MEDICAL MARIJUANA OR reefer madness?


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Abstract:The article examines studies regarding medicinal cannabis and renewed alarm about the potential danger of recreational use for certain groups. Results from studies on the relationship between cannabis use and schizophrenia are more troubling. Scientists in Great Britain confirmed results from a 1987 study that established a link between age, drug use, and schizophrenia. Just like many drugs, cannabis benefits some while harming others.

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It has proven that marijuana is an effective drug to patients, but abusing it can destroy ones life. There has been a debate going on over legalizing marijuana. CO has allowed medical marijuana for many years. For over a decade, a doctor's recommendation and application to Department of Health has been enough to get a prescription. The Department of Health is contemplating new rules in Colorado. These new rules would add more specifics to the law. Stronger rules are being considered in the CO Department of Health.