Fact or Fiction?-- $umorigami & other Brazen Thoughts.

Decoding the Magickal Money Talisman. ( A further analysis. )

(It may be instructive to watch AHVH's videos on The Dollar Talisman before reading this to provide background information.)

Although I haven't got a camera, I thought I'd share some insights I've had . Please, procure a new U.S. one dollar bill and follow along. You may have seen other breakdowns of dollar symbolism before, but these are all my own and I have not seen anything like them anywhere else. Join me on an intellectual adventure, as I dive into this symbolism and mine the depths to release the treasure of the Templars and reveal the true National Treasure. The movie was just disinformation to hide the real truth, some of which follows.

Many videos exist about the Masonic symbolism, hidden and otherwise, on U.S. currency. I recommend researching these before going too far with this text, as this will be much more illuminating with a little background info. (search -dollar symbolism conspiracy)

During a profound moment in 1996, I began staring at the back of the U.S. One Dollar Bill and some of its LESS obvious symbolism became open to me. Without a crisp one dollar bill, this will be difficult to understand.

First, I read off the back, "In God(,) We Trust...ONE," as though it were a sentence. As in, if you are 'In God,' you only trust in oneness. But then, why two symbols in two circles on a 'one' dollar bill?! It piqued my curiosity.

On the left of the bill is a 13-step pyramid that is completed by a floating transcendent eye. This may be seen as a symbol for the Universal Will (12 arcs of the Zodiac + Orphiuchus the Healer/13th zodiacal sign or 12 disciples and Christ, the Savior) all under the watchful all-seeing eye. On the right is an eagle or phoenix which may represent the Individual Will ( Like the Phoenix, the individual dies, but his ideas live on and so an individual can be reborn from his own ashes). It seems to me that the function of any religion or philosophical tradition is to unify the purposes of the Individual with those of the Universal. This made me think of mitosis, remember cell division in 10th grade biology?, how one becomes two and two become many. Two may be read as division or duality and may be said to be the leader of the many. 'E Pluribus Unum' on the banner in the eagles beak was a clue. 'From many, one.' If two circles represent the Many, then just one circle should represent the One.

I then thought to reverse the process of mitosis and make one symbol of the two circles within a rectangle to unify the two symbols making 'many' into one. This yields a very interesting development! Folding the eagle in half vertically and bringing it to the pyramid side to form a circle within a square bounds a new symbol, composed half of the eagle and half of the pyramid. Crease the bill sharply back where the t and the e meet in "of the Unit/ed States "leaving only -ed States at the bottom of the right-hand side of the bill and match it to a line running through 'The Gre/at Seal' on the bottom and the between the I and the C in AMERI/CA at the top, until you have a perfect square. The numbers 1,1,1,1 reside in the corners. This number is strange and seems to display itself in odd ways to those undergoing esoteric development. In Tarot, the number eleven is the Magician card and two elevens may be indicative of having reached a magical understanding, both intellectually and spiritually. (Keyword 1111, to find out more about this number). Additionaly, the symbols of salt (cube/male), mercury (sphere/female/metal that beads) and sulphur (pyramid/hermaphrodite) are nested in this configuration bringing together the alchemical elements of the philosopher's stone. This is highly significant as the designers of the dollar bill were Hermetic in their beliefs and believed strongly not only in Alchemy, but in hiding esoteric symbols in plain sight for developed minds to discover.

The masonic symbol is a compass (a tool for drawing a circle) and a tool for drawing a square. It seems that these are, perhaps, the particular circle and square these tools were meant to draw.

A four letter acronym residing at the top reads "THCA" . I think it's a title, like the tetragrammaton (but in Latin), for the Seal below it. I'm no scholar, just an intuitive with an interesting history. I had the idea that it was Latin for 'Theologica Hermeticum Corpus Absolutum" or "The Secret (Sealed) Body of the Absolute Knowledge of God". 'God' being the unification of opposing forces, of the Universal and the Individual, of the General and the Specific, the Many and the One, war and peace, negative and positive, Yin and Yang under the banner of Complete Understanding. If all philosophical traditions attempt to bridge the gap between the individual and the universal, this newly revealed symbol does just that... in a variety of ways.

If the two circles we started with be seen as cross-sections of the pillars Joachin and Boaz, the masonic pillars that represent the secular and spiritual influences that human beings inevitably follow, then bringing them together reveals the elusive hidden 'Third Pillar- the Path of Direct Enlightenment or the Meditative Path'. This symbolical Philosopher's Stone serves the dual purpose of uniting the two as the keystone in the arch between the pillars and as the capstone to the pyramid. This completes the temple and allows the individual spirit ( Eagle/Phoenix ) to traverse the arcs of the zodiac of character predispositions ( the levels of the pyramid ) and, at the top of the altar, sacrifice his face and left eye ( ego- window into the right brain/ reference to Horus ). 'UNUM' is read on the banner floating in the wind behind, suggesting the source of the eagle's capacity for (f)light. A triune, glorified LEFT eye peeks out at the viewer through what is now a Pythagorean (right) triangle, amid a field of stars, searching the heavens (hearts of individuals) via a symbolic sextant, for the next western star, Neo in the Matrix (the viewer).

The half-pyramid half-eagle/phoenix symbol is representative of the unified and transformed material and spiritual aspects of the solar fire, or that which vibrates and the vibration itself, or microcosmically speaking, that which follows the will and the will itself (by actualization, charisma, manipulation, or force depending upon the grace of your argument.)

Earth, Air, Water and Fire symbols are brought together under the Eye of the Spirit (Aether) to bring about a magickal transformation of all under the influence of the talisman. This may sound 'out there' for the uninitiated, but believe me when I say that magick is real and that this talisman has the whole world under it's spell. ~Prince Charming gives you a kiss and says 'Wake and Be Well!'

The new symbol creates new terms which read, "Annuit / Unum / Novus Ord/o" and then, in vulgar English, outside of the Circle, but within the square is revealed, "the Greed States". Taken together in translation it reads "He (ANU/ a Sumerian God) favors / One / New Order ... The Greed States".

That had me pretty upset until I thought of the Arcs of the Zodiac representing shells ( valences ) of selfish interest and the thirteenth representing the timeless arc of enlightenment and regeneration ( Orphiuchus, the serpent~handling healer and the hidden 13th zodiacal sign).

Further, there are 4 number 1's in the corners, each supported by twelve spines of the web. 12+12+12+12+4 = 52. 52 degrees of arc in the pyramid, 52 principle American divisions ruled by the 53rd, Washington, a District of Columbia. Or is it Deus Christi in the arms of the Virgin(ia) Mary(land)!

My name is Steven (which means 'crown' or 'crowned in glory', the english word was coined in 1111 A.D.) Nelson (Nil's son, or son of Nothingness or the Void) Shields. My father was adopted, so I checked out my mother's family's old name when they came to America in the 1540's and found that it was de Mandaville (dutch). 'Manda' means Secret Inner Knowledge or Gnosis. 'Ville' or 'Villa' means house. (The Mandaeans were those that left Jerusalem entrusted with the true wisdom of Christ after his crucifixion.) So, by the very function of my name, I am, appearantly, the Crown(ed) So(u)n of the Void of the House of Secret Knowledge. (the Ecliptic [coronal] Sun in Orphiuchus (known as the Dark Rift/Void 12-21-2012). It is suggested by some that the Galaxy that we live in sprang from a Black Hole that actually does exist in this Dark Rift or 13th Zodiacal sign, also called Orphiuchus and that on Dec. 21, 2012, a new Age of Homo Infiniens will begin when our galactic center aligns with this constellation after 26,500 years.

The numerology of my full name according to the Chaldean (two digit) interpretation is 13. Which is Steven (1) + Nelson (1) + Shields (11), = 13. 11 is a master number and so is not further reduced by adding 1 and 1 together)
By the Pythagorean interpretation (single digit) my number is 1.
It is said that 13 means regeneration, love and unity.
There are 13 letters in my first and last name (the resonant sound by which I am known).
I was born on 12-31-1965 at 9:13 pm.
12-31 is an anagram of 12,13.
9:13 pm is 2 hours 47 mins from the generation of a new year.
If birthdays are calculated from the birth of Christ and you subtract the number of man (666) from 1965 you get 1299.
Add the number for unity (1) and you get 1300.

The most compact 3 dimensional molecular structure in the universe is made up of 12 atoms surrounding a central 13th.

Is it any wonder that I came up with all this stuff on a one dollar bill choke full of 13's? It sure the hell is! If you know anything about how this could happen, let me know and I will be eternally grateful. As it stands, I'm still a bit confused.


The Obelisk Fold

The Obelisk origami fold I just came up with two weeks ago and is perhaps, even more telling.
It just happens to be 2009, 13 years after this first discovery, in 1996.

1. Fold the front of the bill in half vertically and horizintally and crease it sharply. 2. Unfold it.
3. Now fold an X through George's face, such that the tips of the X form a square bisected by the first vertical fold. The center of the X is directly below George's right eye.
4. Now pinch the top and bottom center lines together toward the back until they meet while folding the bill in half vertically. It should now look like a left facing triangle sitting next to a Golden Mean Rectangle.
5. Now fold the top and bottom of each side of the bill, such that they meet in the middle and make a crease.
6. Fold each of those folds backwards so that they are like swinging doors and crease.
7. With the doors swung back from the front of the bill and tops and bottoms pressed so they meet under and over George, stand the Obelisk up and look at the South side first (George's mouth).,

Do you see the phallus entering the Holy of Holies? with hairless testicles. This is the Entering Apprentice. Now turn it around to the north face (where George's eye is at the top of the obelisk ) The foliage connotes hair and maturity. The left 'testicle' is no longer round, but angular. It is said that in Satanic Rituals the left testicle is cut out and offered to Satan. The glans (head) has now entered the 'Temple' and becomes the Master, under the watchful eye of 'George' at the top of the obelisk.
8. Now fold the doors on both sides to the other two adjacent faces and look again at the south face. Do you see the phoenix crashing head first into the fire symbol/pyramid. Flip it over and see him reborn out of the earth (ashes) symbol. This could also be viewed as the water symbol, if you don't count the line created by the space under the eye.

Also, one may extrapolate that the eagle/phoenix halves are 2 planes and that the pyramid halves = twin towers. The secret Aliester Crowley prophecy of 911 has now been decoded by yours truly. (If you have trouble with the fold, write me and I will attempt to make it more plain.) Please, check out AHVH's video in my favs for much more on this Talisman. I first wrote this message before I had seen his video, so you can imagine how I felt when I saw it!


I really appreciate scepticism. I came up with this myself through intuition, because I just don't believe others are without a hidden agenda. However, that said, I would point to the pages of two characters on youtube, one who goes by renaissanceastrology (check out his spooky profile, too! Scary stuff!) and the other by AHVH. His talisman video is in my favs. (Different than mine, but he explains the Crowley 911 prophecy in far more detail. Check out protestantsep's videos on magick squares, too. They are on point. Watch these videos and tell me if you still feel skeptical.

Let me know if you had any trouble with the Obelisk fold. I've only shared that with a few people since I found it. Once you see this, their is really no doubt it was deliberately designed to do this. Their are far too many things that have to come together here than could be made by coincidence.

Their are people and forces at play here, much cleverer than you or I. Our egos just don't normally allow us knowledge of them. If we can give that up, we will rise up and become aware that they have always been here. Imagine you were a really smart chimpanzee and took a really big dose of cubensis mushrooms or DMT and hung out with some cool humans doing the same thing. You might realize that they had taken over your world and kept you in cages or in predetermined environments your whole life, in fact, going back many generations. It is as true for us humans as it is for chimpanzees.

Paper talismans are designed to be folded, so as to increase the density of symbol penetration into the subconsious mind. The mind is not only a pattern recognizing machine, but is also capable, even subconsciously, of reducing those patterns to there most primitive and effective meanings. Notice that the circles on the back of the dollar are precisely the distance that your two eyes are apart. This functions like a stereopticon creating a sumliminal, hyperdimensional metasymbol written directly into the subconscious mind. Lie hypnosis, it operates below the level of your conscious perception. Sorcery was always mind control by those that understood the cyclical patterns inherent in natural human behavior. We know children are likely to be more active after consuming large amounts of sugar. They manipulate us like children. They know the chemicals, the tendencies and the patterns that move us. Religious thought was designed to subvert our trust in nature and drive a wedge between those that operate consciously within the natural parameters and those that choose to believe things they are told by those who would tell them what to believe. Them that have ears to hear, Hear Me Now!

My friend always tells me 'what the thinker thinks, the prover proves.' This may be true. But humor me and watch the videos I've recommended. I would like to find some intelligent discourse on these matters, but the wise and the good are few and far between, even on the internet.

It's pretty strange, I don't know how I know these things, I am just very curious. These kinds of numerical recurrances, as well as other ridiculous coincidences that JUST COULD NOT HAPPEN, continue to happen, in such a way, as to make them seem very signifcant to me.

I would really appreciate your thoughts on what I've shared with you, if you are so disposed. I am not a mason or a christian or religionist or an occultist or a numerologist. I belong to no group. I just meditated and fasted alot when I was young and now I see through all manner of subterfuge. These things just intuitively occur in my, rather odd, brain. Thank you for reading my rant and for your infinite patience. ; ) My apologies if this was a dense read. You might need to read it more than once.

As the approach to the unified singularity draws near, I am more isolated than ever and find it difficult to find work or a even place to stay. In fact, all my property was recently burned in a fire. Fortunately, I have no debt, either. I took it as an omen of good fortune, oddly enough. But I'm just floating and at the mercy of the universe and the good will of a few friends. Frankly, I think the way to win this world back is to burn all currency and take our lives back by not participating in the economy. If everyone took this stance at once, the power would, immediately be put back into the hands of honest people because the greedy would have nothing to control us with. Dollars are the green scales of the dragon and this interpretation is me plucking a scale off and stabbing into the heart of Greed with my Sword of Truth. May all take nourishment from it's golden flowing blood.


From another day:

This money decode, the more I think about it, is an incredibly powerful transformative tool, when properly understood. The misunderstanding of it is a litmus test to determine the degree to which one is deluded and controlled by the forces that created it.

I sent this to someone in Europe who asked 'what about the Euro?'. Perhaps, you will find it interesting.

The Euro is a supporting instrument, but was not designed with the same kinds of powerful transformation sigils as the U.S. dollar was. (Check out rennaisanceastrology's page to see how magick talismans are made and charged).

I looked a one Euro coin up online and noticed that it is represented by 12 stars with the 'number one' standing dominant. This is the thirteen. The gold ring circling the globe would suggest the 'One Ring to rule them all', ala 'The Lord of the Rings'. Or the gold ring of Wagner's Ring Cycle. They are the same. Europe supports the regeneration of the New One World Order, which is being carried out through the instrument of the Corporation of the United States of America and it's 13 original colonies. This country was designed to promulgate the New Atlantis, which is the New World Order.

Consider the names of our U.S. Space Shuttles in their order of launch.
Columbia(n), Endeavor, (for the) Discovery, (of) Atlantis ...Challenger ('s ...destroyed). The Bavarian Sect of the Illuminati is known as the Columbian Faction. The country Columbia is the largest producer of counterfeit currency in the world, as well as drugs which fuel speed, greed and violence, and is the tipping point of destablising the world economies. Washington is a District of Columbia. Columbia is known as Semiremis, the ancient Whore of Babylon. Christopher Columbus (not his real name) is the marriage of Christ to the Whore of Babylon and the 'discoverer' of 'The New World' across the Atlantic.

The Challenger, like 911, was a megaritual sacrifice to Lucifer. It particularly, was to sacrifice the innocent 'Teacher of the Year', Christa McAuliff. Christ (in a femenine teaching aspect) sacrificed to Lucifer, the sun god (Ra), in broad daylight, with the hopes and dreams of millions of children exploded into twin arcs, the horns of Baphomet all orchestrated by the New World Order government. Etymology of 'government' ~ Gubern-to control, Mente-mind = Mind Control.

Are you on the steering wheel of your vehicle yet, I am on mine.


My breakdown of the Lord of the Rings.

Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
jan Eta sewi li jo e sike mute. {elvish version}

I think these rings are the forebrain, the midbrain and the hindbrain. Sky = skullcap.
They represent thought, feeling, and action. This points to the 1st world, the world of conception.

Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
jan Kasa li jo e sike mute li lon tomo kiwen.

I think these rings are the 2 eyes, the 2 ears, 2 nostrils, & 1 mouth.
Halls of stone refers to the bones of the skull.
They represent the world of the senses. This refers to the 2nd world, the world of perception.

Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
jan Ana li jo e sike mute li moli.

I think these are the lungs, heart, liver, stomach, pancreas, lg. intestine, sm.intestine, kidneys, & bladder. The flesh (organs) of the body...doomed to die.
This refers to the 3rd world, the world of reaction.

One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
jan lawa pimeja li jo e sike wan
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
li lon ma Moto pimeja.

This is the rectum/anus. This organ represents the culmination of all the desires of
the others. The result of greed/desire.
This is the underworld.

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
sike wan li lawa e ali. sike wan li lukin e ma ali.

One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
sike wan li kama jo e ali li wan e ali kepeken ike

In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
lon ma Moto pimeja.

The rings are about the worship of Saturn/Satan. All who marry are joined by 2 rings to the worship of duality/dependency and remanifestation (childbearing) into the fleshly world of Satan.

Frodo and Sam represent youthful sexual freedom. They escape the mundane world and journey together to defeat evil. If it hadn't been Mt. Doom, it surely would have been Brokeback Mountain they were headed to conquer. Their love for one another is quite palpable. Only Frodo is borne to the Land of the Immortals, though. He takes no wife (no ring) and bears no children. He won't sell out, but also sacrifices his true love, for the good of the world.

M/ordo/r, M- the 13th letter, followed by 'ordo' (latin for order), finished by 18th letter "R"/ 6+6+6. Ends in mortality.

F/rodo. 6th letter means Solomon's Seal (understanding of magick), followed by the 666 (mortal life) folded into the odo or order of the land where the Shadows lie. Ends in order.
Also, rod refers to both red and rod. The erect phallus. Odo may also refer to O.T.O., the Ordo Templi Orientis, to which Tolkien must have been a member. I can't prove this, but my intuitions are stronger than most peoples facts.

Only he who bears the One ring to its origin and destroys it (understands it), without being destroyed by it, becomes immortal.

I hope this doesn't sound awful to you, but during the time of the revealing, we must say what we understand to be true.

All these things are purely speculative based solely on my own intuition and I offer them freely to be used by you as they have had edifying and mentally stimulating results for me and I hope they provide that effect for others.

Godspeed from Deep's Dog, the Pet of He Who Understands.

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