What Is An Addiction?


What Is An Addiction?

Have you ever tried to stop a destructive behavior but couldn't, or felt like a certain aspect of your life was out of control? Perhaps you've risked a relationship with someone that you love to be in an unhealthy situation or behavior. Is part of your life a big secret?

Sue Neufeld-Ellis, R.N., CMHC, says "If you answer yes to any of these questions, you might be an addict." The problem might be alcohol or a drug, or it could be sex, romance or love addiction. Often it is a combination!

Don't be intimidated by all of those professional designations behind Sue's name. What they really indicate is the woman's passion and enthusiasm for knowledge of how to live a useful and rewarding life. Sue is a Seattle therapist that focuses her practice on every aspect of recovery and emotional healing. Sue brings a wealth of vocational and practical experience to her counseling sessions, as well as the insights gained in her own recovery journey.

So what is an addiction? Sue likes the definition given by one of her mentors, Dr. Pat Carnes. "Addiction is a pathological relationship with a mood-altering substance, experience or event." Sue goes through the above questions and others like them with her client as she builds a careful assessment of one's behavior and sets out a treatment plan.

During the first part of this decade, Sue found herself in great demand to give workshops on the newly emerging field of sexual addictions and dysfunctions. She taught classes to professionals all over the U.S. on how to identify, assess and treat these problems. Sue uses the 12-step model of recovery approach as well as the obsessive/compulsive model, and has found a way to integrate the two concepts in her practice.

Sue and her husband recently returned to Seattle from a 2-year around-the-world sabbatical. She used the time to work on her personal. and spiritual growth, as well as to gain further professional insights. Sue is back practicing in her comfortable Eastlake Avenue office that she shares with other practitioners. She brings experience as a social worker, nurse, director of a treatment center family program and educator together with knowledge of the body and energy work, Reiki Master, meditation, and breathwork facilitator. All of these wonderful modalities are expressed in the delightful down-to-earth person of Sue Neufeld-Ellis.

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By Craig Hamborg

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