How psychologist views problem


Problem Gamblers Face Myriad of Other Problems. It’s all reinforcement leading to depression, frustration, anger, in some cases suicide, many cases separation, in a lot of cases divorce. Being designed (?) by friends, family, loved ones. It becomes a lonely life.

It’s amazing how every little bit contributes to a person’s thinking. The subliminal mind thinking, “I could be one of these lucky people to win a car, a million dollars, or win a house."

I don’t know if anybody’s retired from playing bingo. I think it’s setup to tease the mind and tickle the imagination (?): Winning is fun.

I think the person has become numb (?). I don’t think they know what state they’re really in. There’s sheer desperation that the person has lost her basic needs (?). So they can get it back so they can put bread on the table, so they’ll continue…

Diseases (?), attempts and the temptation is there…

It’s bleak. It looks bleak. And that’s the impression. Everything looks bleak. Everything is magnified and mortified and that’s the beautiful negative spiral downwards.

Very few people, I believe go in [the casinos] to lose. They go in with the hope they’re going to spin and win. If a person goes in without (?) self-confidence and self-respect they’re certain come out with that.

I really do think it taxes the subliminal mind in which, probably 90% of the high percentage of the population are easy targets and highly hypnotic subjects. I think it’s the combination of the supplements of the [advertising] campaign and combined with weak minds. I think as time goes on that would incur an altered state of consciousness.

I believe that very few people go in and lose $20 and walk out. The majority of people go in with $20 in with the hope they’ll come out millionaires.

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