Aromatherapy Stress Relief


Aromatherapy Stress Relief

"STRESS"...even hearing the word can cause your blood pressure to rise, your breathing to shorten and your brain to go into a wild spin or total gridlock. Everyone experiences the effects of stress in different ways. Insomnia, loss of focus, depression, shortness of breath, loss of interest in sex, fatigue, sore muscles, skin breakouts, and agitation are just a few ways our bodies respond to stress. The long term health effects can be devastating, yet for most of us, stress is impossible to avoid. For this reason, more and more people are interested in stress prevention and relief.

Many of us are aware of the benefits of exercise and a healthy diet in keeping ourselves prepared to face the stresses of daily life. Another way to meet these demanding challenges is with aromatherapy -- the use of volatile, essential oils from plants by application and/or inhalation for health and well-being. To combat stress one can "stop and smell the roses," but who has time for that? A wonderful stress prevention/relief kit: The Aromatherapy First Aid Kit(TM) for Stress Relief contains four essential oils, each useful in preventing stress and/or managing the various symptoms experienced from stress. The combination of oils found in this kit has proven to be useful by students, homemakers, business people -- even President Clinton has one!

Essential oils can be used to extend relaxing effects and benefits to your muscles when used in massage. They can wake up and alert your mind. Their use can encourage a shift in attitude -- inspire you to keep moving forward while relieving irritability. Inhaling essential oils can calm your mind, emotions, and relax your body.

The essential oils recommended for stress relief are:

Lavender: When used on a regular basis, by external application and inhalation, this oil has been shown useful in preventing stress. Use a few drops in a dollop of lotion for application just before bed, or inhale from a few drops placed on a hankie near your pillow for peaceful, quiet rest and relief from those spinning late night thoughts. Lavender oil is also good to relieve jet lag, ease depression, and generally calm and lighten one's energy.

Rosemary: This is a universal first aid for general weakness, arthritis, loss of memory and mental fatigue. Externally, it can be diluted for massage of aching muscles and arthritis. Try a bit in some massage lotion for that tensed up shoulder and neck area.

Spearmint: This is stimulating! Use diluted for a skin refresher or on muscles. Inhale to relieve headaches, refresh your brain, and cheer you up!

Ylang Ylang: RELAX! Used externally for bath and body. Inhaled to soothe anger, relieve pain, insomnia. This oil is said to treat impotence as well as act as an aphrodisiac. Try one drop in a bottle of champagne for a unique taste and for love.

The Aromatherapy Kit(TM) for Stress Relief contains these four oils, a dropper, and directions for use; packaged in a convenient hand-woven bag. They are part of the family of Aromatherapy First Aid Kits(TM): for catalogue contact Jeanne Rose Aromatherapy, 219 Carl St. San Francisco, CA 94117, fax: 415-5644799.

The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy.

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By Jeanne Rose

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