Alternative Approach to Allergies by Theron Randolph MD. Pay attention to this important information that can make a real difference in your recovery. This book is the key that unlocks the food allergy, chemical sensitivity connection to AD. This is the area of life the patient must learn to control. If they are unable, or unwilling to pay the price to make permanent changes in their lifestyle and living environment -- no one -- nothing, can help them. The buck stops here! Do it -- or die. Why hang onto a family home near a freeway, keep a gas or oil furnace because hydrocarbon fuel is more economical than electricity, or eat favorite foods if it kills you? The patient must learn to be as keen an environmental detective as Sherlock Holmes and find 200 needles in a haystack, while blindfolded. Every food allergy will cause withdrawal and be painful to let go of.(38) Reduction of allergies will accelerate after dental detoxicology treatment is completed.

Now is the time to read It's All in Your Head by Dr. Hal Huggins and Dental Infections and Degenerative Disease by Dr. Weston Price and The Root Canal Cover-up by Dr. George Meinig. Dr. Meinig is an original founding member of the American Endodontic Association (AEA) and was a dentist for the 20th Century Fox Studio. Readers will have learned more about the toxic effects of dentistry and oral pathology than 99% of ADA dentists in the United States. With few exceptions, every dentist in the United States should have to return to college for retraining. Every professor of every dental school needs a thorough course in dental detoxicology. Traditional dental practice belongs to the dark ages.

The sixth book to read is The Yeast Connection by Dr. William Crook. You cannot consume any form of sugar or refined flour products. You must not substitute honey for sugar either. While we are on the subject, do not use substitute sugar. Aspartame (NutraSweet) is linked to sudden memory loss, seizures, flicker-induced epileptic activity, permanent brain damage, blindness and other acute physical reactions. Do not drink fruit juice. Do not eat any fruit for at least two months. After two months you may try one "organic" apple once in a while. Substitute powdered vitamin C for fruit. Continue to read The Yeast Connection until you know everything within its cover. If you are unwilling to discontinue using refined flour products and stop eating sweets, recovery is impossible. The seventh book is Smart Nutrients by Dr. Abram Hoffer and Dr. Morton Walker.

Follow the directions in Dr. Huggins' report that you will obtain after you complete biocompatibility testing, or find an orthomolecular physician to balance body chemistry and take homeopathic remedies and other detoxicants to remove metals and chemicals from the body.

Environmental Chemicals

The rule is, if you smell any outgassing odor, remove the offending substance away from you, or you away from it. Your nose knows. It is your first line of defense. Pay attention to what it is telling you. By the time you have recognized an odor, the outgassing substance has passed from your lungs into your bloodstream. In addition, we lose approximately 50% of our ability to distinguish separate odors of compounds we are sensitive to within 24 hours.

Remove chemicals, aluminum foil, soft plastic food containers and plastic bags from the cupboards and from under the kitchen and bathroom sinks. If the garage adjoins the house, the ideal place to store chemicals, books, magazines and newspapers is an outside storage shed. Never park an automobile in an attached garage or in the basement. Gas and oil hydrocarbon fumes will flow into the living area. Dr. Randolph has ordered more than 3,000 gas furnaces and stoves removed from reactive patients' homes. I have not heard of one Alzheimer's sufferer, or mentally ill person who did not develop brain-fog reactions, or mixed up thought process from hydrocarbon fumes (any fossil fuel that burns, even candles!) I repeat the above information every time I talk or write about Alzheimer's. If the patient's family is unwilling to exchange the entire fossil fuel heating system (I mean fuel pipes, heat ducts, everything, every single part must go.) for an electric stove and base board heat, or a heat pump air exchanger -- the patient will not recover.

One of the surest ways to ruin an infant's health is to lay him or her, or let youngsters crawl, on new neurotoxic synthetic carpets. Outgassing fumes have killed mice exposed to air blown over new carpets into their cage. Synthetic carpets, indoor latex paint and pressed board in cupboards are laced with formaldehyde. (Formaldehyde is also an ingredient in some baby shampoos.) As of September 1995, 25% of latex indoor wall paint still contains mercury. Indoor air pollution within the home and in our schools(39) can build up four to 10 times higher than outside air. Many foodstuffs are chemically contaminated. Read The Safe Shopper's Bible. The Consumer's Guide to Nontoxic Household Products. Cosmetics and Food, by David Steinman, Simon and Schuster, April 1995.

Other chemicals cause brain dysfunction, especially chlorine. Mold also causes brain-fog. All these things and the food connection to Alzheimer's are covered in-depth in Beating Alzheimer's and in Alternative Approach to Allergies. Those books can save your life.

Please Pay Close Attention: This is Important

Mercury poisoning (and/or excessive sugar or substitute sugar consumption) causes Candida overgrowth. In its turn, Candida overgrowth causes leaky-gut syndrome. The tissue of our intestines is approximately the size of a tennis court. Imagine a membrane that large, so full of holes that under a microscope it looks like Swiss cheese.

Although Dr. William Crook's book, The Yeast Connection was published in 1973, by 1982 Candida yeast infection was virtually unheard of in the medical community and, at the time, leaky-gut syndrome had not been discovered. In the winter of 1982 Dr. Randolph read our group of patients a five-line paragraph about Candida and handed us a bottle of Nystatin powder. He said, "Take this Nystatin according to instructions and when you start thinking that you know more than us, you are getting well."

The point is: Dr. Randolph -- an environmental allergist -- was treating identical chronic diseases in an entirely different way than Dr. Crook. Dr. Randolph was making his patients avoid favorite foods that produced allergic brain-fog reactions or other chronic diseases for a minimum of four days. In four days a specific food passes completely through the alimentary canal. Dr. Crook -- a Candida specialist -- required his patients to take Nystatin and eat a diet of "complex" carbohydrates. Both treatments were effective. The common denominator was leaky gut syndrome.

The Other End of Mercury Poisoning

The dentist puts mercury in your mouth, but the mercury that leaches from mercury-silver amalgam fillings (and sugar), feed Candida. Candida bores through the intestines causing leaky-gut syndrome that allows parasites, flukes, fungus and viruses to become systemic. We eliminate flukes in our stool most of the time. Remember the solvents we expose ourselves to, like soap, cosmetics, alcohol, fossil fuel fumes, or diet soda drinks(40) and if we have low stomach acid -- our own internal brewery. Solvents cause the protein shell encapsulating flukes to dissolve and instead of passing into the toilet, they hatch.

Dr. Hulda Clark, PhD, ND reports: Adult flukes in the brain, if you have toluene, or xylene in it (from carbonated beverages), cause AD! Adult flukes in your liver, if you have propyl alcohol in it, cause cancer! Adult flukes in your thymus, if you have benzene in it, cause HIV disease! Adult flukes in your pancreas, if you have wood alcohol (methanol) in it, (found in carbonated drinks, diet drinks, and some herb tea blends, store-bought water and infant formula,) cause diabetes! If you have adult flukes in your skin, you have Kaposi's sarcoma....(Adult flukes, if you have solvents in your body, cause many other chronic diseases.)

There is a more compelling reason than Hulda Clark's discoveries to avoid Hydrocarbon, Benzene and Fossil fuel fumes that time and space does not permit amplification of within this report. This topic will be covered in my next book which could be available in months. Anyone living near a freeway or a busy street who manifests signs of Alzheimer's, schizophrenia, endogenous depression, breathing difficulties or cancer ought to move. Both mercury and carbon monoxide bind to the oxygen-carrying sites on red blood cells.

Fatigue makes cowards of us all. Early in the disease process, I had to crawl up a flight of stairs and rest twice to reach the second floor. The most difficult thing in the world was to push one foot ahead of the other. Unless you literally cannot stand up, walk. If you can only walk a hundred feet, start putting one foot ahead of the other. Go! Tomorrow walk a hundred and ten feet. Keep right on going. If necessary, sit on a trampoline and bounce each day until you regain enough energy to stand. Then walk.


Tom Warren

Issaquah, Washington 98027 USA

1. The Well Mind Association, 4649 Sunnyside Avenue North, Seattle, Washington, 98103. 206-547-6167.

2. DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome) For a list of mercury free dentists and additional information contact DAMS 505-332-3252 or Dr. Hal Huggins' (dental) Diagnostic Center 800-331-2303.

Disclaimer: Although I (Tom Warren) did recover from Alzheimer's disease and use the knowledge that I acquired to help others reverse short-term memory loss, I am not a medical professional. This publication is for informational purposes only. Do not follow any idea presented within this report, if you are not willing to assume the risk. Read all of the books referred to in this paper. The best advice I can give anyone experiencing symptoms of short-term memory loss is, don't jump from the frying pan into the fire. Do not take any action until you feel that you have enough accurate information to make a wise decision. It is you who face the consequences of iatrogenic disease caused by inappropriate medical treatment, not your doctor or myself. If there is ever a time for the patient to be in charge of his or her own medical treatment program, it is now.

Research Papers

There are more than 4,000 research papers on mercury poisoning. Three important research papers are entitled:

"Trace Element Imbalances in Isolated Subcellular Fractions of Alzheimer's Disease Brains," Brain Research, 533 (1990) 125-131, Wenstrupt et al.
"Dental Silver Tooth Fillings: A Source of Mercury Exposure Revealed by Whole-body Image Scan and Tissue Analysis," University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, (1990) 2641 2646, Hahn, et al.
"Whole-body Imaging of the Distribution of Mercury Released from Dental Fillings in Monkey Tissues," University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, (1990) Hahn, et al.

Avery Publishing Group 800-548-5757, Beating Alzheimer's, Tom Warren. It's All in Your Head, Dr. Hal Huggins. Smart Nutrients, Dr. Abram Hoffer and Dr. Morton Walker.

Huggins' Diagnostic Center, 800-331-2303 distributes. It's All in Your Head, Dr. Hal Huggins and Dental Infections and Degenerative Disease by Dr. Weston Price.

To order Root Canal Cover-up by Dr. George Meinig, send a check for $19.95, and $2.90 SH (Total $22.85 US) to: Bion Publishing, 323 E. Matilija 110-151, Ojai, CA 93023, Fax 805-646-1506. In Canada add $6.00 US, Foreign add $18.00 US, California residents add $1.78 Sales Tax.

The Yeast Connection, Dr. William Crook and An Alternative Approach to Allergies, Dr. Theron Randolph, can both be ordered by any book dealer.

Three Changes in Beating Alzheimer's

I recommended a water "distiller" and think that was a mistake. Chemicals rise with the steam to contaminate distilled water while minerals are eliminated.

I mentioned that I had EDTA chelation treatment. Dr. Boyd Haley has discovered that EDTA, a common feed additive and chelating agent, is a major contributor to the mechanism of neurotoxicity of mercury. DMSA has proven to be a safer, better product.

There is new information on zinc. I still take zinc, but please read endnote #14.


(1.) Most medical procedures required to reverse AD are not covered by insurance.

(2.) Dr. Semmeiweis observed that midwives regularly washed their hands before delivery. It was common knowledge that midwives had a significantly lower sepals infection rate than surgeons.

(3.) Etiology: The root cause of a disease.

(4.) The AD petrochemical connection will be addressed at the end of this paper.

(5.) Wenstrup, D., Ehmann, W.D., and Marksbery, W.R, Brain Research (1990) 533, 125-131.

(6.) Many dentists who refuse to place mercury-silver amalgam filling use the name "mercury free." Others call themselves dental Detoxicologists. Questions to help the dental patient find a well-trained mercury-free dentist or a dental Detoxicologist will be included in this report.

(7.) Fossil fuel heating systems will be covered later.

(8.) For a long time I have recognized the need to do a video tape. I think that is the way to answer many questions people have continued to ask in the most efficient and economical manner possible.

(9.) Often caused by salt and/or potassium depletion (imbalance) due to excessive urination. The need to go to the toilet too often is one of the side effects of diabetes and/or mercury poisoning.

(10.) Dura Mater is medical terminology for one of the external membranes surrounding the brain.

(11.) There appears to be a translation difficulty. The translator means mercury vapor from mercury-silver amalgam fillings is many times more toxic to the brain than ingested mercury.

(12.) H-pylori is a bacterial infection that causes duodenal and gastric ulcers. See the October 1993 Readers Digest story entitled, "The Doctor Who Wouldn't Accept No," or telephone the Great Smokies Medical Laboratory at 800-522-4762 or 704-253-0612. Duodenal ulcers can be cured in less than four weeks.

(13.) Worms, flat worms, tapeworms, flukes, roundworms, threadworm, hookworms, leeches, viruses etc., are all different forms of parasites.

(14.) The September 1994 issue of Science reports that trace amounts of zinc appear to initiate amyloid plaque formation found in AD. Until more information becomes available about zinc's connection to amyloid plaque, zinc supplements might be inappropriate for Alzheimer's sufferers, family members of persons diagnosed as having Alzheimer's, or for those who exhibit signs of short term memory loss. William Philpott, MD, might be able to reverse amyloid plaque buildups within the brain. Call 405-390-3009 and ask for information about the amyloidosis connection to AD.

(15.) Sometimes a dentist will pull a crowded tooth to reach a cavity between teeth that he needs to work on.. As work proceeds pieces of amalgam fall into the open socket of the tooth he removed. These small chunks of metal are called fragments. Fragments that settled deep within the gums and in the jawbone disrupted signals from my brain to my heart causing premature ventricular contractions. See Beating Alzheimer's. A tattoo is a thin layer of "mercury" usually found at the base of a tooth or on the tongue that has leached from mercury-amalgam dental fillings. Tattoos are caused by galvanic interaction between dissimilar metals in gold crowns and mercury-amalgam fillings. This phenomena is irrefutable proof that the dental community has always known that mercury leached from amalgam fillings.

(16.) Frank Billings, MD: Former Dean of the Faculty and Professor of Medicine at the University of Chicago in the early 1900s.

(17.) Focal Infection: Pathol., Dentistry. An infection in which bacteria are localized in some region, as around the tooth, to which they may spread to some other organ or structure of the body.

(18.) The National Dental Association merged with the ADA.

(19.) Dentin Tubules: The tooth structure is porous and dental tubules (hollow tubes) within a single tooth are approximately three miles in length. Eight bacteria fit side by side within one dentin tubule -- which makes bacteria difficult to eradicate. It is not uncommon for cavitations to become reinfected. X-rays revealed I have six to eight reinfected cavitations. I plan to use technetium 99 so the dental detoxicologist or oral surgeon can view these infections more clearly and have them cleaned up again in the near future.

(20.) Cavitations: Infected areas within the jawbone.

(21.) Bone necrosis: Disease caused in healthy cells due to direct contact with any agent (usually living organism) capable of producing infection.

(22.) Penicillin is unable to get back into the dentin tubules to kill all of the bacteria that live there. Sam Ziff, a writer, has stated that Biocalex 6.9 gives "perfect asepsis," but his statement is inaccurate. I researched his report in the August/September issue of the Townsend Letter for Doctors carefully and X-rays reveal Biocalex 6.9 is unable to roach approximately one third of the infected areas within dentin tubules. Having a little infection is Like being a little pregnant. Biocalex 6.9 might be the best product available, but it does not give perfect asepsis. I wish it did. (Asepsis: Exclusion of microorganisms producing decay.)

(23.) These charts are too large to fit within this report. See footnote 35. Please include US $25 to cover expenses.

(24.) John Moore (Renton, Washington) found the information.

(25.) Jeff Webster (Seattle, Washington) supplied the following additional information related to acupuncture meridians from Vibrational Medicine. Richard Gerber MD, Bear and Company, Santa Fe, NM (1988).

(26.) Rose, Neil S. "The Work of Professor Kim Bong Han," The Acupuncturist, Vol. 1. Pg, 15., and Tiller, W. "Some Energy Observations of Man and Nature," The Kirlian Aura Anchor Press/Doubleday, Garden City, NY (1974) 123 145.

(27.) DeVernejoul, P. et al. "Etude Des Meridians D'Acupuncture Par Les Traceurs Raidoactifs," Bul: Acad. Natle. Med. Vol 169 (Oct. 22, 1985) 1071-1075.

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(30.) Becker, R., et al., "The Direct Current System: A link Between the Environment and the organism," New York State Journal of Medicine, vol. 62. (1962) 1169-1176.

(31.) Water with a highly organized liquid crystal molecular structure that holds more energy in the molecular bond angle between the hydrogen atoms. e.g., 109.5 than ordinary water. i.e., 104.5.

(32.) Popp. Fritz A., et al. eds., "Photon Storage in Biological Systems" Electromagnetic Bio-Information: Proceedings of the Symposium, Marburg, Federal Republic of Germany (Sept. 5. 1977) Urban and Schwarzenberg, Baltimore (1979) 123-149.

(33.) Gris, H. And Dick. W., The New Soviet Psychic Discoveries, Warner Books, NY. (1978) 397 and Playfair, G., and Hill, S. The Cycles of Heaven, Avon Books, NY (1978) pg. 281.

(34.) Until Dr. George Meinig's seminar sponsored by the Well Mind Association of Seattle, Washington, May 20, 1995, I was at a loss to understand why so many different diseases vanished using the same medical treatments that healed me. Mercury poisoning from mercury-silver amalgam suppresses the immune system allowing bacteria within cavitations to migrate. Read the Root Canal Cover-up by Dr. Meinig and Weston Price's 25 year ADA sponsored research that was covered up by the ADA, and FDA in Dental Infections and Degenerative Disease.

(35.) Brain-fog: Spaciness. a feeling of unreality.

(36.) Brain-fag: A tired feeling within the brain similar to a sleepy, cranky, child who needs a nap.

(37.) Read Smart Nutrients by Dr. Abram Hoffer. For a paper on Nutraceuticals, please send a #10, self addressed, stamped envelope to the address below. For a cassette tape on minerals write your name and address on a postcard and mail it to: Louise Warren R Ph., Suite 291,700 Gilman Blvd E103, Issaquah WA 98027-5335

(38.) Food Allergies are addictive. One side of the coin is allergies. The other side of the same coin is addiction. Giving up coffee, cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, cause an addict to feel as if they have been run over and trampled upon by a company of Army Rangers out for their morning constitution. Abstaining from your favorite foods causes similar temporary reactions for several days.

(39.) Environmental chemicals in new construction, cleaning compounds, paints and floor wax in older schools and outgassing formaldehyde, hydrocarbon and chlorine fumes from new, and mold from older books, are responsible for attention deficit disorder teachers are reporting. Read the footnotes in Beating Alzheimer's. Teachers, open a brand new book and push it into the face of a student with attention deficit disorder and observe their behavior. Do not be surprised if they cannot keep their eyes open. Air out their books for two weeks and notice the improvement in their attention span and behavior. The first clue to cerebral allergic brain reactions from any/or-all of the above chemicals is change in the students handwriting. Writing is a cerebral motor function. Their writing will become heavy and illegible. Check the clinical signs for chronic low level mercurial poisoning and if possible, their nutrition. What type of heating system do they have in their home? Read The Impos sible Child by Dr. Doris Rapp.

(40.) NutraSweet, during the metabolizing process, turns into alcohol, before it becomes formaldehyde.

(41.) Outside the United States, if your book dealer does not have the Cure For All Diseases, contact Dr. Clark's publisher, Promotion Publishing, at 619-490-1400. The price is US $21.95 plus SH.

(42.) Read "The Clean Room" on page 76 in Beating Alzheimer's.

Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients.


By Tom Warren

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