On Death, Spirit and Healing


Initially, I was hesitant to do this interview due to some of the subjects involved (exorcism, alien possessions, and UFOs). But after I learned of Mr Telman’s academic credentials, I wanted to gain more insight into these subjects. Mr Telman’s academic achievements (the most impressive I have seen to date) are:

BA( Bachelor of Arts)
LLB (Bachelor of Law)
DipClHyp (Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy)
GradDipEd (Graduate Diploma of Education)
Med (Master of Education)
MBA (Master of Business Administration)
Reiki Master
Shiatsu Master

Trung Nguyen

Alex Telman (BA, LLB, DipClHyp, GradDipEd, MEd, MBA) is an Australian Spiritual Healer, Psychic Medium, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and Shiatsu Master.

As one of Australia's most gifted full time Spiritual Healers, Alex is successfully healing and inspiring people to enhance their current and future lives. He will guide your psychic, spiritual, personal and business dissatisfaction into clear direction and action.

Alex has for many years been a Spiritual Healer, Business Owner, Barrister, Teacher, University Lecturer, and Author. Alex's clients include natural health practitioners, spiritual healers, celebrities, business leaders, politicians, professionals, educators, and countless other intriguing people. Equally important are the 'ordinary' people he knows and helps; each living out their rich and meaningful lives.

Alex brings many years of professional credibility to his work, providing his clients with tremendous value! Clients say they receive more than they expected in the way of depth and content. Every client received special care and attention. His website is http://psychicenergies.com/ .

Questions and Answers

by Trung Nguyen

With all your very impressive academic credentials, how were you introduced to spiritual healing and what made you decide to make a career out of it?

I have been aware of my gifts since childhood. My parents put my gifts down to "overactive imagination" but by the time I was in my late teens I KNEW there was something more going on than just my imagination. The energies I saw were real, the visions I had were real... and the problems I helped people solve were also real.

As more and more people came to me with their problems, I just "fell" into this as a career.

I've watched some of your YouTube videos and there was something you said that struck me-- that our conscience is closely related to our spirituality/spirit. Can you elaborate on that?

Yes, it's a complicated matter, but what we call our 'conscience' is an amalgam of the voices in our head. These voices are either ego based (from our mind- usually fear based) or soul based (wanting to explore the world and learn from adventures through either experiencing pain or fun). This interaction between soul and ego- exploration and fear develops our conscience- conscience then becomes the battleground between these 2 forces, or energies.

My job as a healer is to call a truce between these opposing forces. (i.e., the voices in your head).

It works!

In your opinion, how is our emotional and mental health related to our spirit? Is there a causal relationship?

As human beings, we are a total package of body-mind-soul. Each is separate- here for a different purpose.

That is why we are called "human beings". The human part of us is pure animal- fear and flight based. These are the voices in our head that try to stop us from hurting ourselves ("Don't do it! You are not good enough! You can't achieve that!!!) Anything to stop us taking risks and hurting ourselves.

The "being" part of us is spirit- the soul that enters our body before birth. This entity is here to learn, and does so through pain and through enjoyment. This is the part of us that wants to explore and conquor the world. These are the voices in our head that make us want to achieve and better ourselves.

And THAT is the battle most people suffer from every day- the battle between the human and the being.

If people (or nations on a broader level) allow the human part to take over, they suffer from depression, anger, violence, destruction, self- destruction and so on. If people allow the being part to take over there is peace and harmony and cooperation and so on.

Now back to your question- as a spiritual healer my job is to

a) get rid of negative human energies
b) get the human/mind to work WITH the spirit.

Once I achieve THAT in a person, and allow the being to become the dominant voice, you can see how the human mind benefits (no more depression, increase in adventure, etc).

So the mental and emotional health of the client improves dramatically.

Then a strange thing happens! The body relaxes. No more inner battles.
Aches and pains disappear. Clients tell me diseases reduce their potency or disappear (*I NEVER claim to cure diseases though).

So to answer your question, yes, there is a direct causal link between mind, spirit and body.

For some who are not familiar with it, how does distance healing work? What is required of the patient?

Distant healing is merely me manipulating the energies that are affecting you. Because I work on the energetic level, theoretically is does not matter whether you are in my office or on the other side of the planet.

What is necessary is that I am able to connect to your energies.

What I need from a client is their name at birth, town of birth and date of birth (photo is handy as well but optional). That way I can connect to the client at birth, have access to their Life Plan, then determine the path they are meant to follow and the energies necessary to get them there.

What I need from the client is a commitment to that Life Plan and to be open to the new energies flowing through them. That is all.

In the pharmaceutical industry, new drugs are tested against the placebo effect (sugar pills). In many studies, the placebo effect is more effective than the drugs themselves. What if someone said that spiritual or distance healing's effectiveness is attributed to the placebo effect, what would you tell them?

I would say that if they believe the outcome of a healing is placebo- that does not matter-- as long as the healing works. Belief from my point of view is not relevant.

I am after a positive outcome for clients. "I" know it works because of energy manipulation. What the client believes is not relevant as long as it works.

I'd say about a third of my clients are atheist. They do not believe in God or spirits- BUT they keep coming back because they know that the methodology works.

Who are we? Why are we here?

Well, we are intruders in the minds of creatures called Human Beings. We use these creatures to learn, to perfect ourselves as Spirits. Our job on Earth is to survive and learn, cut off from our true home- the Spirit realm. We are here to learn through our pain.

What is the difference between a Soul and a Spirit?

A Soul is a Spirit in a human body. A Spirit is an entity from the Spirit realm- our true home.

What happens when we die?

Souls often leave their body moments before actual death when the body is in greatest pain. The soul then travels through what looks like a black tunnel but is actually a Spiritual passage towards a golden white light. The light looks like a pinpoint but seems to expand as the Soul gets closer to it. The Soul feels like it is being pulled into the bright whiteness. The light appears to be a grey-gold colour that increases in intensity and the Soul is pulled in. It is at this grey-gold colour stage that some Souls refuse to enter the light.

Souls do not cross over for many reasons- fear, anger, confusion, unresolved major issues; especially if they have been killed (murdered), not completed something important, an other form of abrupt detachment.

Although Souls rarely have any interest in what happens to their bodies once they are physically dead (this is not harshness, just a desire to hurry home- into the Spirit realm), they do desire to mentally reach out and comfort loved ones before moving to the light. This is not a long process. Although Time is not a concept experienced in the Spirit realm, I have estimated that 1 day in our physical realm is equivalent to about 2 seconds in the spirit realm. Most Souls like to stay for their body’s funeral. This happens between 3 – 5 days. That’s about 6-10 seconds Emotions are also different in the Spirit ream because they know they will see those they left on Earth again either on the other side or in a future life.

What does the Soul experience as it moves into the Spirit realm?

The Soul experiences a gentle pulling into the light. It feels the power of thought all around it. This is a power of Love, understanding, security; it is an experience of pure harmony and absolutely no fear. It’s also a time of adjustment to the separation from the physical body.

Highly developed Souls move through this stage very easily and rapidly. Younger Souls, who may be disturbed by their separation, may need more time to adapt to their non-physical being.

The light appears to be layered, in the sense of getting brighter as the Soul enters it. It moves from grey to bright white. Sometimes sounds are heard, like vibrations. These can make the soul feel more revitalized.

At this point the Soul will be met by a welcoming group; either its Spirit guide and/or other familiar Spirits. Younger Souls may need comforting (they may carry the baggage of a difficult physical life). Older Souls may not even need their guide. Adjustment periods vary- usually depending on the level of the Soul’s advancement.

Unseen energy forces of living consciousness guide each Soul through to the other side of the light.

What are the first images seen by the Soul after crossing the light into the Spirit realm?

The first entity most Souls see as they enter the Spirit realm is usually their Spirit guide and is met by feeling of love and encouragement. Sometimes the younger Souls are also met by deceased relatives or people who were important to their past or current lives. There is a strong feeling of home and familiarity.

Next there appears to be a ‘parting’ of the light and the appearance of a huge auditorium-like room auditorium filled with sparkles of bright lights- like Christmas lights. The Soul floats towards these. They are the energy of other Souls.

Some of these energy/lights will be familiar to you as people you have known from past lives or in the Spirit realm. These familiar energies are at the foreground, with literally millions of energy lights in the background- those are other Souls re-entering the Spirit realm. Sometimes Souls are met by no-one, and this is disconcerting for the younger Souls. Your meeting process is planned well in advance to make your entry as easy as possible and depends on your particular needs.

What is a ‘lost’ Soul?

Compared to the total number of Souls, there are relatively few so-called ‘lost’ Souls. There are 2 types of lost Souls who refuse to cross over to the Spirit realm; these are either Ghosts (discarnate Souls inhabiting a place) or Attached Souls (discarnate Souls inhabiting a body).

Ghosts choose to remain in a geographical location due to a high level of discontent- they usually exhibit despair, confusion and at times hostility. Attached Souls are more common. They attach to people and often have a negative impact on a person’s psyche. People’s behaviour and/or thinking changes once these Souls infest a body. They affect or imprison our true Souls, often resulting in addictive or other negative behaviours. These unhappy Souls should be crossed-over.

Are Souls accountable for their actions whilst in a physical body?

After the initial welcoming group has dispersed, the Soul is ‘pulled’ towards along on a beam of white light towards an area of healing; akin to a chamber. The light is warm and healing; it’s purpose: cleansing of hurts, de-scarring, rehabilitation the leftovers from the ravages of the physical body and human mind. All negativity, pain from memories and the last chains of the physical realm are let go of here. It’s like taking a cool shower on a hot day. The older and more experienced the Soul becomes, the less damaged it comes back.

After this bathing, the Soul goes by way of the beam of white light to a comfortable, quiet place where a process of Soul-Spirit guide debriefing takes place. Guides are gentle but probing. Nothing can be hidden from them. You cannot get away with anything in the Spirit realm. Mistakes are admitted. Younger Souls are especially counseled. There is no such thing as punishment; the Souls themselves serve as their most severe critic in front of teacher-guides.

Souls are not created perfect. That is the reason they are inside our bodies- to learn lessons. As such they can become contaminated by external entities. Thus all Souls have the potential of damaging their identities by poor life choices; and all Souls are accountable for their conduct in the bodies they occupy, though ‘punishment’ is not the correct way to describe this accountability.

All mistakes can be rectified in a later life where the Soul will have to come back and deal with the same issues over and over again- that is karma. Souls don’t ever get it perfect; as long as they try to follow through on agreed goals prior to entering the physical body. When they don’t there is no punishment, only discussion and planning how to improve in a later life. Suicides are generally sent immediately back to a physical body to repeat the same issues without death.

Again, Souls are more upset with their mistakes than guides are; guides can be displeased but they don’t humiliate Souls. They are too advanced for that. They explain, for example, how they put thoughts into the physical body that the Soul ignored, or signs that were missed, or opportunities wasted. Motivations are discussed.

Our motivations are questioned and criticized but not condemned in such as way as to make us suffer… this is not exoneration – karma is still in play with respect to future lives… there is however at this point an overwhelming sense of forgiveness and understanding. This realm has no time so the learning process is eternal. )

What happens after the debriefing session?

All Souls are then projected to what can be described as a central depot, or staging area when they are then transported to their final home destination.

This central depot is an immense chamber with millions of soul/energy lights. It’s a very busy place with many ‘corridors’ leading out in ever direction. The most striking feature of the spirit realm is the constant awareness of a powerful loving energy directing everything- there is a powerful feeling of affinity between all the Souls here. This energy ‘pulls’ each Spirit through and out of the central depot – it’s like traveling along a purposeful, vibrational chord- like being pulled along by a current. As you travel through corridors you are aware of many, many Soul Clusters- groups of between 10 and 20 Souls. They look like combined dots of light- like groups of lights; perhaps like grapes bunched together. The speed is very fast, but it is rhythmic and safe.

As you approach your cluster, you slow down. The closer you are to your cluster, the more you slow down and the more familiar some of the Souls become. These are Souls you have come across as people in your past lives as either relatives, friends, or acquaintances on Earth.

Then you stop and there is a feeling on immense familiarity. You ‘stand’ before your own group. All communication is by telepathy- an exchange of vibrating energy. Souls are in the same cluster for all eternity- even though some develop faster than others. These are instructional groups- like classes at school, except all is centered around love and understanding. More advanced Souls within each cluster have extra ‘tuition’ elsewhere, but the affinity within each cluster is eternal. Here learning is focused on each Soul’s Earthly experiences. All experiences can be ‘replayed’, either as holographic type images or ‘inside’ the experience. Decisions, motivations, alternatives and future possibilities are often the focus of discussion. Spirit guides often join these discussions- not as teachers per se, but rather as knowledgeable participants. The atmosphere is ‘fun’, not serious, although most Souls take their learning seriously. The goal is to develop understanding (that is why older souls usually are found in humble or harsh circumstances on Earth).

How are we assigned our Spirit guides?

Aim of a Spirit guide is to protection, comfort and advise the Soul whilst in the physical realm- though there is still contact in the Spirit realm. When people pray, they usually are heard only by their guide.

Older Souls act as ‘trainee’ or junior Spirit guides. Depends on a Soul’s maturity. More mature Souls may have more than one person they guide. All guides have different experience and abilities, therefore guides are assigned (by ‘Elders) on the basis that they have overcome in their past lives similar problems and behaviours that the younger Soul. Because of this similarity, guides are usually compassionate, loyal, motivating, skillful and not judgmental – but that does not mean they are always ‘easy’. They need to be challenging in order for Souls to learn. That is why most people only receive clues, or direction, to answer their problems, not the full solution. Their way of teaching is more parental than dictatorial. Guides have a way of disappearing when Souls in their care refuse to confront, or avoid, problems. That is why we should listen to those voices in our head- especially at times of crisis.

Guides also have their own guides; Souls more advanced than they- and so on up the ladder.

What is the difference between a young Soul and an old Soul?

Earth is a difficult training ground for Souls. Some planets are very material, other are very mental. Earth is a rugged combination of both and therefore a good training ground for Souls who wish to advance. Human beings are egotistical yet very vulnerable, controlled mostly by senses and emotions. Most Souls experience other ‘easier’ planets first before incarnating on Earth.

Approximately 80 percent of Souls are in their early development. Some Souls who have been incarnating 50,000 years are still young. Others 8,000 year are older. It’s all about learning lessons that must be learnt- as a result of our Earthly experiences.

All Souls are ‘equal’ in the Spirit realm. Beginner Souls are usually confused and not very able to learn lessons. They are not judged on that basis, but rather encouraged in their efforts. Inability to learn in one lifetime is compensated for by effort in the next. Souls are their own greatest critics- they can get discouraged, but the support they receive from the Spirit realm is immense. Their knowledge and experience base in increased with each lifetime and the learning process lasts an eternity so there is no hurry. They have a lot of input from their guides about each next incarnation and their life plans are very closely monitored. It usually takes a Beginner Soul up to 10 lifetimes to really begin the learning process. They then become Young Souls.

Older Souls on the other hand have greater ‘freedom’ and also greater responsibility. Their relationship with their guides is closer to that of partners in learning. They have more say in their next incarnation and life plan. At times they act as Spirit guides in conjunction with more Advanced Souls.

Advanced Souls are usually seen as very adapt at problem solving when they incarnate into a physical body; they are seen as emotionally stable and ‘appear’ to others as Spiritually aware. But this is often not the case. Often they choose very harsh physical environments to develop their learning. They do not often incarnate, preferring to act as ‘junior’ Spirit guides- they also expend a lot of energy analyzing their past lives and helping younger Souls through their experiences- sometimes as Spirit guides.

So what is the ultimate goal of a Soul?

The ultimate goal of a Soul is to combine… or become one with the Source- the Supreme creative life force.

What is the Source? Is it God?

These are just names we put on the ultimate creating energy. I have never seen it, but I know it is there. It is the Love force. The Creator of the Spirit and other realms. In fact, it is the Spirit realm. I don’t know if it is one entity or a group of entities, but I do know it is there. It creates and continues to create the system.

In fact it is the Spirit realm that is the true ‘civilization’ of the Universe, not Humanity or any other planetary species. The physical realm is there for the learning process of the Spirit realm. Everything returns home to the Spirit reams and it’s ultimate centre is the Source. Everything is pulled towards It.

It is the opposite to evolution. The more we evolve as a species, the more we go back to the Source.

How does a Soul select its next physical life, its next body?

Souls, especially the younger ones, do not always wish to return to a physical body- especially when they have not been successful in achieving their goals. But the Spirit realm is a loving and caring environment and eventually, after the traumas of past lives have been healed, all Souls feel the ‘pull’ to begin the re-incarnation process again.

Souls work in conjunction with their Spirit guides to determine readiness. When ready the Soul is transported to a ‘Selection Room’- a very bright room like an Imax cinema. Here there is a meeting with their Spirit guide and Elders- old souls who do not incarnate but organize and advise on re-incarnation. Each Soul is energetically scanned and an ‘optimum’ physical life is chosen. The ‘future life’ is then played on the multidimensional screen- only the major life moments, turning points.

The Soul can ‘enter’ that life to get a sense of it at any point. The Soul then makes a choice as to whether to accept that body or not. Most do and they must bear the responsibility for their choice. If a Soul does not accept that body, the matter is discussed and if necessary another physical body is selected. By the end of this process the Soul has an idea of the life they will be entering. That life is in proportion to the lessons they need to learn and any karmic resolution to be performed. The Soul may be given a choice of bodies if there are many lessons to learn.

Souls choose their bodies for specific learning experiences- at times for others rather than themselves. For example, a Soul may enter the body of a baby that dies at birth- this is a blessing for that Soul, and the lessons in that situation are for the parents of that baby. The Soul returns to the Spirit realm and will be allocated another body- often a sibling to the deceased baby.

Souls may choose to enter a physically or mentally disabled body to overcome the shortcomings of that body- be that discrimination, ailments, pain, humility, and so on.

All Souls enter their physical body intentionally. There are no accidents. Souls choose the best physical experience, including the selection of family, friends and other circumstances, for the lessons they must learn as well as the part they play in the lessons of other Souls. That is the importance of Soul clusters. The entire process is about the learning experience of each Soul- by overcoming adversity.

Once a body is selected, what is the re-birth process?

Once a body has been selected the Soul returns to its Cluster group and the Souls in that group discuss the choices any returning Souls have made. Trials, lessons, tribulations are discussed in the context of meaning each has to the departing Soul.

There is also a series of meetings between the departing Soul and their Spirit guide to confirm the ‘life plan’ of the Soul- its goals for the next physical existence. Also discussed are the important turning points or milestones to watch out for, as seen in the Selection Room.

So by this stage the Soul knows the major turning points in its next life as well as the Souls it must come into contact with, significant people it has to meet, in order for it to learn its life lessons. Of course everything in the physical realm is free will and it may take a Soul many, many lifetimes to recognize the important people it must learn from. Souls often miss such opportunities in the physical realm and the human – physical person suffers as a result. Likewise the Soul does not fully learn its lessons. But alternatives always exist within each lifetime and they are learning experiences as well. These matters are the subject of the final exit interview with the Soul’s Spirit guide.

At the appropriate moment the Soul feels a gentle pull and, accompanied by its Spirit guide, begins to move through the corridors of the Spirit realm. As it does so a protective shield of white light forms around it. After the protective shield is formed the Soul’s speed increases until it is floating at great speed into a large chamber, let’s call it the exit chamber, where it slows and stops. During its flight into towards the exit chamber a silver chord has been attached and the Soul’s energy has undertaken a foetal human-like form. This silver chord connects the Soul to its new physical body.

The exit chamber is of a bright while colour. At a distance a wall of white, shimmering gas, or cloud, can be seen. There is a final parting between the Soul and its Spirit guide.

The Soul enters the white gaseous cloud. As it slowly travels through the white light it undergoes a form of amnesia, so that when it enters its new human form it will begin to forget its life in the Spirit realm. This is so that all lessons learned on Earth are ‘natural’; all pain is experienced as a reality, not as a pre-destined formula. That is how we learn; though pain. But the amnesia process is not perfect and humans open to Spiritual learning do get glimpses, or memory, of the Spirit realm. Some people (Mediums, Psychics or people under hypnosis) are capable of greater memory than others.

Souls can enter the human body at any time before birth. They enter at a point when all the bodies physical organs are in place. At first the Soul will probe the babies mind, learn its brain wave patterns, and slowly settle in. This is not always an easy process as every mind is different. Younger Souls may be helped in this process by their Spirit guide. The Soul and the mind gently meld as the Soul expands itself through the body. It relaxes the child and quietly determines a course of action after birth. The amnesia process continues until the child is about 6 years of age.

Then, apart from its Spirit guide and other ‘soul mates’ it meets along the way, each Soul is on its own, learning (or attempting to learn), the lessons it has come here for.

Any parting words for our readers?

Yes. I'm with them on a journey of love and peace.

In addition, most people's spiritual journey is NOT sitting on a mountain top chanting OMMMM all their lives. Most people's spiritual journey is a PHYSICAL one- learning to cope with the PHYSICAL realm - their everyday lives.

That is my job. To help people cope and flourish in their everyday lives.

You can reach Alex Telman at his website: http://psychicenergies.com/ .

Below are two additional interviews with Alex Telman: "Possession by Alien Entities- the ET Experience" and "Interview with an Aussie Exorcist."

Possession by Alien Entities- the ET Experience

You have in the past talked about demonic possession and lost Soul possession. You have rarely spoken about alien possession. Why is that?

I didn’t believe people were ready for that conversation.

But you do believe people are ready to hear about ETs now?

Yes. I have had so many (extraterrestrial) ET cases come through my door that I believe it is time. There are so many realms out there- the physical and the spiritual realms are only two such realms. I would classify ETs as another realm even though, from my limited knowledge, they do come from our physical reality. But it is very early days and my research is not conclusive.

But you do believe in ETs?

It’s not a question of believing in them; they are real. In fact there are many intelligent species in the universe. And in my experience quite a large number of them living amongst us. Perhaps I’ll rephrase that- they are living inside us!

Are ETs linked to our notion of UFOs?

Possibly; that is not conclusive from my experience. My clients usually come to me with implants and nightmare abductions- I negotiate with the home world to have these implants removed. Then I cross the embedded aliens back to their home world. It seems these aliens are ‘stuck’ in people’s bodies and the only way for them to return is to be crossed over.

Let’s take this one step at a time. Have you always known that ET’s were capable of infesting a person’s body?

Not at all. Through my practice I mostly cross over lost Souls and cast out demonic entities. Rarely, perhaps in 2 percent of cases, these entities did not want to cross over or be cast out, and their energy patterns were profoundly different from lost Souls and demonic entities. They also went very silent and refused to communicate with me- which is very, very unusual. I was bewildered. So over a period of time I tried a number of different approaches, until one day I communicated with one. That’s when I realized what I was dealing with.

I was shocked. I mean, I used to watch science fiction movies, and I was somewhat interested in the UFO phenomenon. But I always had doubts. Until…

Until you saw them for yourself?

Yes. It was freaky at first. Especially when I began communicating with their home worlds.

What made you do that?

Well the operator of the implanted equipment does not usually have the authority to remove it. So I had to communicate to their superiors- go up the hierarchy as it were. Eventually i am led to their home world.

Why are they here?

Most are here gather information- and usually about our reproductive system. They are either scientists or technical beings who are gathering data relevant to their genetic engineering and spiritual engineering projects. What’s amazing is their ability to heal if an interesting subject gets ill. That is the story I get over and over again. It is so consistent.

I would imagine most therapists would consider ETs a product of a person’s imagination- a symptom rather than a cause of a problem.

Yes. Most health professionals would see them as a sign of an unbalanced mind. I don’t! I have seen too many of these cases in very normal, successful, intelligent, lucid people. They are suffering because of ETs. These ETs are very capable of taking over a person’s mental and physical faculties. And they do, because they need a ‘home’ while controlling the equipment that runs their experiments.

What is your opinion on such programs as SETI (the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence)?

It’s looking the wrong way. Instead of looking for evidence of alien life out into space, we should be focused in- into the human mind and body. The aliens are already here. Living inside us.

So it’s not just the implants that disrupt a person’s life; it’s also the operator of the equipment?

Exactly! There is usually an alien entity embedded in the host, and they can create energies that are quite intrusive. Possession or control by another being, be it a lost Soul, a demon or an ET can be quite terrifying and intrusive on so many levels.

In your practice, how can you tell the difference between a lost Soul and an ET? In other words, how can you tell that a person is possessed by an alien entity?

ETs have never had their own human body and are rarely intentionally disruptive to their host; in fact they have little interest in the host as such. They generally claim that they are here to gather data; mostly about our reproduction system. Less often they claim to study our physical evolution. Unlike many lost Souls, ETs are happy to leave when asked. If permission needs to be negotiated with their home world, the latter is usually willing to remove the equipment when the human concept of free will and intelligence is explained to them. Many ETs cannot return to their own world without assistance- either from me or their home planet. ETs are usually highly intelligent and far more conversational that lost Souls and demons.

How do you clients perceive that they are possessed by an alien entity?

Quite often they don’t realize that an ET is actually inside them. They come to me saying things like,

“I have had nightmares of being surrounded by people who look like aliens since I was a child.”

“For a long time I have felt like there is a tight metal band around my neck, forehead, shoulders or tummy.”

“I feel like there are wires in my tummy, shoulders, etc…”

“I feel like I have wires or antennae coming out of my body…”

Most feel the equipment rather than the ET. That, of course, is my first clue. ETs place many different kinds of implants into their host, and these devices always seem to cause pain in their host when discovered.

What do you do when a device and/or alien are discovered?

I remove them, of course (smiles). Discover of a device and or alien usually causes feelings of anger and confusion in people. Memory of alien abduction is often common at this time. But my focus is not on the abduction but rather on the healing. My job is to remove the equipment and the alien or aliens from the client’s body.

Can you describe the process by which you do remove the ET and alien device from a client?

Initially, after I identify alien equipment in the client, I make contact with the operator. This is the alien entity, or ET. I ask the ET why it is interfering with the client; the reason it is here. I then determine where it is from and whether it has authority to remove the equipment. If it has such authority I ask for the equipment to be removed. If my request is denied I explain the concept of free will and describe the effect having the equipment has on the client. If my further request is denied I ask to be connected with the ETs superior; this is usually on its home world. Sometimes I have to go up three or four levels to get to someone with authority to remove the device. In fact there are two main ET worlds I have had contact with- Nibaru and Charion. Charion in particular is one world where I have removed a number of devices; and I now get put straight through to its ruling Council- they know me well and are happy to comply with my requests.

Generally the ET removes the device, and that process can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 hours of our Time. Once the device has been removed I determine whether the ET can return by itself to its home world or whether it needs my help. If it needs my help I will discuss a strategy with it or its superiors. The process normally involves me crossing the ET through its own Light- often green, pink or brown, but always different to our white Light. I then return the ET to its home world.

Prior to crossing the ET back to its home world I get background as to why this particular subject was chosen and where the entry point for the device was. I close that particular entry point and heal any issues or negative energies that allowed or ‘invited’ the ET into his client in the first place.

Do you find the ETs, either the one in the human body or the ones in the home world, aggressive?

Never aggressive. The ET in the client is usually just doing its job and uncaring whether it stays or goes- though they usually want to return to their home worlds. The ETs I have contact with in the home world I find are usually have an air of superiority and impatience; though with diplomacy they do listen. Once they have made a decision to remove the device they do not speak with me. Their conversations are normally very sharp; clipped. They are very business-like and talk me as one would to an inferior being. But they do listen.

Is the client aware of your conversation with the ETs?

Yes. I channel my conversations through the client. They are very aware of what is happening.

Are they surprised?

Yes. Very surprised. Most had no idea that the feelings of metal or wiring were alien implants. Most had no idea that an alien was residing in them controlling the device. Most did not believe in the existence in alien worlds. Most could not believe that they actually connected to an alien world. Most are stunned when they see cities or buildings or rooms or groups of beings in an alien world.

Have you ever encountered a situation where you were refused a request to have an alien device removed?

No. not yet. Though there have been some stubborn moments. But there is always a way around such situations.

For example?

Every situation is different. There have been times I have had to do small jobs for the ET, such as removing entities from their world. Like a trade off. That’s all I can say for now. It can get quite complicated.

It sounds like it can get very political?


Have you ever had detailed discussions with any ETs about their home world or about Earth?

Yes. I am quite close to the Charion Council. But that may be material for another interview.

Can you give us a clue?

They know a lot about Earth; about previous civilizations here, about our Gods; about the nature of human beings and our Souls. They have been coming here for a very long time; a very long time.

Do you promise to do that interview?

(smiles) One day I will.

Thank you. Can you describe how a client senses alien devices on their body?

Most common is either a metallic headband just above the eyes, a metallic cap that extends across the crown of the head, or a cup or oval shaped device in the tummy area. At times there are antennae extending out from such devices.

Clients normally come to me when they experience sudden mood swings of behavioral changes. These are happy, successful people who suddenly are overwhelmed by anger or jealousy or behavior that is either novel to them or behavior that has been there for a long time but does not seem ‘natural’ to them. So very social people who suddenly isolate themselves or quiet, sober people who suddenly drink or take drugs, stable, responsible people who suddenly suffer mood swings come and see me. These are ‘ordinary’ people whose behavior or way of thinking changes. They usually have an attached lost Soul, a demonic entity or an ET.

What percentage of people would you estimate have such attachments?

I’m tempted to say everyone; but I’d guess about 80 percent of people are actually affected by such entities. And half of those, severely. Most of my clients have spirits attached to them. A smaller percentage have demonic entities. A smaller percentage again have ETs.

Do you hear many stories about alien abduction?

I do, and many of them a very consistent in their experiences.

Are all abductions conducted by the same civilization of aliens?

No. I have come across at least twelve civilizations.

Can you describe a ‘typical’ alien abduction?

Initially people describe a feeling of paralysis; not being able to move. They may be in bed, walking in the county side, playing in a park. But they feel frozen in time and space. Immobile. Their mind feels numb. Then they blank out for what feels like a moment or two, but when they regain consciousness they find two to fours have gone by. Some report blanking out for a moment then finding they have walked 10 kilometers. Some report driving 100 kilometers in a ‘moment’. Time seems to be compressed. Often the abduction occurs whilst the client is with other people. Either because the abduction seems to last only a ‘moment’ in our time or because the others are ‘switched off’, the others do not realize the abduction is occurring. The abductee often sees a ‘flash of light’ prior to the abduction.

Although abduction recall occurs during a session with me, many clients have had vivid dreams of aliens. These dreams a quite often of being surrounded by such aliens. During a session with me, many clients recall seeing small humanoid ‘people’ steering them aboard a “space craft”- they either walk onto the craft via a ramp or a lifted aboard by some type of beam.

What happens when the abductee has entered the space craft?

On the craft the abductee is led into a large ‘waiting’ room where they can be aware of other humans but cannot communicate with them. After a while they are escorted by these ‘short’ aliens into a bright, sterile medical room; they experience a sensation of being in a surgery. The room is bright, though no fixtures are visible. So for example, there are no obvious light fittings although the room is very bright. In this room clients describe seeing various types of medical equipment, and all see a ‘steel type’ of examination table. There are usually between four to eight alien beings in the room manipulating the equipment and generally preparing the room. At this point most clients are aware of feeling traumatized, terrified and confused; many feel immobilized as though drugged. Although they are conscious of the following proceedings, their memories seems to dim to varying degrees from this point on.

How has the medical procedure been described to you?

The abductee is carefully undressed, then is laid on the examination table. At this point the abductee, though conscious, feels physically immobile and mentally in a drug-like state. The aliens then perform an preliminary examination in the form of taking blood and tissue samples. After this preliminary procedure a larger alien (some clients say human), enters. The smaller aliens respect this larger alien and defer to its rank, often backing away from the examination table, allowing the larger being to view the client. Most clients refer to this being as ‘the doctor’.

The doctor continues the physical procedures. Most female clients report eggs being extracted and male clients report sperm being extracted from their bodies. Females report being transported back into the craft with a few months to have the fetus removed. All clients report some form of implant inserted into their body.

Are clients conscious during this procedure?


What happens at the conclusion of this medical procedure?

At the conclusion of their medical procedure clients report being returned to the place from which they were abducted. This happens quickly; clients report a floating feeling, then a sudden awareness of being ‘back’. When they are back in our time frame, those who remember their ordeal feel it all happened in ‘a blink of an eye’. Others feel like they have had a dream. Many remember nothing for a while, though they may experience an itch or unease where the implant has been inserted. Some report scarring. Over a period of time clients report a change in their behavior and ways of thinking- anger, depression, loneliness. That is the point when they come to see me.

And what do you see when the client enters your practice?

What I see is the equipment and the operator of the equipment. By the time the client arrives in my office the equipment has integrated itself into the body- it is no longer metal as such, but rather a metallic imprint, though still functioning. It seems as though the devices implanted into humans begin as metallic objects then somehow convert into a functioning holographic mechanism. I do not know how that process works, but it does. Also implanted into the client is an operator; a non-physical being who controls the mechanism. Again, I do not understand the process but it has been my experience that this being cannot voluntarily return to its home world without my help in ‘crossing’ it there. For whatever reason, the aliens do not seem to be able to disengage this controller from the human body.

Are all alien abductions so traumatic?

No. There is a second type of abduction, just as fascinating. Some clients are not led into a craft at all; they are led through a passage that appears in their minds. Initially the client sees the aliens standing before them. The aliens then disappear and becomes a reality in their mind. At this point clients describe feeling immobile physically but very conscious of ‘inner-seeing’. They are asked by the aliens to follow them, and are led through various ‘caverns’ in their mind, until a huge passage appears. In many instances this passage has a massive closed door, at other times the doorway is open. The client is then instructed to walk alone through the passage until they arrive at a room. The passage is described as grey, smooth and without visible lighting, although the passage is bright. At the end of this passage is as large, cavernous room where they are greeted by a being- usually a tall, hooded figure. There are two cylindrical seats where both sit. The client is instructed to listen. Not speak, just listen.

That is all that clients who experience this remember.

Can you put this experience down to the client’s imagination?

It’s real. If I heard this from one client then yes, I could assume it is the client’s imagination. But I have heard this scenario time and time again.

And do any clients remember what is said to them?

No, but many experience some type of a spiritual growth after their experience, almost as though there has been a spiritual ‘pressure valve’ released in their brain.

And you cannot access this passage?

No, not yet. But I am working on it.

Just getting back to the alien who controls the mechanism in a person’s body; are there instances where that alien has come from a source other than as a result of an abduction?

Yes. The Charion civilization is one such example. They project their devices and controllers into a person’s body from their home world. But they are not very good at retrieving them.

The controller settles into the subconscious mind of the host and can project thoughts and emotions into a person, even to the point of exerting mental and physical control over that person. It becomes very easy for me to channel answers from these alien beings just by asking them questions.

The ‘controller’ is the ET entity that controls the mechanism in a person’s body?

That is correct. They are usually scientist or technicians who operate the mechanism or gather and transmit data to their home world. They are very focused on their work and don’t often engage in detailed conversation with me.

How, then, do you get them to respond?

They respond to me when I challenge the efficacy of their work. They tend to have an intense regard for their work and become very defensive. I get a response when I say things like:

• Your mechanism is not very effective if you have been here so long.
• Your data cannot be very reliable because human beings are so flawed.
• You are wasting your time because our civilizations are so different.
• This experiment is futile; you are just playing a game. Who is in charge of this game?

The ET controller will normally defend the efficacy of the experiment and is happy to connect me to its superior- either in a space craft or on its home world- in order to convince me that the experiment is valid. Using this technique I eventually connect to the alien leadership- either civilian or military. At this level I find their response to be quick, quite compassionate and cooperative in terms of removing the mechanism and the ET controller. I guess the underlings are usually just ‘doing their job’. So it is necessary to connect to the real decision makers in the hierarchy.

This all sounds quite bizarre- and frightening. How do clients react when they discover they are a channel for alien beings?

It seems bizarre at first, until we realize that our human scientists are doing the same kinds of experiments on animals and humans on Earth. Some clients are, of course, shocked to discover a conscious entity living inside them. For these people the concept of UFOs and aliens is very foreign to them; so when they discovered they have been ‘invaded’ by aliens they can be quite terrified. But most clients are not surprised at all because they have felt for a long time that there is a personality inside them that is not their own. In fact they seemed relieved to know that their behavior and thoughts are not their own.

I could imagine discovering an alien living inside your body can be a daunting experience?

Yes, especially as in many instances the client is not aware of any entity inside them; they feel that something is not right, but cannot describe what it is exactly that they experience. When they hear the voice of the ET coming through them, a notion that is outside their belief system, they are at least surprised. Especially when they begin to describe experiences that are beyond their personal experiences; such as describing an alien home world, an alien culture, a mission, scientific equipment. Most of these ETs are compliant and answer most questions willingly; after all, they are scientists and consider themselves ‘ordinary’ workers. And although they are intrusive, they are not hostile nor aggressive when discovered. They never hesitate to discuss their mission and when permission is granted from their superiors, are pleased to go home.

You make them sound positively friendly.

Let’s not forget that they are intrusive and they do negatively impact the lives of people. But in my experience this is not their intention. They are here to do a job. Once I explain to them our concept of free will and choice, and that their host did not willingly invite them into their mind and body, they do understand. In fact I have had clients who do not wish to let them go.

What do you tell a client who does not wish to let go of an ET?

I remind the client why they have come to see me in the first place. I explain to the client that this entity does not belong in their body; that the ET is stopping them from fulfilling their own life purpose. Some clients do feel sorry for the ET, but all agree to let them go. ETs are invasive, and they infest the minds of people. And although many are not hostile, they do take control and affect people’s thoughts and behaviors.

How do you explain your ‘close’ relationship to ET hierarchies in the light of such huge differences between our civilizations?

That’s easy. There is only one Source in our universe. It has created a path that leads to mercy, forgiveness and spiritual evolution. Ultimately all civilizations are following this path- though perhaps by different routes. We are all headed towards the same destination. And we all fight the same battle- between good and evil. I understand the path; and I understand this battle. So I have a common language with ET civilizations.

Interview with an Aussie Exorcist

From his modest Soul Centre in Brisbane, gifted exorcist and spiritual healer Alex Telman busily attends to people’s other-worldly concerns; ranging from healing people’s worries, habits and negativity, to the more serious rituals of clearings and exorcisms. It is precisely his work in the field of exorcisms and clearings that make him stand out as the country’s only Jewish exorcist; a traditionally Christian role for centuries.

You claim to be an exorcist?

I don’t claim it- I am an exorcist. As far as being the only Jewish exorcist, that doesn’t concern me. Exorcisms aren’t about religion, but about clearing out certain types of forces and energies. In fact the more people that could develop the skill, the better, regardless of religion. There’s a real spiritual war going on out there, and we can use the help. What I do know though, is that I’m the only person performing the ritual in a particular way, largely due to my unique abilities.

We usually associate exorcism ritual and practice with the Christian faith. Is that reflected in your clientele?

Oh no! (laughs) My clients are of every faith and religion. I assure you even the atheists have started arriving! My work has nothing to do with their personal religious beliefs; it’s about fighting powerful negative energies. These energies don’t discriminate. They attack everything and everyone, regardless of gender, faith, politics, race and culture! So I don’t discriminate between God’s children. I’ve never refused to help anyone.
It’s an unusual career choice.

Unusual perhaps, but it’s not a choice. My gifts are God-given. I didn’t choose them.

What is an exorcism?

It is a direct confrontation, a battle between God’s will as invoked through the healer, and the will of the negative demonic entities. We are confronting their will, their insistence on possessing a person or a space. An exorcism is a powerful and effective means of eliminating disruptive, negative and intrusive energies.

Are these demons real?


What is their intention for possessing?

Possession is the demon’s way of breaking down a person’s will and mind. Their intention is to bring chaos, negativity and disharmony to the people and places they occupy. It is the demonic realm’s way of belittling God’s greatest creation: humanity. It is their way of remaining and engaging in battle with God.

So ‘exorcisms’ can be performed on places as well?

Call it an ‘exorcism’, a ‘clearing’, a ‘healing’- it doesn’t really matter. It all boils down to the same thing. My work is to get rid of problematic energies whether they occupy a home, a business, or a person.

What do you define as problematic energies?

Malevolent entities; lost souls; stagnant energy; negativity. All can cause problems for people’s homes and for those living in them. Most of my work involves helping lost souls inhabiting homes or commercial premises move on and stop creating problems for the current living inhabitants. There have been few cases were I’ve been called to get rid of an entity that has full possession or control of its host.

You mean demonic possession? Like in the movies?

Yes that’s exactly what I mean….but without the special effects. They [the demons] do put on a show though…very cunning. They’ll try to wear me down by shouting out through the person they’re possessing, very personal and private thoughts and experiences from my life, hoping that way that I’ll give up the exorcism prayers and weaken. But, I don’t stop until they’re gone!

So exorcisms are for demonic possession only?

You may use exorcism prayers even on a person that doesn’t show signs of full possession; on people who suffer persistent negative attitudes or behaviours. Sometimes these demonic entities partially invade a person and affect both their personality and lives in an indirect way.

I’ve had people walk in off the street, and I could see these entities surrounding them; a quick exorcism and the people report immediate relief and feel brand new. I know it, because I see these negative energies make a run for it after the prayers!

Sometimes people’s lifestyles open doors to these bad energies; for example drugs and other addictions, some New Age practices, negative self-talk and so on. So when you start vibrating at such a low ‘frequency’ you invite into your persona and space these negative entities for they also vibrate at such a low frequency. You don’t have to be frothing at the mouth like in the movies to be ‘under attack’.

Is there a demand for this type of work?

Yes, because possession is of varying degrees, and doesn’t need to be always what you’ve seen in the movies. Much of my exorcism or ‘clearing’ work is for businesses that are experiencing unexplainable sudden downturn in business, so I go there and give the place a powerful energetic clearing. The rest of my clearing work is for people who are experiencing unusual and uncomfortable things in their home or have suddenly developed negative attitudes or behaviours.

You magically make business go good again?

No magic. Just prayers, my God-given gifts, and ritual. I call forth the command of God and that His will be done. I know that before I even ask, it will be done. I work from a state of gratitude and clear intent. (smiles) I assure you, I’ve not had any complaints thus far.

When would you perform your work?

If in your current house or one you’ve moved into, you experience an unusually high frequency of arguments, illness, negativity, mood swings, discomfort, movements, unexplained noises - these are usually symptoms of the house being ‘occupied’ by questionable entities. In the case of a person being ‘under attack’ they usually experience sudden changes in their temperament, vagueness, mental confusion, break out into violent acts and so forth.

Has there ever been a case where you’ve walked into a client’s house, and you’ve discerned that the problem isn’t supernatural? What would you advise them to avoid paranoia settling in?

Certainly I’d advise them first to go through a process of elimination. However, it is very rare that I’m called into a place where there isn’t an other-worldly problem... usually people’s gut instincts and intuition are on target. I advise that people first try to solve matters themselves in a practical worldly way...but when that doesn’t work and things get a bit unsettling for them, to call me. When I visit the client’s home, I actually ‘see’ these entities if the problem is supernatural anyway.

Seeing is believing, but you are the only one doing the seeing.

You’re right to a point, that’s my special gift. Though people don’t see what I can, they faith in what I tell them I see. But there is proof; people can actually experience and feel a very different and transformed space when I’ve completed my work. So you see, there’s always tangible proof - otherwise people would not be calling me and referring others to me.

According to the Church only ordained priests authorised as exorcists can perform this rite. Where does that place you?

First of all I’m not a Christian (smiles). But in the case of the early Christian Church any Christian with faith could perform an exorcism, though over the centuries that changed.

I perform a valid function in faith and call upon the Highest Authority when I perform my work. Having said that, I do not work in opposition to the Church, but rather complement the enormous amount of work that needs to be done in the fight against real evil. I have a great respect for all religions for they all serve our common purpose: of bringing awareness of God to humanity.

Is exorcism dangerous?

Exorcisms can be very dangerous and people have been known to be hurt- both exorcist and person or places being exorcised. During the course of an exorcism, even the practitioner can be attacked, even possessed, and hence more demonic entities will be invited into the space and the climate could get completely out of control.

So you are at risk when performing the rite?

I don’t think of danger during my work as this invites fear and diminishes my focus. I maintain an intense focus and connection to the power of God until the work is done. I have mentioned earlier in our conversation that an unskilled exorcist could get possessed; that is a danger.

How can you prevent yourself becoming possessed?

Fear and loss of focus must never enter the equation. I remain connected to God throughout the whole time, and as God knows no fear- neither do I.

What qualities then must an ‘expert’ exorcist have?

Some elementary skills that an exorcist needs are: a complete understanding of all things supernatural, commitment, determination and compassion with an ability to heal.

As I understand it, a thorough investigation of the ‘possessed’ is conducted first to eliminate the possibility of a medical condition before proceeding to the supernatural, and hence perform an exorcism.

That is correct. My first priority is the person’s safety and comfort during the exorcism.

How many people other than the victim need to be present?

In most cases I work alone. I prefer to work with people brought to my centre because there it is much easier for me to maintain a stable vibrant energy that supports me. I’ve even had people walk in off the streets on their own that needed some form of exorcism or healing.

My Guides are with me throughout the whole time and they play an important role in keeping the area ‘sealed down’ from further demonic intrusions and help to maintain a very high frequency of energy. This creates an uncomfortable atmosphere for the demons. As a result they do not resists God’s light for long and eventually lose their strength and agree to leave.

The advantage I have is that once I am contacted to perform the rite, I can actually see the demonic entities or disruptive energies in or around the person or place, and then engage in active confrontation. So unlike cases where people have performed a clearing or exorcism on a place or person only to discover a week later than things have returned to chaos, I do not leave until they are gone truly and completely. It certainly is an advantage having these abilities when doing this work, otherwise I’d be working ‘blindly’ and not really know if these energies have gone or have just hidden temporarily.

You mentioned lost spirits. How do you deal with them? Why are they lost?

This is a different type of healing to exorcism.

A lost soul is someone who has died and not crossed over to the realm of spirit. This occurs because they have not completed what they wished to achieve in the physical realm, or they are frightened to cross over, lost, or just confused. When a lost soul attaches itself to a person the afflicted persons’ thoughts, behaviour and thinking begin to change and the lost soul’s personality begins to intrude. By this way the lost soul begins to reinvent itself and project its presence through you. You feel like you are two people competing for the same ‘space’. Over a period of time you begin to act differently, feel tired, confused with low self esteem, and at times unable to function properly- the lost soul needs your energy to project itself. Eventually your behaviour will vary from aggressive to passive to helpless- often blaming external sources and people for your perceived suffering.

I deal with them by helping the soul connect with the loving healing energy of their own guides, angels and so forth. This energy helps to dissipate the fear they are experiencing. If this doesn’t work I might call upon someone known to them from the other side to convince them and help them cross over. I assist in this process and it is truly a very rare and very beautiful experience.

What qualifications do you have?

I have degrees in law, education, business, the arts and hypnotherapy. I am a Reiki Master and a Shaitsu Master. I am also founder of the Conscientology Movement - an organization dedicated to the study of Consciousness. In addition I have been a barrister, business owner, teacher and university lecturer. I have also written 5 books and many articles.

But who trained you in this kind of work, the clearings; healings?

Training in exorcism? (laughs) I didn’t attend college or do a certificate course if that’s what you mean! My gifts were there from birth; the additional ‘training’ for my other work came from the other side, from God’s realms. We all have different teachers after all.

It seems that you are constantly going to war fighting some pretty unpleasant characters. I suspect they don’t like you very much. Have you been targeted for attacks? Ever thought of quitting?

I would never quit. I believe this is my calling; my souls’ higher purpose. The demonic realms have always tried to attack me, either directly or indirectly through the work of black occultists. In fact when a client contacts me these negative spirits feel me coming. Sometimes I get attacked before I actually meet the client. But my faith in God has always protected me.

What sort of clients have you had for your ‘clearing’ work or exorcisms?

Other than the obvious cases of possession, generally ordinary people that have been plagued by the consequences of negativity, black magic rituals or psychic attacks. You’d be surprised how much of this terrible stuff is going on out there right under our noses.

For both clearings and exorcisms my clients range from celebrities, professionals, small businesses that needed a positive boost in businesses, real-estate agents who have wanted to sell properties faster, to ordinary people who have had some sort of unsettling feeling in their homes or around them and whose lives seemed suddenly ‘blocked’ and couldn’t explain it in a conventional way.

What is your success rate?

Thank God, in 30 years of work in this area I have had no complaints...the only one’s complaining are those entities I chase away from people and places!

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