Letting Go of Stress: Effective Techniques for Stress Reduction and Relaxation


Letting Go of Stress: Effective Techniques for Stress Reduction and Relaxation

Emmett Miller, MD

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Many of us are learning to consciously relax, for health and longevity, as well as "keeping sane" in this increasingly sped up world. It is has been proven repeatedly in scientific studies that the nervous system cannot tell the difference between an intensely imagined experience and a real one. The neuron pathways of the body and the centers in the brain are affected in the same way whether the experience is "real," or imagined by the person. People in a constant state of stress (whether worry, anxiety, anger. etc.) over stimulate the nervous system, which over stimulates the glands and organs. In the long run, this wears down the metabolism and immune system of the body. Advertisements encourage us to take caffeine (coffee, Pepsi) nicotine (tobacco), sucrose (sugar) as well as prescription drugs to alter our body chemistry and "feel good again." This does not address the problem. People who are stressed out do not eliminate stress through these methods -the stress is masked by the stimulants or depressants.

The positive part of these scientific studies is that we know the reverse is true. People can learn to relax without food, drugs, or anything outside of themselves. People who learn to do this become calmer, healthier, and are able to more easily overcome addictions. Letting Go of Stress is a tape for those who want a guided visualization that is easy to listen to and follow. Dr. Emmett Miller's voice is one of the best. His tapes are some of the most popular in the country, because of the gentle, effective way he guides you along, as well as the way his voice sounds. Steven Halpern, well known for his relaxation music, is the musician on this tape.

On side one, Dr. Miller takes you through your body and allows you to consciously relax each muscle, one at a time. On side two, he has you imagine a trip to the beach and helps you to use that image to relax yourself even more. After playing this tape several times, the listener can learn to consciously release stress by him or herself. Some people prefer guided visualization tapes, finding it easier to be guided verbally through the process than to have to read what to do.

Visualization is something that everyone can learn. This tape shows a wonderful way to make our mind and emotions work for us, instead of against us, assisting in our letting go of stress.

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By Steve Schenck

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