Healing with Homeopathy: A Case of Schizophrenia and Eczema


Healing with Homeopathy: A Case of Schizophrenia and Eczema

Emma was a 30 year-old woman who had been involved in extensive fundraising and service work or her church for ten years. She became exhausted from traveling during a missionary project and had a breakdown. Her fiancé left her and the church just before her breakdown. She grieved the loss of her fiancé (3) and worried about his leaving the church. She started behaving oddly and became withdrawn and uncommunicative. Her co-workers brought her home. She started to clean compulsively (3) and serve other people excessively in her group living situation. She said she felt better when serving others. She felt confused (3) and couldn't find the words to express herself. She could not keep her mind on one thing, and found her thoughts spinning from one thing to another. She lost track of what she was thinking or saying (2). Since her breakdown, she saw colors more intensely, especially black, white and red. It was difficult to interview her because her mind wandered from s ubject to subject, and she appeared confused.

Emma felt challenged to decide between good and evil. She wanted to become pure in the sight of God, but she heard two voices inside, one telling her to do good, and another telling her to do evil (2). Emma had an inner desire to curse, but she controlled it because she did not think it was proper. She had had low confidence (3) since childhood. It was improved somewhat after joining her church. Her father was an alcoholic and her mother was very selfrighteous and critical of Emma. She had not had a happy childhood. She had always felt guilty about sex, since she was a teenager.

She had a history of eczema on the hands since she was a girl, as did her mother. The eczema was red and rough, and very itchy (3). She had warts on her hands in her teens. She had increased pigmentation on her left upper arm. Her eczema had been treated with combination homeopathics and homeopathic creams in Europe. The rash on her hands had worsened since stopping the medication 2 months ago. Her hands were worse from washing dishes (1), even if she wore gloves. Her mother also had eczema on her hands.

Emma desired eggs (1), vegetables (1) and light foods. She had an aversion to spicy (2) and salty (2) foods, and sweets. Pork made her feel sick. She was worse in general from heavy foods and coffee, which gave her nausea and gas.

Emma had dark circles around her eyes and chronic sinusitus. She also had a deviated septum. Before her menstrual period she had sweats and hot and cold sensations. She felt too stiff to exercise.

Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients.


By Robert Ullman

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