Hives Defeated: Coffee provides relief...but not forever


Hives Defeated: Coffee provides relief...but not forever

About four or five years ago, a gentleman called our office. He was tremendously excited and couldn't stop talking. He thanked us profusely for everything we were doing...but we had no idea what he was talking about. He identified himself as "Ali" (not his true name), but we had never heard of him. It took a little while to calm down his enthusiasm to get the whole story.

Ali is a Lebanese national who had come to the U.S. several years earlier. (We have seen a number of people immigrating to the U.S. from abroad and becoming ill in a relatively short time. We are guessing that this is due to the change in food. the increased amount of additives that they consume, the fast foods, and other adverse influences of the American lifestyle.) Ali had developed hives that had covered his whole body and tortured him with itching. He couldn't sleep, and, as a result, was tired all the time. He had trouble concentrating and found it difficult to do his business. He was well-to-do and consulted several doctors who gave him drugs to try to control the itching or help him sleep, such as prednisone and sleeping pills. Nothing helped. He had gone to university clinics, specialists everywhere, and over the course of several years had spent in excess of $100,000 trying to find help for his problem. In each case, though the doctors gave him more or different drugs, his hives got worse and he suffered additional side effects. He had become quite desperate.

Somehow Ali found Dr. Gerson's book. A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases. He was well aware that he didn't have cancer. but he was ready to try anything. One of the first things he did was to take a coffee enema. To his joy and amazement. his first enema gave him 12 hours of relief from itching. The next day, he took another one, and again got 12 hours of relief. It didn't take him long to figure that two times 12 is 24, so he started taking two enemas daily, at 12-hour intervals, and got complete relief from his hives for the first time in years. That is when he called us to praise our work and thank us for being there. He traveled from Los Angeles to our office with his family to meet us, plied us with presents and couldn't do enough for us. Soon he weaned himself from all drugs, and remained free of hives. He couldn't get over the fact that this cure had cost all of $14.95 for A Cancer Therapy compared to the $100,000 plus he had spent fruitlessly on doctors and drugs.

We had to warn Ali of the following phenomenon: for a while, the detoxifying suffices, but if you continue to consume the same toxic substances that caused the hives in the first place (food additives, excess meat, or salt, for instance), they may come back. Sure enough, some years later, All called again: some of the problems had returned. We urged him to do more than just the enemas this time: eat organic, vegetarian foods, cut out heavy food, gravy, fast food, and start drinking some juices.

One recent evening, Ali called us again. He is once more happily free of hives. But he has a new problem: frustration. About a year ago, he had called the Gerson Institute regarding a good friend who was suffering from cancer that had spread to his liver. All asked if we could help, and we discussed the situation with him, telling him of some similar cases that had recovered on the Gerson Therapy. Try as he might, he was unable to convince his friend to try the Gerson Therapy. The friend treated his cancer the orthodox way, and died.

Like so many others, Ali is frustrated about the difficulty of spreading the good word to friends who are ill with advanced cancer or other serious problems. People are often so medically oriented that the idea of alternative treatments is hard to accept when they are faced with a life-threatening disease. The fact that orthodox medicine has no cure for their disease does not seem to alter the situation. In his latest call, All told us of two more of his friends who urgently need help and asked whether their illnesses could be treated with the Gerson Therapy.

Many of our former patient and others who know of the benefits of the Gerson therapy have experienced the same frustration with acquaintances and family members who have a disease deemed "incurable" by the medical profession. Having experienced the benefits of the Gerson Therapy, they wish to share and help their friends or relatives, only to be rebuffed, and perhaps even considered slightly "loony". It is difficult to be a lone voice in the wilderness. We would urge you not to become discouraged by the lack of acceptance of many, but to be happy, instead, at the few that you have been able to help. Saving even one life, especially if it is that of a loved one or close friend, is a gratifying experience.

The Gerson Institute.


By Charlotte Gerson

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