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As a psychologist, I am required to attend continuing education seminars to retain my license as a counselor. Recently I attended a seminar on Stress and Disease presented by Dr. Nicholas Hall. What Dr. Hall had to say really impacted me and I wanted to share some of what I learned with the readers of Reiki News.

We are composed of integrated body systems all working together for wellness. Stress is a stimulus for growth emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. We need recovery time from stress. If we have equal parts of each, stress and recovery time, we will be fine. Studies show that behavioral techniques are effective in relieving stress. The more we choose stress reducers the healthier we will be. Deep breathing, massage, touch, a spiritual connection, mindful meditation, reaching a deep state of relaxation, prayer, and exercise are a few of the stress reducers we can choose from. Exercise helps through the release of endorphins, which react in the body similar to morphine to combat stress.

A stress recovery protocol also includes surrounding ourselves with friends, and long-term stable relationships. Even animals and plants help. Modifying your outlook to want what you need rather than needing what you want.

So, how does this relate to Reiki? What impacted me as I listened to Dr. Hall were the similarities of a Reiki treatment to the stress reducers he was listing. A Reiki treatment is a means of touch through which deep mindful meditation and a deep state of relaxation is reached. During a Reiki treatment a spiritual connection is made with universal healing energy. Reiki also provides the potential of a long-term stable relationship between the practitioner and client and definitely gives social support for the client.

Reiki is a wonderful way to combine many of the researched stress reducers into one treatment modality. We might even say: "A Reiki Treatment a Day Keeps the Stress Away".

Beth Simmons Stapor is a Center Licensed Reiki Master Teacher and a Licensed Counselor from Cookeville, TN. Contact Beth via email at or her website

By Beth Simmons-Stapor

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